Indie Game Devlog #16 – Behind the Scenes | PORT EMPIRE ⚓️

Week 16 hey everyone and welcome to the next
indie game devlog of port empire This week we’ve made again a lot of
progress in the game and I want to show
you the newest features. Before we get started I want to tell you that I have a small
extra for you in this devlog. Today you will see some behind the
scenes stuff from my small studio here in Germany. So you can see what is going on
here at the small indie studio, Boundfox Games. I wish you a lot of fun with this devlog.
So let’s get started. Before we start with my studio room tour,
I will show you something that I introduced to you in the last episode.
Because now you will not get ressources from your
production buildings directly, instead a free villager will go to this building
like you see here. The villager has also the nice cart and will
deliver all the resources to the townhall. It’s a nice feature and we really like it. We can expand this later.
And you can not miss it the winter is back in Port Empire.
You can see the nice color is fading to a white snow colour here.
But we are not done with this for now, because we need to add this to our trees,
stones, roofs and other objects as well. I will implement this next week.
I’m also done with the 3d mesh for the weaving building.
Maybe you remember that in the last dev log this was a simple cube. But now I’m done.
Another nice feature is, that form now on you can
change the clothing colour of your villagers in the weaving building.
So what they wear. You can select your favourite
colour and your villager will wear it. I will choose blue for now.
Hm, this villager is not wearing blue maybe because he is instantiated
at the moment. I need to check this later. I switched now to a green colour
you can see it here. And now back to blue one, and all
your villagers that not wear a working cloth, wear blue shirts now.
The windmill is also back in the new version of Port Empire.
You can also see the new design for the stone roof. But
I will focus on that later. For your windmill you need, but you can
also read this in your describtion, at least one wheatfield(farm) in neighborhood.
When you want to achieve a full production amount with your mill. You need to build
a farm on each tile around the windmill. And on this small studio desk I
create everything. It’s a very simple desk.
I have here a razer keyboard.. but I don’t really know the exact
product type now. I will find this out. You can not see this very good but the
keyboard has some orange, yellow lightning. Like the Boundfox colours, my mouse has this as well.
The mouse is also from razer with the same colours. I record
my audio with this “Auna Mic” microphon. It’s a good starting microphon, I guess.
I’m very happy with it. I think It’s the 900B version. Currently I have Port Empire opened
and our discord for Port Empire where all of you are very active. I like
this community. My computer is not very fascinating.
He has power, yes. But my computer was not very expensive. CSL Gaming
build my computer last year. I think he cost me, maybe 800 euros. By the way, who is wondering what
this is on my wall. I will make a step back.
These are some foam tiles for a much better sound recording.
That shield the sound. I cut this a little part so it is not
looking too boring for the room. And It’s now looking a little bit like
my boundfox logo. I opened it here, so you can see it.
Not exactly. Looking very stylized. It was important
to me to not just stick simple rectangles to the wall.
Next to it, I have a small picture. A metal displace.
From Marty McFly. I’m a big back to the future fan.
Then I have also a cypress flower here. Yes. It’s a real flower.
I like this cypress very much. Some of you notices this already, I have
a small little nightmares figure over here. I’m a big fan of this indie game. Here I have also a small controller.
I’ve turned this off before I start but there is a nice LED lightning behind
my computer desk. I really love this boundfox orange. Under my desk, I have some eletric wireing. But I tried to make this very minimalistic. The biggest cable chaos is behind my computer. So under my desk I don’t
have too much cables. I will link you everything down in the video describtion.
For somebody who is interested in this. My screens are not very interesting.
I have one from samsung, and one from acer.
I had these two screens for a long time. And yeah. I will link you everything in the video describtion. Because you asked
for this room tour in my livestream. So here it is.
But I have to tell you, that these links are affiliate links.
So when you buy something form these links, you can support me and Port Empire.
There are no extra costs for you and it’s not important what you buy as long
as you use my link. So yeah, I’m done. I will not show more of my apartment. Privacy is
important. Now we will switch back to Port Empire
and I will show you one last thing.
So, see you then. What I want to show you, is the new upgrade system
to your level two buildings. Currently the button is only interactable
on your townhall. And you can notice here also the new stone roof like
for the windmill. When you upgrade your townhall you have the possibility to upgrade all
your other buildings. I see a small bug. I need to
fix this later. And with this feature, I will say
goodbye to you. I hope you like this extra
large indie game devlog for Port Empire and this small
studio room tour, now you have a small look to this small studio. Leave a like, comment and subscribe. And don’t forget to click the bell. I hope I will see you next time.. Bye. And of course many thanks to all of my
patron supporters. Many thanks to all of you!

8 thoughts on “Indie Game Devlog #16 – Behind the Scenes | PORT EMPIRE ⚓️

  1. Gefällt euch der neue Indie Game Devlog? Ich suche aktuell eine gute Gebäudeidee für das öffentliche Gebäude welches sich eure Villager auf Stufe 2 wünschen. Ich tendiere zu einer Kirche. Was haltet ihr davon?

  2. Irgendwie erinnert mich das Spiel ein bisschen an die alten Anno 1404 Zeiten:) Das System mit den Karren usw…..Also nicht negativ gemeint. Mach weiter so, zieh das Projekt aufjedenfall durch!

  3. Wie immer habt ihr tollen Fortschritt geschaft diese Woche. Besonders gefällt mir das neue Upgrade feature. Wird es dazu auch noch ein Partikeleffekt geben, so einen ähnlichen wie beim Bauen eines Gebäudes in der alten Version fände ich passend 🙂

  4. This little studio is so motivating! 😀 I mean.. I would like to work in this "mood" / ambience 👌

  5. Verfolge das Projekt jetzt einige Zeit und muss sagen dass es sehr viel Potential hat. Kann eine richtige indie Perle werden 🙂 immer schön weiter machen 👍🏻

  6. Ich bin wirklich froh, diesen Kanal gefunden zu haben. Mega gut gemacht und auch sehr angenemmes und gutes commentary :).

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