Letting Go Of Control In Business

Hi everyone welcome to Business Done
Different. So how many of you are willing to be like really out of control and let
go of stuff in your business. I’ve been the Worldwide Coordinator of Access
Consciousness for about 18 years and recently it’s like a lot of things
have changed within Access it’s expanding like ginormously check it out
accessconsciousness.com it’s friggin huge now. Being the Worldwide Coordinator plus I’ve been facilitating a lot of the advanced classes and I recently did a
class in Costa Rica that had myself Brendon Watt and Gary Douglas the
founder of Access and Dr Dain Heer the co-creator and had four of us on stage
and where we’re heading it’s like there’s a lot more that I can be as a
facilitator across all of these different countries that are demanding
more of Access Consciousness classes etc But I’m also being a worldwide
coordinator what do you do so Gary being Gary who’s amazing he
suggests you know maybe I let go of a few things and of course the first
reaction is like what I love my job I love being worldwide coordinator so and
what I was really grateful for and this is there’s a couple of tools in this is
one is when you’re suggesting something in the workplace to allow it to be the
person’s choice because there was nothing in Gary’s world where he went
okay you have to do this you have to let this go he was suggesting it
maybe strongly suggesting it but he was definitely suggesting it and I knew that
if I said hey can we wait another six months or a year or something like that
and let me sort of you know mul this over, ponder it etc I knew that he would allow
me to wait which also meant that maybe Access wouldn’t grow as fast or as big
in you know immediately but he knew that I had to be the one to choose okay so
first thing allow the people that you work with to choose if they have the
awareness themselves they have that awareness forever. I mean how many
of you like to be told what to do yeah pretty much none of you so if you’re
told what to do it’s like then it doesn’t become your choice whereas he
totally made this my choice and I think it was like day three
or something we’re on stage and I’d text him and I went alright I’m ready let’s
do it because I could perceive the energy of
growth, I could perceive the energy of letting something go and allowing
something different to show up so now my good friend from Italy Francesca Fiorentini
is the worldwide coordinator of Access I am work still working with business like
working in the business development because oh my goodness we have so many
projects you know in play but what I’ve noticed is even it’s been I’m about 10
days now and I’ve had a lot of conversations with Francesca we’ve had a
lot of different meetings and the space that it’s allowing me to to be with it
is is letting so many more things in and of course she had to let go of some
stuff to which empowered others to step up and to choose something different so
what if when you let go and you’re willing to be out of control there’s
this space that it creates that allows something different to show up, something
greater to show up you’ve got to be willing to be out of control and you’ve
got to be willing to receive so don’t forget to check out accessjoyofbusiness.com and check out accessconsciousness.com and get your Bars run go to a
class do something do something different today ok because this is your
life are you actually living it

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  1. Making suggestions to team members and allowing it to be their choice rather than telling them what they have to do. Fabulous! Thank you

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