iPhone 8 Secrets LEAKED by ‘Disgruntled Apple Employee’

Hi happy monday everyone Its Mike Chen So the much anticipated iphone 8 iphone x
whatever its called is launching tomorrow but apparently all the details about this
usually secretive iphone is pretty much all out there. Thats because according to reports, a disgruntled
apple employee leaked well just about evertyhing a day before the big launch and this is being
called the biggest iphone leak in history and the source is pretty good because well
because its from apple so here’s what it says… The iphone 8 will have the iPad Pro’s True
Tone Display for better color accuracy, it will have an elongated 18.5:9 aspect ratio
andwith an increased native resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels and this will make it the
phone with the highest screen to body ratio available. a virtual bar will sit at the bottom of the
screen replacing the home button and it can be swiped up to close apps and return to the
home screen There will be an A11 Chip with a six core design. As expected wireless charging will be available
and touch id will be replaced with face ID that will also work with apple pay. And according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo
the new iphone will have front facing 3d censors composed of a structured light receiver, proximity
sensor, ambient light sensor, front camera, and structured light transmitter. This means that the new iphine will have fantastic
facial recognition accuracy and allow for much better selfies and apparently no matter
what color you get, the front of the iphone will always be black. When it comes to the camera, it will have
something like the 7s with dual rear camera and 3GB of RAM. The speakers will be better on this new phone,
and will still have lightning ports but with USB-C power will be embeded for for faster
charging and this is what bums me out, theres no longer gonna be a 128 gig option, you can
either get a 64 or 256 And in other iphone news. Of course with the arrival of the new iphone,
people are gonna try to sell their old ones. So an used iphone 7 went on sale online in
china and the final bid…270,000yuan or around 40k And according to the i guess unfortunate winner
of this option, he mistyped thought he had only entered 2,000 yuan. So of course he said he could not pay but
was still fined 10,000 yuan for making a false bid

18 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Secrets LEAKED by ‘Disgruntled Apple Employee’

  1. Who cares. Another overpriced phone with decent design but bad specs what apple zombies will buy without a second thought

  2. There is rumour which is credible that when first Iphone was released by Steve Jobs lots of people have sacrificed their lives to make Iphone but was not acknowledged by Steve Jobs and Apple.

  3. The bad things is your adding your face to a huge online database. Scarey. Already now a cop can walk up to you with a camera take a photo and they know who you are. Big Brother on steroids? Yes I think it's reality.

  4. Apple is crap regardless of what they make because they make everything overpriced and basically adds nothing and tell you they added 100 different new things, which is irrelevant because all you really need is be able to call or text someone and go on internet and that's it.

  5. I love apple stuff even before the iPhone, it's really well made and easy to use and the security is amazing 😉 well worth the price 😎❤️🇺🇸

  6. No matter how good the iPhone is the fandroids are always there to hate it for it's non-existent faults and false facts.

  7. The iPhone 8 and 8 + coming out this year and the iPhone X or 10 coming this year or next year.

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