100 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Puts Federal Employees to Work During Government Shutdown – USDA Safety Inspector

  1. Me checking for World record egg related comments since she said she inspect eggs

  2. I can't believe how much I hate
    Pressures of a new place roll my way
    Jumpsuit jumpsuit cover me
    Jumpsuit, JUMPSUIT COVER ME!!!!!!!

  3. Musuems and parks closing as long as they are federal. Affecting health and well being of others to shut down. Shut downs should be illegal. If it is Obama care it should be Trump shutdown.

  4. Not only is Donnie the poster child for 'Elections have consequences', but he's also the poster child for 'Erections have consequences'.

  5. Why did trump have to wait until the mid of his term to insist on the immediate funding of the wall? He should have scheduled that right when he used to have majority in the house..

  6. Come on the other side is sitting there on beaches and in other countries while the real people make nothing… could we please have a lil more reality.

  7. Is unpatriotic to make fun of comrade Trump
    Непатриотично высмеивать товарища Трампа

  8. The coast guard is getting screwed over as well and it's just sad. I live in a military town and so many coast guard families are selling items in their homes to support bills, gas and groceries.

  9. if he keeps this up into mid feb he could easily lose 2020 I didn't think he was going to put this is stupid of him

  10. Ask Donald a question on air like a good reporter should do. "Mr. President, how long do you think (pause) you, sons Donald Jr. and Eric, your son in law Jared, and possibly your wife and daughter should remain in prison before your executions for high treason start? Should we draw it out or get right to it? Are Senetors such as Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell as well as some Governors like Scott Walker under Federal investigation for trying to undermine the U.S. constitution for monetary gain and under duress from very wealthy individuals to enrich themselves in money and power a threat to our country by colluding with a foreign enemy's agenda? Just wondering".

  11. Yeah keep going Trump don't pay those people don't give in show them who you are even though you're weird it's a good weird now they're going to feel how poor people feel with all them high taxes now they don't get pay see how they going to eat but like I said they probably saved a million thousand million dollar of taxpayers money that it get paid monthly so they're not worried they won't feel it maybe you'll be over before they feel it but if not I would like for them to feel like the people who is scraping by no matter how hard they work for the family they still don't have nothing to show for barely scraping by I don't know either way I don't care

  12. Let's do as THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES and tell him is an invisible wall, you even can hire some mexicans mimes and let them try to cross the border

  13. Jimmy Kimmel you are a joke, yeah keep the people talking about the wall sure 5B is more important than 716B. Clowns

  14. God Bless you, Jimmy Kimmel for thinking to hire federal workers. 👍💖💖💖💖💖

  15. 1:52 😂
    I'm so happy for her!Thanks to Jimmy she'll have to provide for her kids…you're the best Jimmy!👊

  16. Just what 'a consumer' needs! Hollywood 'inspects the flesh' for the U.S.D.A.! How appropriate for your audience… It is majick and you will ACCEPT

  17. I got a wall around my house to keep the police and govt out. And jehovahs witnees and evangelicals, and mormoms, and anyont else who wants to bother me about something i dont want to hear about.

  18. Does anyone notice how jimmy kind of stutters.. I feel he drinks before going on the show!!!

  19. But Jimmy, the folks at the National Weather Service aren't getting paid either. Are going to have one of them inspecting meat?

  20. Jokes aside people need to stop misusing the word 'meteorologist' when they mean 'weather person.'
    A meteorologist actually studies the weather and helps predict it. A weather person merely reports on it.

    We don't call every pundit with an opinion a 'political scientist.' We don't consider every journalist relaying the latest tech news a 'scientist' or an 'engineer.' And certainly not every reporter doing the usual animal piece at the end of each half hour is considered a 'zoologist.'

  21. I would do a Steve Erwin accent and say the wind is over 300 miles and hour here while i fake hang on to a street sign

  22. You guys should get a National Weather Service meteorologist from Oxnard who is working without pay right now.

  23. There’s no government they’re not paying employees but I’m still paying taxes…

  24. The United States doesn't have a government and doesn't have a president, what does it have?

  25. I love how everyone is acting like this is the first govt shutdown we have had when Obama did the same thing to force Obamacare through. Hypocrisy at its finest leftists.

  26. This goverment shutdown is BS there a parents out there who need money to support there families .

  27. Home Alone 1600: Trump is by himself in the White House, Melania went to Florida and "forgot" to bring him. He spends the weekend fighting of Mueller and Comey with childish booby traps

  28. I would like to thank Muhammad atta, Osama bin laden, Abu musab Alzarqaaaaaawiiiii for destroying western Judaic Christianity and atheism. People who couldn't save y'all include trump, bush, Obama, the Saudis, Iran, Putin and liberalism.

  29. Trump being alone in the White House reminds me of Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

  30. Does anyone Here Have the phone number to the White House ?

    Thank you .
    I need to have a talk with Our president .

  31. Jimmy should vet some of these Federal workers to make sure they are not Trump supporters or voters, don't give them any help…forget them.

  32. Just to say it again, I’ll say it again.. Impeach that son of a gun!!!!!

  33. Here’s what you do. Write the bill, but use the term “peaches”, in stead of wall, at his behest. Right after he signs, order 5.7B worth of peaches and then distribute them to the federal workers. If he complains, just tell him that he got his peaches, it’s in the bill.

  34. People don't realize what's coming and that's not joke is freaking scary

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