KORONA’s Small Business POS System

Hi there and welcome to KORONA POS for small
businesses. We’re a small business ourselves, so we’re
always excited when we can help out other small or new companies. We’ve developed software to help a variety
of business types succeed and grow, and we try to make it as simple as possible. So let’s take a look at how KORONA works
and why we’re unique. First, KORONA is a subscription service. That means that you pay a flat monthly fee
for using the point of sale software. The monthly payment includes all training,
installation assistance, and phone and chat support. In addition, your software will automatically
update anytime a new feature or tool is added. This subscription model means that you’ll
always have the best POS system on the market. So what is it that you get from your subscription? Let’s talk about a few of KORONA’s features
made specifically for small businesses. Let’s start with inventory. KORONA offers some of the most powerful inventory
management features on the market. Stock notifications keep you updated on your
inventory levels, helping prevent any overstocks or stockouts. Even better, small businesses can add automatic
reorder levels. Through vendor relations, your POS can automatically
place stock orders when your inventory reaches a certain level. All inventory is perpetually counted, too,
so you don’t have to worry about time consuming manual counts. Lastly, since KORONA is cloud-based, all inventory
is kept in real-time. This means that any incoming deliveries, sales,
or losses will immediately be reflected in the point of sale. Your cloud-based solution also means that
you can access this data from any location. All you need is a device connected to the
internet and proper login credentials. Manager and owners out there, imagine being
able to manage your small business from your kitchen table instead of always having to
be on location. With backend access, you’ll also be able
to remotely see product and sales reports. KORONA’s powerful reporting features allow
you to produce reports within seconds. These cover a range of key performance indicators
and can easily be customized for your small business. Product reports help you identify the health
of each item in your catalog. They can even break down your entire inventory
piece by piece and give each individual grades based on revenue and profitability. The combination of powerful inventory and
reporting lets you understand your business on a more profound level, and helps you plan
for the future. This might include determining sales and promotions. Any promotion, whether it’s for just one
product or storewide, can be changed in your point of sale system so that price changes
and revenue are accurately depicted. This ensures the health of any promotion,
protecting your store against running at a loss. The consolidated data allows you to integrate
with accounting software so that all reports necessary for your taxes are automatically
pulled from the software, saving you a massive end of year headache. Next, your POS doesn’t just monitor your
products. It can also help manage your employees. Custom access levels for each employee lets
you control who can access what. Additionally, shift reports show detailed
data from any individual shift. These can help pinpoint any problematic or
suspicious behavior. And for stores with commission structures,
the software can calculate payouts for each team member. Likewise, tip management can also be conducted
directly through you point of sale. KORONA is also built to help manage your customers,
too. You’re able to enter basic contact information
for your regular customers for future marketing outreach through email or text. The software also comes with a point-based
loyalty program that shoppers can register for. For small businesses that require a more robust
CRM system, the POS software integrates with several of the industry’s most popular. This powerful software can run on a variety
of hardware options. On the simpler end of things, it can run on
touchscreen tablets. These are great for small businesses that
need some flexibility around the store. Tablets allow associates to easily open a
new lane when busy or check out customers on the retail floor. On the other end of the spectrum, KORONA integrates
with powerful desktop POS hardware. All hardware can be purchased through KORONA
but the software integrates with a wide array of hardware options, so if you have existing
hardware, ask if it we can integrate with it. The software, of course, performs the most
basic function required of POS systems: it integrates with all modern POS peripherals. These include receipt printers, scanners,
and credit card machines. Modern payments are the most important – businesses
must be able to accept EMV and contactless payments. KORONA only integrates with machines that
are up-to-date with new laws and provide each customer with the option of how they’d prefer
to pay. For debit or credit card payments, you’ll
need a credit card processing service. Some POS solutions are also credit card processors. In these instances, the processing costs are
often way too high and they lock you into long term deals. For many small businesses, this can cost you
thousands of dollars each year. KORONA isn’t a processor and gives you the
choice. In fact, we’ll work with you to find the
cheapest solution for your business. So with all of that said, you might be wondering
about our price. We keep our pricing simple and transparent,
and, most importantly, affordable. Our software subscription starts at $49/month. There are no fees, hidden costs, or long-term
contracts. Each customer is free to unsubscribe at any
time with no penalty. Plus, you’ll get included phone and chat
support for the duration of your subscription. This also includes 24/7 emergency support
so you know your business is always in good hands. The best way to learn more is to try it out
for yourself! Start a free trial today and play around with
the software yourself. And for a more in-depth look, schedule a walk-through
with one of our product specialists. They’ll be able to show you exactly how
your business can grow with the right point of sale. Give it a try today! Thanks for watching and feel free to reach
out with any questions. Bye!

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