17 thoughts on “Introducing the Office mobile app

  1. WoW wonderful creation of office congratulations to team microsoft office & now it's all in one application that's insane 😍🤩🧁👌loved this wonderful opportunity can you please send me opportunity to be part of first few user of such beautiful application thanks & congratulations to team microsoft 🤩🙏

  2. Whoever made this should get a raise. Document creation is now a truly mobile experience instead of a desktop experience shrinked down.

  3. What is the oldest Android version supported for this new Office app? As my Android 7.0 device is not supported. Anyone know offhand?

  4. Sorry but this is even worse than combining the calendar in Outlook app and looks like it's not following same design language from other MS apps confusing. Hopefully you can have both Word and Excel documents open at the same time, or notes.. right?

  5. So the beta is full less than 3 hours after the blog post announcing it. That is disappointing. In the post it does say that Apple’s TestFlight program has a cap of 10,000. You lucky buggers. I hope this gets into the wild ASAP.

  6. Yeaaah Microsoft is killing it! I wanna congrats all the new design decisions you guys are making, awesome to see a company evolving in their weak points.

  7. If you combine Word and Excel together, what if I need to use them both at the same time? Like preparing a balance sheet based on word version of financial statement?

  8. I truly hope this is only for the mobile phone; iPad users need a full desktop experience. (Data analysis pack, Solver and to be more “touch intuitive”)

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