Kanye West’s full remarks in the Oval Office

100 thoughts on “Kanye West’s full remarks in the Oval Office

  1. Shame on you Washington Post! Donald Trump calls journalists "the enemy of the people". Over the summer a mentally ill man shot four journalists to death in Maryland. It's only then that Donald stopped saying "enemy of the people", but he continues to rant that the NY Times and Washington Post are "failing newspapers". The only way to bring this sh*t storm to an end is if you do your job. Women's right to reproductive care are under attack. Children's access to quality primary education is being eroded by Betsy DeVos. Voting rights are under attack every time a Republican is elected president by the Electoral College and installs another corporatist SCOTUS nominee. The environment is getting more polluted with the erosion of environmental regulation by Donald Trump. If you report on the chipping away of the progress of the 20th century by this president, we can wipe out the Republicans in Congress who got him there. And…we can get back to sanity in 2020.

    But as long as you cover Kanye West and every other non-issue event Donald Trump puts on, you are helping him stay right there, by not covering what is truly relevant! Do you job…do your job…do your job. Stop helping Donald Trump sweep the real news under the rug. One of your guest journalists may have been killed in Turkey. Haven't YOU at the Washington Post seen enough of this garbage YET?????

  2. That Iplane 1 design is so flawed. No one would ride a plane with a glass ceiling going excess of 500 miles/hour. Hell my iPhone screen can't even survive a 3 foot drop without cracking.

  3. I can’t take this meeting serious with Kanye all tweak out and The president hair is so hilarious 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. the list of crazys here it goes, 1 trump 2 Kim Jun hun 3 Kanye West 4 who's next

  5. drugs are he'll of thing don't what Kanye smoke but is heavy I'll take what he took in a heartbeat

  6. Christsakes….by this point American citizens need to look in the mirror and wonder why they've given legitimacy and power to these 2 in the first place.

  7. Kanye has such a good heart. I love him for his spirit. Haters gonna hate.

  8. Have to look at the big picture at what is being said here. There is a lot of frustration being voiced here and a desire to change the status quo.

  9. This man is has no idea of what he,s talking about. He,s literally talking about what the certain people should have and what someone of power should have assess to but some of the things he say is the truth concerning our people, but he need to do a little more research on the topics he speak about and keep his views to himself or consult his own people about the issues he,s talking about

  10. Funny how WaPo calls them "full remarks" as if they were a coherent, logically-prepared statement.

  11. WTF, his Yeezy line is manufactured in China. Does he mean jobs were created in an alternate multiverse or timeline? Ya, your genius Kanye…

  12. I thought most people wanted blackface minstrelsy to disappear from show business? Well, I guess I was wrong.

  13. Great.. great. Its all just great. You are good at speaking. Just incredible.

  14. Lets make all my ideas into buisnesses and put your name on the building. Kanyes marketing skills and skills of deceipt are top notch LOL.

  15. The author of confusion has got them all in perfect alignment. Trump and Kanye are not the only ones, On center stage. Saten is casting all his stars down. The pit is getting wider who will fall in? Or who will wake up?

  16. We already have sweat shops and slave labour, but we call them prisons!

  17. If Kanye has a mental illness, that doesn't automatically invalidate his thoughts. He is at times difficult to follow, but overall he is making cogent arguments. His audience isn't the elites of the country, and people writing him off for the way he speaks or the chaotic nature of his delivery are underestimating the impact he has on his fans.

  18. I like how he talks about not having bipolar disorder, when he is clearly in the middle of a bipolar episode.

  19. Kanye said that black people care about brands and not land. Then spent a lot of time talking about the brands he's involved in. . .

  20. The number one thing I’m taking away from this is that Ye’s phone code is 0-0-0-0… 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. Im sure most of America didnt watch the whole sit down, but they have an opinion, ironic. If you dont see the sensibility in this meeting you obviously have a hard time comprehending common sense. Kanye was on point, period.

  22. But what is Ye changing in America? That's the real question. What's his point because all I see is a mentally ill hip hop producer with a platform to speak with the most disappointing president in history

  23. Didn't Kanye say he wanted to run for president in 2020? He's probably just doing all of this so he can run with some support from Republicans.

  24. Alot of black people were open to at least giving Trump a chance. But people like Kanye and Candace Owens are making blacks distance themselves from them, and in turn, distance themselves from Trump.

  25. Kanye is a MK-ULTRA CLOWN.

  26. He is the type of guy who you ask one question, you get an hour response back. He is EVERYWHERE..I do not know how Kim live with him..smh..He can't stop talking..smh…I am not mad at his point of view..everyone has one, but OMG!! I am still tripping that his cell password is four zeros..and he is a run on sentence..

  27. blacks dont like the truth. no fathers in the homes. way to go kanye. the truth.

  28. Very radical but forward thinking ideas some of them seem a bit far-fetched but his ideas with the intent on helping others. The thing with Kanye is that he is an extremely empathetic person and if he were president foreign affairs would be treated with equality and empathy which in the political world is practically non existent which could potentially empower a more unified earth. Just what i think!

  29. DaVinci, Shakespeare, Einstein, Roosevelt; Kayne West. Ah yes, great minds. Let's be honest here folks; this is a disjointed, disconnected rank my a man with OCD and NPD.

  30. I like when Kanye says his words are from the soul, and trump looks down with this confused expression, like "what is this "soul" you speak of. Or maybe its not confusion, but worry as he senses they are on to him, having found out about The Deal he made at the crossroads many years ago. You have to have made some dark pact to get away with the sheer amount of nonsense he has.

  31. very entertaining; interesting when Trump tries to interject and just smiles and keeps listening; didn't realize that Kanye was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, so maybe we need to give Kanye a pass, but it still is baffling why he is being given so much air time; sadly many will view Kanye as a tool of Trump and his agenda

  32. Not really sure why, but I think I should invest in spray-on tan stocks…

  33. OMG – 7:11 his phone code is all 0's….GENIUS (I apologize if already pointed out)

  34. I like how Kanye doesn’t care about the left attacking him. He is a free thinker. Free thinkers aren’t just right wing they are people who aren’t afraid of the logical thoughts that have and aren’t intimidated by radical leftist propagandists.

  35. Ok Kanye. Trump can be your daddy you are missing.
    Is this supposed to get the Black vote? Exactly what is the purpose of this? Kanye…. you actually think 🤔 Trump gives a hoot about poor Blacks with missing dads? Kim K, come get your man please!

  36. Kanye was a little unhinged here, biy he did make a few good points. Unfortunately he was being used as a tool. What I did realize, he didn't mention anything about the illegals in this country and how they were being mistreated when crossing the borders. The conversation about stop and frisk didn't come up until one of the journalist bought it up. Made a few good points but most of his so called speech was scattered and not making any sense. I did however noticed that the President's posture changed when Kanye didn't agree with the stop and frisk.

  37. I'm worried that Kanye is in the middle of the manic phase of his disorder

  38. Wow man some goooood sh🚬t 🚬🚬🚬 I stopped dr🍺nking 🤣😂😨🤡🤡🤡

  39. I really do not like the rumors about trump. Makes me really dislike him. But, when you are face to face with him, he seems like he has a God Heavenly Father's Heart :'D

  40. Superman, iPlane, I look up to Ralph Lauren(known racist), I was diagnosed with being Bipolar but i'm not

  41. Either he’s ah genius or stupid but if I had a.d.d. He would make perfect sense n i do unfortunately 🤦🏾‍♂️😩🤷🏾‍♂️

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