Intentional living meditation – How to deal with conflict and confrontation by being mindful

Guided meditation for conflict and being treated
unfairly Being treated poorly or unfairly in a situation
you have to be placed in can be difficult and unnerving.
This can happen in the workplace, at home or with friends and family, which
amounts to bullying. Being forced to do or say things which you
know is wrong and only benefits the other person is someone else taking advantage of
you. This guided meditation will help with times
of conflict and can help gain your power back in a calm and collected way.
Think about the situation that causes the feelings of anxiety and stress, imagine it
as if you are there but place the other person
on pause. Now you are there and practising the form
of being present, take a look at that person. Look around them, look them up and down, look
at their facial expression and body language. Having taken a good observation of them you
could probably guess their next words and requests.
This is all the other person is doing, making a request.
You as an individual have the capacity to speak up and not let them control you.
If you feel that person is being unfair, it is your right as a human being to
disagree and at the very least not let them get you down.
Another person’s actions and mood can affect you but only if you let it.
It is in fact easier, once you have found your voice to say something.
This way both parties know where they stand and boundaries have been set.
Without boundaries, sometimes the other person doesn’t know they are taking things
too far and you not saying anything only encourages this behaviour.
This may sound harsh as you have not done anything wrong but some people
may take their mood out on you. So, how do you help yourself deal with these
stressful situations? I have given some pointers and now a coping
mechanism. If you can, before you enter the situation
that seemingly paralyzes you, prepare yourself.
If this is happenning in a place of work, slow things down as if in slow motion.
Before you reach your place of work do not think about the conflict that may arise
but simply take a few breaths to calm yourself and as you do feel yourself fill up with
inner strength in a calm and collected manner. The more you practice this, the easier it
wil be to deal with the seemingly stressful situation in hand.
If this is happening with a partner, friend or family member the same method can apply.
If conflict has already started take yourself away for a moment to regain your posture.
Do not look for conflict once re entering back into the situation, as sometimes when
we feel that we are being taken advantage of we over compensate. Try
to manage your emotions to the extent of guiding the conversation
into a constructive result. You can practice this method now by taking
in a slow deep breath through your nose. As you inhale imagine breathing in your inner
strength, rather like charging a battery. Hold for 4 to 5 seconds and release even slower
through your mouth. As you exhale you should feel your shoulders
relax, whilst feeling stronger in yourself. Take a few practice runs to see what it feels
like. Also, if it helps, you can also imagine a
bubble around yourself and when you are in contact with
the situation, the negativity bounces off and doesn’t reach you, leaving you with a
full charge of inner strength to speak up.
Just remember that you are your own person and conflict is a constructive way of creating

10 thoughts on “Intentional living meditation – How to deal with conflict and confrontation by being mindful

  1. It is words like you spoke that will help people! You truly know what happens in one's mind in these situations. Validation for one's feelings is so unbelievably helpful and therapeutic. Thank you!

  2. You have heard from me few times today. This one was right on target. I was attacked verbally last night and I struggled for almost 24 hours. i listened to your amazing voice, your inspiring and knowledgeable words, and I felt like there was someone else in the World who has felt the way I felt. I know in my heart that I have never been alone in my depression, but it is so nice to know that someone else has the courage and the caring to put themselves "out there" to help others. I will always be a "subscriber" even when you aren't there. You will help change the world of depression, anxiety, and so much more and for that I THANK YOU!

  3. these meditations help me so much! I have many problems and your voice is very soothing. I love listening to you! your meditations are spot on. Thank you for your help!

  4. Really liked the comment at the start, letting people know it is ok to get outside help sometimes…also love the meditations as a whole. Really appreciate the work you do to create these videos. Thank you and have an epic day!!!

  5. This is NOT a meditation….it is calm advice over a backing track….

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