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Am I missing something? In the process of talking charge of your life, I’ve given you a few tools. Number 1: Think big.
Number 2: Take charge of your life. Number 3: Design the life that you want to live. Am I missing something? Yes! Mam you’ve remembered it correctly and I will demonstrate that here through an example. This book is for the first person who will come and take it. Not for you. Sorry! Sorry! Alright! Great! Stay here. You get a thundering round of applause; all of you, come here. It’s alright. Come! Aadhaya come here. It’s alright. He of course is the winner of the book, of the price. But I think, these guys here are the winners too! Give them a thunderous round of applause please! Of course! Thank you! You got the book. Enjoy reading it. And thank you to you all. Please share it with others. Knowledge grows! Thank you! Give everybody who came up, who at least try it. Thank you for trying! Not every time that you take a risk will succeed you. Ladies and gentlemen. Lets be very clear about it. Any human expectation that every time I put in an effort next time you’re gonna be faster, quicker, more sure of yourself. Right? You got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a price. Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or the faster man or the women. But sooner or later, But sooner or later, “the person who wins is the person who thinks he can.” Sooner or later, “the person who wins is the person who thinks she can.” It’s very important that you believe. Often people do not progress further, do not take the initiative; they don’t have the self-worth. So this is again a deep breathe moment. Take a deep breathe in… Once again, shake someone’s hand on your right and left and tell them “Take pride in who you are.” Please do it now. Tell them please… “Take pride in who you are.” Pat them on the back and tell them “Take pride in who you are.” Lot of the people are not able to take action because they doubt themselves. Who am I? I am so insignificant. I have had it in meetings; corporate meetings. When I ask some people they would say sir, I am so insignificant. I think I am here mistakenly. I am waiting to leave from here. I am not even capable of sitting with these people. How that person will contribute until he/she feels the self-worth. So the thing I am missing is this ladies and gentlemen, what you see on the screen: Execution! I know the speakers before me have talked about this You must do your own push-ups!
Mrs. Grow, you got it right. You did. Yes. Give her round of applause. You must do your own push-ups! That’s the execution. You must learn to pay the price. In the beginning, I shared with you a few components of success. Number 1 was “time.” Number 2 was “mindset.” Number 3 was “efforts.” I did not said talent. You can develop the talent, cultivate the talent. If you work hard, you give it enough time, there is nothing in this world that a human being can’t develop within. And I know a lot of talented people who are not working on themselves. So don’t forget execution. If you don’t execute this is what you annual list of resolutions will look like. Please take a good look at this image. Fifth one is the greatest one. Sir, this is how it happens. I have to travel a lot because of my work. Recently, once or twice, I’ve to skip my birthdays. Worked on my birthdays. Because I love this work. There is no bigger gift then this. If I can speak to people on my birthday. But you can’t miss you spouses birthday na? Because if you miss it once then it will be forever at instance across the world. You know: You did it. How dare you? But anyway. People who dream and don’t put their dreams into action. Learn to take the first step! It’s really important. The first step. You know what stops us from taking the first step from a neurological perspective? Any doctors in the audience, please raise your hands and say yes. There is something called in the evolutionary processes
“The lizard brain.” What’s it called? “The lizard brain.” The lizard wants you to be safe. The lizard brain wants you to be comfortable. It doesn’t want you to take any risks. When you meet a stranger, you want to say hello but lizard ill say “hey shut-up, sit down.” Wait for him to take the initiative. The lizard will say don’t get up, don’t run on the stage. Something is gonna go wrong. Kill the lizard. That is my message to you. Kill the lizard because this lizard brain will kill your dreams. It is the killer of dreams. We must kill it. Take the first step. Remember anything worthwhile doing is going to be difficult. These are not my words. These are the words of world’s oldest marathon runner Sardar Fauja Singh. He is 105 years old. Watch his video on YouTube. He was jokingly asked by the BBC’s journalist I am going to take five more minutes. So a BBC journalist asked him Mr. Singh, you’ve just started your marathon keep in mind he is 104. How are you feeling right now? That’s a stupid question to ask someone who’s just started running a marathon. He doesn’t speak English so coach translates to him that he is asking how are you feeling right now? Fauja Singh ji replied in simple Punjabi “My knees are hurting.” I am 105, my knees are hurting. What else has to happen. But the important thing that he said was Son now the race has started, now I have to finish it. Now that I’ve started my race, I will finish it. Learn to finish what you start. Learn to finish what you start. Anything worthwhile doing is going to be difficult. The next one is law of diminishing intent. Diminishing… I don’t hear you. Diminishing… What is diminishing? Intention! “The longer you wait to take the first step, the weaker your intention will be.” Take the first step. Initiate things. Then longer you wait, your brain will convince you that I haven’t heard such a stupid idea yet. What is happened with your mind? Shut-up. And then it will die, it will finish. If you’re facing resistance internally; going to gym, in something else. More the resistance, more important the work. Ask me how much resistance is there before coming to the stage. I’ve been doing this from 10 years, every single day I’ve a slight once this feeling will cross my mind today something really stupid is gonna happen. You are going to embrace yourself in front of 4000 people. And I have to say shut-up, sit down.
I know what I am doing. Right? You’ve to kill that resistance, that vice within. You need grit, long term persistence and final, number five is really important ladies and gentleman. “Passion will get you started, it’s very easy to start something right? “Passion will get you started, ownership will help you finish. Passion will get you started any day but that’s not good enough. Ownership, taking charge of it will help you finish. Otherwise this is how our life is gonna look like. These are the people who have the passion but no ownership on the screen now. Lot of passion, let me order but it cost 1.5 lakh and it is covered with cloths nowadays. This is the thing. Right?
So This is Howard psychologist who said Please these are very important words. My last 2 or 3 slides. I am coming to end them. “You’re more likely to act yourself into feeling, than to feel yourself into action.” Let’s spend a few moments on this statement because it’s very profound. Don’t wait to be inspired and than I’ll go to the gym. Drag yourself to the gym and after 10 minutes, you’ll be inspired. Whatever changes you want to do in your life I’ll tell you this form my experience, I am from psychologist backing it up. The resources will never be perfect. There will always be some missing resources. Never ever in our lives we’ll have every resources together. On the screen please, one missing tyre yet a smile on his face and he is enjoying the journey. Start first. Resources are incomplete, inspiration is not there. Once you start, inspiration will also follow. They say corporates are having happiness workshops these day. See what time has come We are teaching you and then took their signatures. Please sign this. I’ve completed 2 days of happiness workshop. And then trainer say for my training, please smile for the next 2 or 3 days. Otherwise your company will ask me for what you’ve taken money. For Happiness workshop. Deep breathe in please… Once again can we do laughter yoga for 2 minutes only. If you’re not able to smile. Just imagine I am using the trick of this laughing yoga master Just imagine your credit card statement in which the limit is of one lakh but the bill comes out to be of 6 lakhs. I want you to imagine your credit card bill, look at it and laugh at it. Come on! Let’s do it now. Show it to other people around you and say Here’s a story… Cat was enrolled in a happiness workshop. After attending the happiness workshop, this cat started moving in a circular path What it is doing? It was trying to grab its own tail. Grandfather cat was watching this. He was experienced and he said What are you doing?
Why are you trying to catch your own tail. Grandfather, don’t you know, I went to happiness workshop. It was a 5 days program. What did you learn son? We cats have been taught that happiness lies in our own tail. That’s why grandfather, I am practicing to catch my own tail. Grandfather said form his experience, he said grandson… they’ve taught you the right thing. Happiness is in your tail. But they’ve taught you the wrong way. You don’t have to go round and round to grab it You follow your heart into the direction that you want to go and happiness will follow you everywhere that you go. Happiness will follow you! Like everywhere that you go. So I am sure he must be also getting anxious now. You’re also very anxious to go home and conclude the day. My last message to you is this… Sir, I’ve made you wait from so long. Please give a huge round of applause for him. He has tested my patience by giving me the last slot and I tested yours. Come give me a hug. I am very happy to hear that.
Mam is saying with my name, people will say here till what time? Till the end?
Some of them are already not sure about it. You see my happiest moment was when Ianded at the airport. And some of your wonderful volunteer teams; few kids come to me among them and nothing can match that remark what those kids said… Sir, we were waiting to listen to your speech only. I think that is the biggest biggest thing I am taking away from here. I finish on a personal not ladies and gentlemen, would you please do me a favor and say this message with full sincerity to the person sitting next to you, with a smile on your face and an enthusiastic body language. Shake someone’s hand, look them in the eye and say to them: Enjoy the journey! Please do it now. Enjoy the journey! Friend, enjoy the journey! Come on! Shivmangal Singh Suman, famous poet said these beautiful lines Chalna humara kaam hai Audience please can I hear these words. Chalna humara kaam hai Chalna humara kaam hai but with enjoy. Because for God sake, if we reach our destination and say like that mountain climber He climbed Mount Everest after working hard for 5 years. As soon as he achieved his summit then Sherpa said sir, we’ve to move back right now otherwise our skeletons will be found here. He said, let me take some photos. No sir, we don’t have time for photos. If you want to be alive, let’s go. He also gave a TED talk and written a book with the same title. It’s called Five year of my life I gave to this journey and I reach the summit and I couldn’t even enjoy it. What if, what morning I wake up and I realize things are going to be different for me now. I can’t o the things I wanted to do. Maybe you realize after getting there It’s really important that we enjoy the journey as we go along, that we’ve fun. This is very important no matter how successful, how establish you are. We need a future pull ladies and gentlemen. We need vision. Let’s talk about Fauja Singh ji. Every time when he gets interviewed beside 104 year old. He talks about his next races. I am going to run there. I am buying these shoes and I am doing this. Future pull. Anticipation. Otherwise we are good as dead. Javed Aktar ji has written If you’re moving with a bewilderment in your eyes
then you are alive… If you’re moving with the sparks of dreams in your eyes,
then you’re alive.. If we didn’t have sparks of dreams in your eyes we are as good as a dead body ladies and gentlemen and that is not who we are. We can’t change, we can’t lead, we can’t innovate if we are walking dead bodies and that is my message to you
Enjoy the journey. Don’t wait, take action. Rabindranath Tagore ji, in his favorite poetry, he said Spring has gone. Summer has passed. Winter is here…. …and the song I wanted to sing remains unsung. The song that I wanted to sing remains unsung because I’ve spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument. because I’ve spent so much of my life stringing and unstringing my instrument. The time is now. There was a research asking people the top five regrets of their life. How many?
Top five. There was a nurse in Australia I’ll only foucs on number 1. The top five regrets of people’s life. Number 1 on the list was and I’ll finish with this. I wish I had the courage to lead a life true to myself. Nurse asked thousand of people who were dying What is your biggest regret? Number 1 was I wish I had the courage to lead a life true to myself and not what other people expected form me. You can never fully satisfies other people ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all! You’ve been a wonderful audience Indore. It’s been a pleasure here. Thank you for all the love. Thank you!

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