It Gets Better: U.S. Patent and Trademark employees share their stories

Hang in there and talk to someone. It gets a lot better. It gets better. It does get better, because you get better. And you start to become even more
comfortable with who you are as you go along. My four years in high school were very very dreadful. I was regularly
assaulted — I was urinated on in the locker room. I always felt awkward and I always felt out of place. I’m a gay, adopted, Colombian who also happened to be nerdy, so I had a lot of things kinda going
against me… I sat through all the sermons that a lot of people do, hearing that who I was was not OK Whenever you feel like you’re in trouble, you’re lonely, trust that things will get better. You’re going to have this whole life ahead of you, and it’s going to be more amazing than
you could ever imagine. There are more friends and more allies everyday, coming to the cause of gay equality. You’re gonna come into your own and you know who you are, and it doesn’t really matter what they say anyways. It definitely gets better. It gets better. It definitely gets so much better. I worked very hard for the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” through the Servicemembers Legal Defense
Network… One of the top five places to work in the federal government, our diversity
is our strength, that makes us who we are. It gets better. The very first openly gay person confirmed by the US
Senate, was the head of the USPTO. Throw yourself in one hundred percent and who knows, with maybe some hard work and determination, you can invent the next rocket ship. It gets better. when you’re able to be yourself, success really comes naturally. You all are leaps and bounds beyond where some of us are now. I was really proud to be part of
the organizing 2009 March on Washington for gay equality. that was a real moment of inspiration because that’s something that I could not have imagined myself doing when I was a kid. Memories like that, that I think kids have yet to make, it’s one of the reasons why I know for a fact, it gets better. It will get better. It gets better. Our mayor in town asked me to run for City Council. I never expected to be elected, But I was. You have to refuse to believe
that you are any less than anyone else and it’s that absolute
unwavering belief even when it’s hard to see that, that I
think is absolutely key and I wish that all kids, all gay kids could hear. Find a network of friends, find someone that will treat you and love you for the person that you are. Know that you’re an individual, you are
created this way, and this is who you are meant to be. And it will get better. I have a wonderful life, I’ve a wonderful partner my parents are totally supportive. I’m very respected at the Patent Office I’m active in my religious
community, I have great friends. It’s possible to live a full, integrated
life as yourself and it’s wonderful. It gets better. It gets better. Yeah, it gets better. A lot better. Believe me, it does get better. [in Spanish] Tu vida se pondra mejor [All in unison] It gets better. [All in unison] It gets better. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior
without your consent.” Do not let the bullies of the world
distract you from a commitment to achieve your fullest potential. It really does get better. At the USPTO, our work helps
support the creativity and innovation of the American people. And to achieve that mission, we believe it is important to first support the diversity of our own employees. Because we know that
a community that celebrates diversity is one in which creativity and
innovation can truly flourish. [upbeat music]

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