IoT in Action: Discover new business opportunities with IoT

[MUSIC].>>We’re here IoT in
Action Santa Clara and I’m here with Rishabh
from Quests Global. Tell me a little bit
about how it feels to be IoT in Action and what it means for your team to be able to be here interacting with customers
and industry experts.>>So it’s a pleasure to
be here at IoT in Action. It’s great to be amidst this energy and all the
insightful conversations. We like to leverage this platform
to showcase the capabilities of our solution and how it’s applicable to all
different industries. It’s also very helpful
to understand what the requirements of the industry
as well as the customers is, and how we can cater to those needs.>>Tell us a little bit about what Quest is showing here within
the Expo IoT in Action? How the solution works? What problems does it solve
and plans for deployment?>>So we’re actually showcasing our AI-driven vision
analytics platform, which is called Third Eye. So basically, it takes
the camera feed and then sends it to an AI algorithms, where the inference takes place.>>Okay.>>Then we draw insights from that to give the businesses an
opportunity to create actions, that then reduce their costs
and increase their ROI’s.>>Tell us a little bit about how
Quest is approaching that and why building on the Azure platform really helps you bring
value to customers?>>Yeah. That’s a great question. We actually partnering
with Microsoft, and using Azure platform really
helps us ensure that security is there in the solution from
the ground up all the way from the Edge to
the to the Cloud, and also ensure and empower our solution with features like
high availability and consistency. So just having these major blocks of security communication
protocols in place, it’s easier to focus on the use cases rather than the
architectural competence.>>Can you give us your feedback
and your thoughts on why is it so important to intertwine security
when developing IoT solutions, nowadays, and going forward?>>So I think it’s one of the most fundamental things in any
IoT solution which is security, because there’s a lot of
sensitive data that is being transmitted from
one level to the other. So on an enterprise level, you want to make sure that these enterprises trust
you when they’re working with you and they
feel safe giving you access or creating a
solution around their data. You want to make sure that
you meet a certain level of service level agreement and also ensure that security
is delivered to them.>>What is Quest Global’s
vision for IOT and how are you leveraging that vision
to optimize efficiencies, improve customer experiences, and really just open up new
business opportunities?>>So Quests Global is basically
an engineering services company, which is focused on creating
solutions specific to industries.>>Okay.>>So we help enterprises adopt digital technologies using
Azure services and others. So it’s basically helpful for enterprises to
leverage Azure services, and actually take their
solutions faster to the market.>>Can you tell me
a little bit about, are there any particular
products or services on the Azure platform that
has really helped Quest streamline their deployment
or that you feel is going to really change
the landscape of the Intelligent Edge,
Intelligence Cloud Ecosystem?>>So we’re doing a
lot of work with a lot of different services
given by Microsoft, specifically to the Azure platform, significantly using IoT Hub.>>Okay.>>Then we’re using the SaaS
offering which is IoT Central.>>Right.>>As well as the IoT Edge which falls under the IoT
Edge Hub umbrella. One of the major factors that helps us push our solutions faster is the security component and different security services
such as Azure Active Directory.>>Can you tell me a little bit
about how you see IoT evolving in the next 3-5 years and how you
see your solution here today, or plus Global’s impact and IoT
really driving that growth?>>So we see the industry and IoT primarily moving
towards the edge.>>Right.>>The Intelligence moving
more on the Edge side. So that is, we see the
industry moving and we’d like to focus on catering to
those needs that are coming up.>>If there was an opportunity to reach out and connect
with all the customers watching this video on
why they should work with Quest and why they should leverage your solution,
what would that be?>>So you should leverage our
services as we have expertise in helping enterprises take their
digital technology adoption, and also reduce their time to market. [MUSIC]

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