36 thoughts on “KFC employee charged with battery after police viewed this video

  1. While the woman was wrong beyond belief, this guy did commit a mortal sin. He should have went to Popeyes, instead of KFC, any day of the week.

  2. Both of them should have been fired by KFC, and yes she should have been charged

  3. this is one of MANY reasons why you should never eat at a restaurant with people like this woman working there. go to Chic-fil-a and your experience and food will be way better. KFC and the likes hire only the people who can't get a decent job. they hire from the bottom of the barrel in society. i would rather eat a bowl of cereal then eat anything this restaurant makes. you are stupid to eat there or you just are lazy and don't care. either way, your fault.

  4. Please hurry get jesse Jackson, al Sharpton and johnny Cochran from the grave to defend this innocent hard working single mom of 9….
    One more reason why you should go to chick fil a …..
    The workers there are polite and "civilized "… .

  5. I dont have time to waste what happened and where in the video can i see?

  6. this dude is a douche bag and that girl needs to be more professional..

  7. A Black Woman with a nasty attitude, I am shocked! They are typically so mild mannered and Edumacated.

  8. And right there folks is why people will be replaced with robots. Then what do with these 'highly skilled' people? And why are we letting more 'highly skilled' folks in? Those jobs are going to disappear within 10 years, if not less. Shouldn't they all be wearing hair nets?

  9. black people acting like black people. violence and aggression for every perceived slight. grow up and get with the civilized world….oh yeah, the white man made you like this.

  10. Interesting🤔🤔, I'm not saying that she was right but the Cops viewed the footage and deemed it as an assault. Wow this is what the Cops of all people find is an assault…. hummmm okay.

  11. I really didn't see her actually touch any of the food with her hands but saw her use tongs. As someone who is very familiar with the health codes, the more serious infraction was the long hair not being up under the cap on both women on video. Although she acted inappropriately, I would say that 2 days in jail and a 5000 dollar bond was quite extreme for the crime recorded, however, there is probably more because according to the Miami Herald, the woman spent time in jail only because she told the officer that she would not appear in court. And judging by her attitude, she was probably not "nice" to the officer either. Lesson: Be nice.

  12. I kept watching to see the "assault and battery." As tacky as this employee might have been with questionable food prep habits, I don't think that tossing his food into the car would constitute a crime of battery. This seems like an awful waste of taxpayer money. She should have been warned alone.

    Do taxpayers REALLY want to flip the criminal justice bill for a woman who was prepping food without gloves/hairnet and who tossed the bag (with food in containers) to the customer in the car waiting for it? This should simply be a small claims CIVIL matter in which the customer spends his own money for litigation.

    Also: I worked at a KFC when I was a teenager. The employees don't wear gloves (except for those making cole slaw or biscuits if the restaurant still preps them from scratch). They simply use tongs to grab the food and place it on the plates or in the food containers.

    I don't know about the laws pertaining to hair net requirements for individuals who work counters and drive thru windows. They aren't prepping food. Rather, they prep ORDERS of food. I've seen many men and women without them at most fast food restaurants.

  13. Chefs who work in fine dinning dont wear gloves? I think fast food employees are rwquired to wear gloves because the shit they're dishing out is hazardous to any fucker that touches it!

  14. I purchased an air fryer, and coat and cook my own version
    of KFC. All my biscuits are fresh and hot; my side dishes
    as clean, fresh and hot as well. Made from scratch is superior.
    And the family don't miss KFC at all.

    Rumors running rampant, KFC is going robotic in the near future.

  15. The Democrat Party ring leader Hillary Clinton who stated, must bring superpredators to heel. Of course, it's obvious Hillary racist comment was speaking about blacks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0uCrA7ePno

  16. He's wondering, 'how come every time I go to KFC it's KFC?'… it's a baby step, but a good sign. Hopefully by the time he's 40 he'll have stopped buying fast food altogether, even the grocery's frozen ready-made. Dare I say it he'll have learned to… COOK

  17. Thank you for getting rid of that bitch and hopefully the management to for not correcting the issue…i hope to God she was not the person in charge that day…

  18. She should have came out the restaurant/drivethru and started stabbing him with a chicken leg.

  19. I don't always film like a retard, but when I do, I film in portrait mode while holding my phone in landscape…

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