Instagram Model’s Disgusting Deal EXPOSED and Why People Are Arguing About It

‘Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday Welcome back to the Phillip DeFranco show, and uhh before we jump into it You may notice we have two special guests here today Because I’m giving the team a bunch of holiday time off, last night was our company Christmas party and I may or may not be hungover But we’re gonna get through my poor decision making together; let’s do this And the first thing I wanna talk about today is a story around Instagram models. When it comes to Instagram models, especially these smaller, don’t have a large following yet Instagram models, people are often wondering, how are they in this amazing situation; Penhouse villas, private jets, yachts. And it’s very easy to assume, well, they’re probably putting part of a very rich person into their mouths, and/or other stuff maybe they’re doing it because of a cool trip, part of promotion because they wanna get bigger on Instagram or maybe they’re getting paid But if you just take a peek at people like Dan Bullsarian’s account that guy has just launched women’s careers because they were just there, Like the world might not know about Lindsay Paris if it wasn’t for Dan Well separately from that I learned today that there is a site called “Tag the Sponsor” that is dedicated to exposing Instagram models, And the nasty stuff they will do. Recently they had one of the biggest stories to blow up, And that was about model Alaina Gonzales. There were leaked DMs where Tag the Sponsor is acting like a multi-millionare in Dubai. He’s asking, you know, How much can I purchase? I want you to have sex with me, I want you to have a threesome, I want you to have a threesome with my thirteen year old virgin brother. Then it gets pretty raunchy, but he convinces her to make a video make a video saying like, what are you willing to do? Saying I need this video to show that there is consent. “Hi, my name is Ariana *unintelligible* Gonzales, and um I’m twenty six years old, I’m willing to come to Dubai to to *unintelligible alias name*, we are having unprotected sex and I will let Mr. Ali lick *unintelligible* off my feet I will also fuck his virgin brother who is thirteen years old and I will let him lick my pussy and fuck me anal So two things there, for one I am now going to call it “an-all” And two, not the best look in the world to be video taped saying that you’ll have sex with a thirteen year old- I wouldn’t even say that jokingly, out of fear that someone would take that out of context, that joke, and put it somewhere else. And this video isn’t shocking to me obviously this happens. The most shocking thing about this story this story is he was even able to find this girl. She only has 1500 followers How did- How? but I mention all of this because now there’s a debate online. Is it wrong that this video was released? That’s the question, people are saying this is essentially slut-shaming Other people are saying, well, it’s not slut shaming, it’s the exposing of someone who’s willing to commit a crime. This exposes prostitution and a deal being made to have sex with a minor. I’ve seen some people saying this is the same as To Catch A Predator. I pass this question off to you, do you think it is wrong, or it’s right that this video was released? What are your thoughts on it in general, I’d love to know? And from there I’d like to talk to you about some stuff I Love today in Today In Awesome Brought to you by squarespace of course the fantastic place to go if you want a fantastic blog online store, or whatever squarespace lets you use their simple, intuitive process where you can create and arrange content and features with just the click of a mouse if you want to check it out and make the smart move like many from the nation already have go to, start that free trial and if you like it use coupon code PHIL for 10 percent off your first purchase and the first bit of awesome, it’s for those people who love westworld as much as I do- the entire album of songs used in this season of westworld is now on Spotify They previously released 5 but now you have the full 34 tracks Then you got to see some new Breath of the Wild playthrough thanks to Jimmy Fallon, Nintendo hopped on the Tonight Show to show off Super Mario Run, and Zelda. Then we got a new video from *jibberish* I can’t- uhh. my tongue’s too fat, my brain’s too stupid right now. a fantastic channel which, oh, apparently I was unsubscribed to – resubscribed. Umm. *laughing* Wow. Put out a new video called “A new history for humanity- a human era” fantastic video, i’ve become a big fan of this channel it’s one of my favourite channels on youtube this year so I support their patreon, highly recommend it, fantastic videos. Then in awesome that’s less “head-y” unless you wanna make a sex pun Madonna was on carpool karaoke and it was actually good! then we got a brand new trailer for baywatch, which I’m gonna watch because the Rock’s in it, okay? The Rock’s my Beyonce. I wouldn’t go and harass someone on Instagram for him for an unjustified reason, but uhh I like him. and it doesn’t hurt that Alexandra Daddario’s in it. This might shock some of you, but for me that’s an upside. and remember if you wanna see the full version of everything I shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all, links as always are in the description down below. then in the first time in over 20 years the life expectancy for an American just dropped. keep in mind it was a very small drop, the reason it’s news is it’s the first drop in a long time but it went from 78.9 years to 78.8 years. Ok I knew they always said women live longer, but holy crap Average male 76.3 years, average female 81.2 also the death rate rose, in 2015 2.7 million Americans died and the breakdown of how they died is fascinating, 45 percent died from either cancer or heart disease. the death rate for cancer actually dropped while heart disease went up. unintentional injuries went up, that includes things like car accidents as well as overdosing. stroke went up, diabetes went up kidney disease went up, suicide went up death from Alzheimer’s disease really went up, although people believe that is because there is greater recording of it. not necessarily because there was a drastic change. and the point of this story is- well there’s not necessarily a point my hope is that this is just a blip for life expectancy and it continues to go up. and the death rate is going to continue to go up as there are just more and more people in this country also makes the drop in cancer amazing. and now a story involving a man who probably wouldn’t mind a lower life expectancy. reportedly this man, 37 year old Gassi Rahm he came home late one night, he was drunk he was trying to get a little sex from his wife she was not having it, she rejected it and he reportedly cut off his own penis in a fit of rage And Gassi, I gotta say dude, if this is true, I get it why would you wanna have sex with such a drama queen You don’t wanna have sex with me? guess I don’t need this well- calm down! maybe it’s just who I am but you didn’t marry a vending machine reportedly they have been married 18 years he said in an interview, which- he’s just he’s on the bed, it’s all so weird, but he said we haven’t had sex in 10 years ok, that sucks, but maybe like, get a divorce. i’ll just never understand this, I’ve never been so angry at someone else that I was like I need to hurt ME. By hurting ME, that will somehow change them. No! All you’ve done is given her an even better exuse to not take it. You dun goofed, Gassi, you played yourself! And now let’s talk about the shooting that happened at Hug High School in Reno. if you haven’t heard there were reportedly students having a fight when one took out and threatened with a knife. some reports said the boy started threatening people with the knife, that the campus police was there, he drew his gun he told the boy to drop the knife, he refused to do so, and then the officer shot him. the boy was taken to the hospital and as of recording this video, is in critical condition. since this happened the boy’s father has identified him as 14 year old Logan Clark the police officer’s identity has not been released and he has been put on paid administrative leave police reportedly have a video that they haven’t released to the public but there are several videos of this incident online the video I personally saw on live leak is of Logan Clark with a knife not only brandishing it which is what ive seen a lot of places reporting, but actually you can see him swipe with it. then at around 22 seconds in you hear a single gun shot which is him being shot, and since this story blew up more background has been given. reportedly Logan’s dad posted to Facebook “To idiots that think Logan was wrong, know he was being bulled, he is not the kind to back down” “He brought the knives because he knew he was going to be jumped and he was. The school knew and failed to act [sic]” so there was a story that he was being bullied so that’s why he brought a weapon there are also people getting angry at the officer who shot Logan because he just had a knife and that I have to say, it is horrible if this kid was being bullied and nobody was doing anything about it, But when you have a student with a giant knife, who has not just held it but has slashed, that student is a threat and that threat has to be stopped. and no doubt is this happening a symptom of a much larger problem, but that police officer had to do what he had to do and bullying is wrong but so is attempted assault or attempted murder I think if “he was mean to me” was a legal defense, we’d have far fewer people in prison now there are also people saying the school shares blame and is somewhat to blame with this child if they did not actually protect him and they knew he was being bullied. And so with most of this story is this isn’t just a news show, it’s a conversation I’d love to know your thoughts on it you think the school and alleged bullies are also at fault, or no, you think it comes down to a person who made a decision and then having to deal with the ramifications of it? I’d love to know your thoughts and where you’re coming from on it and that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s show and remember if you liked this video, like what i do on this channel hit that like button, if you’re new here hit that subscribe button but that said of course as always my name’s Phillip DeFranco, you’ve just been filled in, I love your faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.

100 thoughts on “Instagram Model’s Disgusting Deal EXPOSED and Why People Are Arguing About It

  1. Remember if this video gets to 100,000 likes I will personally bake you a cake, give you a massage, fight anyone who ever said a nasty thing about you, get your parents to respect your life choices, make a baby inside of you (if scientifically possible and/or desired), and binge watch any tv show with you.*

    *Not really, but I appreciate the love and support you give these daily videos. <3

  2. its extraordinary how far some women will go just to be "IG famous" or just famous in general….ladies do you need attention that bad that your wiling to fuck a 13 year old ? lol wtf

  3. No its right she was "exposed" when shes talking about comitting a crime you just tell it to the authorities

  4. i think it is the dad who messed up he failed to talk to his son about being bullied

  5. if you wanna get rich fucking people do it but dont get mad when people make fun of you! what you earn in an hour is more than what people make in weeks, so id be mad too lol

  6. If someone is willing to pay for something you're offering, your body or something else, then sure. It's your body, do what you do. If you can make a million selling your body, then go for it.

  7. I think I agree with you 100%, Phil. Even if the boy was being so thoroughly brutalized by his peers and completely ignored by the administration that he felt the need to bring a knife to school, that still doesn't explain why he was swing at randos and refused to put it down when the officer instructed him to. He had every opportunity to stop this before it got out of hand, and the officer used only as much force as was necessary.

  8. I said that I was going to start the year off well by always doing my very best to be kind to others and be more understanding BUT watching a video of a grown woman saying that for the right price, she'll be a pedo and have unprotected anal sex with a minor and contribute to the poor image that men have of women today, I just can't hold it in and have to say something. There is a HUGE uprising of brainless, hollow, spiritually and emotionally destitute people (women and indeed, men) on social media platforms such as (mainly) IG. I wonder where on Earth it's leading and if there is anything at all we can do to stop it. To any young people watching this woman who are upset – please know that whilst there are plenty of others like her out there, there are also plenty who are not. Look to good people for inspiration and keep love in your hearts. Oh, and yes, these types of videos SHOULD be released so we can stop / prosecute these awful people.

  9. I don't think there's anything wrong with sex work. I have some friends who are escorts. That's their business – each to their own. Who cares, as long as they're being safe?

    However, she agreed to have sex with a child…which is wrong. If a video had come out of a man consenting to sex with a thirteen year old girl, I imagine the reaction would be very different – and a lot more aggressive.

  10. EW…Also Philip…NICE LANGUAGE you allowed….These women should just be porn stars..and they are why so many women get sexually harassed..because idiots like this sleep with anyone for money EW!

  11. I don't know about what the law is in america, but where I'm from bringing a concealed weapon into a public space (ie. school) is an arrest able offence, and it amazes me that this kid was allowed to bring a knife to school and brandish it against other students. It also amazes me that his school did nothing when he said he was being bullied, in my opinion, the school needs to start giving a shit, because this was entirely avoidable.

  12. don't feel bad for the model, I'm glad the video was exposed. she's willing to agree to participate in pedophilia on camera, she deserves the exact same treatment a man would receive if he were to openly agree to commit such acts. you don't get a free pass because you're beautiful and have a vagina.

  13. This show is a litmus test for my maturity. I will consider myself an adult when "you've just been filled in" stops being funny to me.

  14. I’m a feminist, and that Instagram “model” is disgusting. Anyone who would have sex with a minor should be exposed & seek help for it.

  15. uh…dad…you knew your son was going to be attacked, soooo….you just give him some cutlery and drop him off? …On the parents. Period

  16. It's the thirteen year old that makes it good it was released. Other ways, why the fuck would you care about someone banging a guy.

  17. As someone who was bullied physically and mentally abused not just by my peers but by teachers the school system is a bitch and it can push kids over the edge.

  18. School system is messed up. One of my good friends was bullied for his sexuality and when we reported nothing happened, the principal said “it seems like there’s issues on both sides” I now understand that it not correct. He didn’t deserve that, no matter what he said or did. I have come to the conclusion the school system doesn’t want to have it reported they have ever had bullying in their school. At the end of the day, they chose the reputation of the school over students safety.

  19. I think it’s right that the video was released. These hoes need to be exposed for the gutter trash that they are. If you want to fuck for money that’s fine but at least be honest about it.

  20. You can use a taser to take down a 14 year old with a knife. Fuckin hell. Cops in my country don’t even carry guns and they have to deal with knife wielding gang members. This is bullshit.

  21. "holy shit that kid just pulled out a knife in self defense. I should shoot him if he doesn't put down the knife when I say put "down the knife" instead of trying to talk it out. great fucking idea."

  22. This world is so fucked up and upside down. Reminds me of some random gambling mob world in star wars

  23. Did tana mongeau do this when she went to dubai im curious anyone know??

  24. At distances less than 21 feet knives are VERY dangerous. You can run to someone with a knife at 21 feet faster than the person can even get the gun from their holster. That is why the officer shot him.
    It's horrible, but you can't brandish a knife at someone and not expect retaliation.

  25. Girls in greneral have they're heads up they're asses to the piont they're disgusting anymore.. look around.. find a pretty girl not showing how preeeeeettty she is on instagram. .. few and far

  26. Basically if your an Instagram model, and you go to Dubai, your a prostitute.

  27. If she was a man…the police would be on her door step in 15mins from the time the video was released.

  28. What the fuck!?! She's going to have sex with a 13 year old child and people are worried about her getting slut shamed for that?! Go to fucking hell you perverted fucks.

  29. Not at all, keep the good work going expose these greedy horny idiots

  30. As an Arab I'm ashamed of these "Princes" I wouldn't spend a dime on a thot. But at the same time, if you don't mind getting a hot turd on your chest for 40K shit more power to you. My job shits on me everyday for $20 an hour so…🤷‍♂️

  31. I'm surprised she (the insta model) agreed to be recorded saying those things-even if it wasn't leaked, the person could basically blackmail you forever having something like that! Ugh, a 13 yr old kid, that's awful.

  32. As to the first story, I will be completely open about having a Dark Age/Old English, barbaric opinion towards this "woman." Instagram Models, whether male or female are toxic and poisonious to society. They project a false life to everyone who views them. Its sad that people look up to these models and it shouldn't happen but the world is a mean and disgusting place and people adore Instagram models for portaying a lifestyle people feel they can never have.

    What is unfortunate is that people see mansions, supercars, and a luxury lifestyle and think that is whats neccessary for a good, happy life. Peoples priorities get fucked up and they become depressed, thinking they need this image to be happy, and thinking they will never have it.

    Whats even worse and the main reason I despise this "woman" and everyone like her is because these imagas are often accompanied by a message that reads something along the lines of "follow your dreams" "work hard and live this life" "good things come to those who hustle" "those who say they can and those who say they cant are both right." Of course the huge issue is that these "women" have done absolutely NONE of that! These messages apply to inovators, pioneers, revolutionaries, and heroes to society. All these "women" have done is fuck a rich guy, suck and bounce on his dick, and whore themselves out for money and status. Then take to millions of people and basically say "Hey look at me, look at how great I am! Look at all my stuff, look how accomplished, smart, wise, and intelligent I am!"

    All you did was spread your legs. You've done nothing worthwhile. You've created nothing. Done nothing. Inspired no one. Helped no one except the guy looking to get his dick wet.

    "Women" like this put it into the minds of actual women that they need to emulate this idea of being a common whore who fucks for money and fame. Men see "women" like this and women emulating this and see them for exactly what they are: brainless, gold digging, inanimate sex objects, that deserve less than nothing.

    And people wonder why men are so resentful towards all women. This is what women have become. If they aren't this already, they are turning into it.

    This is the point where my Old Testament, Livitican, barbaric views come into play. "Women" like the one in the first story deserve every violation imaginable. They deserve be raped and ravaged by the filthiest dogs and animals in the wild. I believe that if a "woman" is willing to sell herself this way then she deserves to be bought and sold into the third world sex trade for the property that "she" is. They deserve to be stoned, whiped, beaten and burned alive, for the parasitic filth that they are and for the destruction that they have caused to actual good women, men, and society as a whole. I believe that EVERY Instagram model like this needs to be exposed for the slut garbage that they are. They are destroying, and poisoning the minds of everyone who looks up to them. People, impressionable young women and men more than anything! Need to see that the ugly truth has a models face. They need to see that what these "people" have is NOT a good life, it is NOT luxury, it is NOT success, it is NOT happiness! More than anything it is NOT something to be admired or emulated. It is nothing more than whoring to fill a need for assurance and admiration because these "people" have zero respect, or security for themselves and need to see those likes to feel fullfillment and will do ANYTHING to get them no matter the cost or greater consequences.

    Expose them all. Show the world that these are just piles of inhuman excrement. Let people see that their life is dark and empty. Let people know that true happiness and fullfillment comes not from money or fame, but from purpose. Duty to something greater than yourself whatever it may be. The greatest feelings of achievment, happiness and fullfillment come from stepping forward and doing something great when nobody else would. No matter how big or small an act may be. Whether you were in the garrison or you were the Commander in front leading the charge, being a part of furthering a mission greater than yourself is where true success and happiness is found. Not in whoring to show how great and beautiful you are by showing off something someone "else" owns.

  33. Don't forget the port a potie insta models. Getting shit and pissed on for money.

  34. I think her face could have been covered and her identity could be kept secret

  35. I don't understand why people without guns are shot by law enforcement, instead of a taser. They should at least have to attempt to stop them with a taser if they are at a distance and if that doesn't work then use their gun.

  36. I'm glad it was leaked. Now we are aware this is happening and unfortunately it seems like a new form of trafficking. Another way to take advantage of a vulnerable women.

  37. hopefully stupid hoe goes to prison she is a Pedophile for fucking 13 year old boy

  38. Wait a minute….she ruined her life and she's so pretty and young. What a world we live in

  39. you know what – im fine with this happening (except the fucking a minor) – yeah we all know whats up with these Instagram "models" ! but let me ask you this …why are'nt we taxing them and their income? ..i mean if they're gonna be getting paid why not tax them ? …and for those criticizing her about agreeing to have sex with the clients 13 year old brother … if you go to tagthesponsor there are many clients asking them to take their brothers virginity …

  40. Is it slut shaming? Sluts should be shamed wtf i swear this world is ridiculous!!!

  41. "I will Mr. Ali let lick hummus off my feet" bahahaha, this shit is like a fkn satire.

  42. why would they fire him? if crazy person want to hurt someone,its in his right to shoot, even kill. i hate this times,that stupid boy could kill someone..there cant be any risk left for that, i agree with desision to fire gun.

  43. Not only is it wrong on the insta models fault. It's also those middle easterners fault too. Both sides are disgusting. But this is nothing new with some insta models going to dubai to get shitted and pissed on by rich elite UAE.

  44. Police officers should use different type of stun gun or improved stun gun rather than a Glock or something ..keep the Glock with a stun gun !! Dumbass police

  45. this is a stuped video its noone buziness ! girls can do anything they want with their bodies wtf do u care couse you cant afford probably

  46. Totally ok if you are a woman. But if you are the owner of the patriots, you are the problem. Get shit on Instagram thots

  47. Being bullied is no different than torture. To be tortured daily is awful.

  48. Is she in jail? I know story’s of men who have said and done a lot less who have ended up in jail.

    Sexism exists and it ain’t against woman

  49. If it was a man saying the same thing how would you feel? Exactly so you have answered you're own question and the only reason u are debating it it's ok is cause it a fukin nasty ass woman that is in question. People make me fuking sick with there fake fukin anger and then when something happens you should be pissed off about you try to debate it because you think it makes u seem smarter. U people questioning if she shouldve been exposed probably have fukin grave yards in ya closet. Probably come from the group of people trying to shame Michael Jackson and he didnt do shit. Mean while David Geffen is funding child porn makers left and right. So I wonder who is funding Michael Jackson's documentary. Probably some rich billionaire that hangs with Oprah that has a last name that rhymes with effen. Dont break ya brains figuring out who that person is. I wonder how angry you will feel.

  50. I am Brazilian and South American women do everything for money because they are sluts by nature, they eat even shit if you pay. There's an instagram whore named Andressa Urach she told that a guy paid her to have sex with his dog.

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