12 thoughts on “Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman Arrested On Campaign Finance Charges

  1. Deep state panic . Indictment are coming for Obama and his crew of fairies

  2. Every lawyer represents crooks, it's a fact of being a lawyer that any honest lawyer will be disbarred. Since some white supremacist voted for Trump does not make Trump a white supremacist. Hillary speaking at Virginia KKK Dragon Byrd's funeral is much more telling because that was her active participation in white supremacy which is far more damning than having a white supremacist vote for you. Some white supremacist are democrats, some are republicans. It's ridiculous to hold someone accountable for everyone their lawyer has ever worked with, ridiculous standard! If a serial killer votes for you it does not make you a serial killer. If your attorney represented a serial killer it doesn't make you a serial killer. Utter madness, completely ridiculous. Repeat a lie enough times and morons will believe it! #walkaway

  3. The Rio Grande wall Trumps trying to build is closing slowly round him now. And unlike the DOJ "policy" lawmakers can indict this corrupt sitting president.

  4. Inez Qtaish is so called a Leo born August 3, 1970, I am 100% female not transgender , gay or a lesbian, Inez Qtaish is not no abominator.,

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