LEGO Ninjago Jay’s Cyber Dragon review! 71711

hey everyone this is the lego ninjago Jay’s
cyber dragon set from season 12 this is one of those rare occasions where what
you actually build appears to be either of the same size as what’s on the box or
how it’s shown on the box if not even a little bit larger so we’re off to a good
start in addition to the main cyber dragon build itself this set comes with
digi Nia digi Jay in a katana this is unagami himself and the two Rat
Pack members over there with their hoverboards it’s Hausner and Richie Lego
has done a lot of dragons by now especially in the Ninjago theme so some
things from this build are very familiar like the segments of the tail but then
some things are not at all familiar it does definitely feel like the designer
was trying to push things a little bit while staying fairly simple in the build
techniques as far as how assembly is concerned but then bringing in some
different things like how those toes are done with those cable management pieces
that were introduced for one of the education themes and the body even of
the the dragon the main body is very very solid and and built up in every
direction top sides bottom even the front of it has a proper kind of a chest
plate on it I’ll show you more parts of this I just want to give you kind of an
overview at first once again up front using those toes that are different and
interesting and very I think very appropriate for what they’re trying to
go for for the theme here with the digital inspired design whatever that
means not the first time that we’ve seen astromech droid legs used in a dragon
head but they’re integrated in there pretty nicely so is a I mean I mean
again some parts of this feel familiar and how the head is put together that
does use a printed piece for the eye which is on either side so that’s I
printed 2×2 and of course the mouth can open and close let’s take a look at all
of the articulation possibilities for this though so for the neck this is able
to rotate around on a ratcheted joint it’s also able to go up and down and
there’s an additional next segment there that allows you to bring the head all
the way down or up pretty far that one can also rotate a bit so you can get the
the neck to kind of curl around like that would just may be a little bit
awkward but can make sense for some scenarios so that’s pretty much it for
the head and I already showed you that the mouth opening and closing you can
kind of change the angles of these ears if you will or flaps behind the ears I
don’t know why you’d want to do that but it’s just a possibility all these pieces
really really fit together just perfectly like if you don’t have them
aligned right then they won’t go together right you won’t be able to fold
these these white parts up the wings you know they’re kind of suggestions of
wings because this is a digital world where you don’t need actual aerodynamics
but you can imagine these having kind of a repulsor lift sort of effect you can
change the angle of the the rear part of that you know it’s kind like dragonfly
wings is how they’re set up they’re a little bit small I think for this whole
thing but these can rotate it around they also have these engines that are
supposed to be used for a forward thrust so these can flap up and down and can
rotate around just a little bit now for the front legs you can rotate these all
the way forward and I think there’s a way to get this to balance but ah there
we go there you go got it yeah so that goes forward and back this
can also splay in and out those legs can like so that gives you that and then
they’ve got ball joints so no working knees here I think that’s okay I’ve got
ball joints for the ankles they can move around all kinds of ways these front
ones are mounted interestingly different you know with the angle of that the
socket joint there but it does work and it does allow you to to get this thing
into some forms of action poses that are still save stable and then you basically
have the same thing for the rear legs here so these able to rotate forward and
back also splay in and out and once again you
have a ball joint down here but this one’s just angled differently so the B
and the orientation of the soccer joint there is just different but it does work
for how this is set up and then you’ve got all these ball joints in the tail so
you can curl the tail all the way around roll it around here bring it up bring it
under if you want and the last thing I want to take a look at because it’s a
dragon it needs to fly so I like to be able to get a good flying
pose or a dragon which for me means legs back and neck extended and head maybe up
a little bit so we can kind of flow like this I just always think of never the
neverending story dragon this is kind of my my personal archetype for these
especially some of the more slightly more asian-inspired dragons this one
does have the large wings but I guess they’re not that big so yeah bring the
wings back a little bit you know that that looks pretty nice that’s a pretty
nice flowing look and you can just you can imagine this thing actually flying
around it’s not too easy to to get that going
you know that’s kind of elegant I like that looking at the control area because
this is a digital thing not an organic thing so it has an actual cockpit or
yeah I guess you’d call a cockpit area has a heads-up display
you know take the pilot off Cheerilee just so you can see that from the other
side that’s up display with a book cover piece that has a sticker on it and four
controls of course it has the game controller which is just the common
input device used throughout to prime Empire and then there’s a second seat
back there so you can easily put a second person on there you can put a
third person on back back there you know there are ways to get even more people
on but it’s it’s very simple to do that and you can see just how how closed up
everything is and how finished it is trying to move some things out of the
way even along the sides you know this is pretty properly built up looking at
it from the underside I mean that’s covered up pretty well this has a really
interesting build inside oh yeah one thing I forgot to show you in terms of
articulation is this kind of waist articulation so that’s kind of deluxe as
well and it’s hidden away with the help of a large wedge plate piece on the top
you know it’s kind of hard to see in there but you know there’s just enough
of a gap try to make it as organic as reasonably possible even though this is
not an organic thing this though I wanted to point this out because this
has a very interesting build for the interior something that I’ve never seen
before and you know just have to look at the build or the instructions if you
want to to to see the exact assembling of it but this
is a trigger which is you know not too in-your-face I appreciate that man could
have been maybe a black piece but more the wrong length anyway that is a remote
trigger for the spring-loaded shooters which are here in the belly area in the
chest I guess and you push that down and you know obviously they’re gonna fire
out so they’re the only fire up no point in shooting them across the studio here
but just the way that that was integrated in is pretty cool I think I
think it’s pretty cool especially since the trigger mechanism the trigger group
if you will is separate from the breech where the bolts are held so the build is
pretty good here overall I do feel like it’s still a little bit blockier than it
needed to be mostly with the legs like the the body has that nice flowing shape
to it but then the legs feel unnecessarily blocking away they tried
to bring in some which plate pieces and also the five sided Nexo Knights shield
front part there but yeah it still ends up a little bit blocky the feet are kind
of flowy kind of rounded and you can also move the toes I forgot that those
are independent if you want to and that’s pretty much it for the dragon
itself does have quite a number of little stickers that are used small to
medium sized stickers but they’re very easy to leave off if you absolutely hate
stickers you’re not gonna miss much by leaving those off because most of what
you see here in terms of its decorations and all it has accomplished with just
parts you know just building techniques before bringing you all the way in to
take a closer look at the minifigures I want to show you the rest of the builds
small build so this is just a katana with its little powerup stand and
interesting Lee this one doesn’t have a sticker on the front of it the others
have had a sticker that has a question mark to suggest that it’s like a loot
box type thing or a random powerup that this one does not because it’s already
known what’s inside of it for this particular challenge I guess that this
is trying to go with then these hoverboards are built a
little bit differently I mean they’re just based around basic surfboards but
this one has the two stud shooters in the front and looking at it from the
other side something a little bit different this is not able to rotate
around freely that little suggestion of engine exhaust there I guess and of
course you can fire those off and then this one has an interesting technique
piece that’s used for its little adapter for twin engines in that again using
these nice little spearhead parts that were introduced for Nexo Knights
originally if I recall correctly and that’s that so let’s go ahead and take a
closer look at the figures and we’ll start with these both rat-pack members
in my opinion look best fully suited up like this with the armor piece and with
weapons and all that stuff once you strip all that stuff down they just
don’t look as interesting to me especially Richie here just I think he
has interesting colors but when you take off all that extra stuff the sand green
just kind of turns into a block relatively just my personal opinion but
all set up like this this is nice it’s got the health bar indicator on the back
and everything got the nice weapon with dual molded hilt in the red and black
colors the Digi style of blade to go with that it’s a pretty good setup take
off the armor part with all of its add-ons and his extra katana isn’t
everything and well you can see the print on the back of the torso so that’s
good but other than that see it’s just no I just doesn’t look as cool this way
house and her also comes fully loaded up but the color scheme for this one I
would say is not as brave as Richie I mean yeah his hot pink
you know it’s magenta but still all the colors here just go together you know so
this one looks I don’t just more well formed in some
ways like you know just kind of has its own theme and that hair piece on the top
really works well gives it a little bit of a different Flair and everything and
for this one the stripped down form just looks a little bit cooler you know works
a little bit better in my opinion but still of course not as strong as with
the full outfit monogamy is included in his full form as
well I’m glad that they did not just keep the main bad guy in his main you
know fully outfitted form into just one set like they sometimes have done in the
past or would have done in the past you know forcing you to get the most
expensive set in the line to get the you know the baddest main bad guy but you
know this is everything for him and I think it’s a pretty cool figure my
opinion on that has not changed this one underneath there does have an alternate
face looks very much like Darth Maul as a matter of fact I might actually try to
do like a digi dark mom Darth Maul dark mom I used to say dark evader when I was
a little kid but yeah you know I’m talking about yeah so that’s that’s a
pretty cool part and there’s that other face is the two different expressions
kind of two different modes I’d say or two different states Nia as it turns out
is an artificially rare character in this season with this being the only set
to include digi Nia here they’ve done something interesting with her color
scheme you know they’ve they’ve experimented with their colors in the
past trying to get in some blues for the you know for the water elements but also
in the past holding on to some of the dark red from the summer IX days now
they’ve completely separated summer IX away so they’ve gotten rid of all the
red and you know she’s got her gunmetal grey which i think is nice but they’ve
brought in much stronger blue influenced into this and shifted it farther away
from regular blue so previously they’ve tried a little bit of blue to try a
little bit of dark Azure now they’ve gone medium Azure which is technically a
cyan which is very distinct from regular blue so you know comparing her color to
Jay you know it’s it’s very it’s a lot more noticeable than if they had stuck
with the dark Azure I like it I like that direction and I hope that
stick with it and do more with the media measure for her in the future
there’s her face the digi form of her face which from our know from some
angles or maybe when you first look at it at least from me looked a little bit
awkward because of the lipstick just kind of blurred together with the visor
section of it but as I look at it a little bit more it makes more sense to
me and then there’s just the regular face over there and a look at the print
on the back of the torso which does have some gunmetal gray print on there if I
get the light to hit it just right let’s see oh I saw it
it’s not there yeah there you go I think you see a little bit of that that’s
shine in there and also the silver just that yeah it’s metallic that’s cool
finally looking at the spare parts there are plenty of them especially weapon
related things feel free to hit pause if you want to sit there and dwell on those
a little bit pick out each individual one this is very nice I’m not sure if
that blade that four long blade in the trans neon reddish orange was supposed
to be there I don’t think it was supposed to be but maybe maybe
and then the spent sticker sheet shows you that they weren’t really that many
stickers it just I don’t know as I was building it felt like I was going to the
sticker sheet on a somewhat regular basis but it’s not that many for the
size of the thing and as is normal for this particular season they include some
spare stickers as well as you can use however you want I like that this costs
fifty dollars u.s. for the amount of stuff that I see here I think that’s
fair I think that’s absolutely fair I would not mind seeing it at forty five
but I feel like it would be absolutely unreasonable of me to ask for it to be
forty four zero so I think this is definitely well within the range given
the number of figures the fact that the figures do have all of their accessories
the build for this thing is nice it’s not empty and open it’s not hollow it
has some nice techniques it has some nice parts feels pretty right you can
articulate it you can make it feel fun you can make it feel cool – you know
tandel it you pose it in all sorts of different ways I
think that it can successfully appeal to Lego builders of different ages and
different levels and provide you know good entertainment I think it’s I think
it’s a pretty successful set not one of the not one of the best dragons that
they’ve ever done you know I feel like it had the potential it was going in
that direction when I built the body the body is definitely one of the best
dragon bodies and probably one of the best large or built up animal bodies
that I’ve ever had my hands on from Lego but you know the head and the neck is
kind of standard fare by now maybe I’m a little bit spoiled by some of the stuff
that they’ve done in recent years but there’s nothing too special there the
legs are not that great the toes are really cool the feet are good the tail
is just fine yeah it’s just normal figures are good but overall a fair set
pretty well done for what it is and a fair value I think so that’s it for my
look at this check out the build video either the real time build or the speed
build whichever is your preference if you want to check out the pure build the
real time one I suggest trying it at 2x speed on YouTube it’s interesting
because you still get the same sort of sound quality but things just go by at a
more reasonable rate to be entertaining to your eyes even if you just throw
stuff falling in the background like that I just think it’s something worth
trying if you haven’t tried it up to this point so thank you for watching
this thank you for checking out one of the builds if you’d like to I’ll talk to
you in very soon you

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