Linguaskill helps Air France recruit employees with the right English skills

I work with Air France and I’m responsible for training in areas as varied as office automation, increasing efficiency at work, among others and languages are also part of my scope. To carry out these projects, I lead a team of 20 people spread over three training centres in Paris. For an international airline, English is very very important as you can imagine. We use English tests for our recruitment in the first place and when the job applicant does not already have a recognised certificate, and we also use them throughout their career for internal promotion and expatriation. We demand different levels of English from our staff depending on what job they have in the company, so for example to be a supervisor or a manager, you must prove that you are at least a B1. For a flight attendant for example, we would need to go from B1 to C1 to become a chief person. First of all, because of Cambridge University, which has an excellent reputation and there is absolutely no discussion about this, and Linguaskill brings us the benefits and even more; first of all I talked about the reliability of Cambridge University and secondly, the test is fast, which is what we need right now. We particularly appreciate that the test takes place online, which is very very important for us, anytime of the day at any place. We have been using online tests for about 10 years, like I said before and we couldn’t possibly go back, a test today has to be online. In addition, our employees cannot cheat, because the reading and listening test is adaptive, meaning the questions vary according to the level of the test taker. Our experience shows that Cambridge tests are very robust and reliable, we have had no complaints whatsoever. Transitioning to Linguaskill opened up new possibilities for us, we have a very wide variety of personnel at Air France, so it seemed to us that switching to a general test would be better for us. So we chose the Linguaskill general test, assessing the mastery of general English because it was more suitable for us, for the whole staff I mean. So that’s what we chose and that’s what we’re using now, with a lot of satisfaction again. Regarding the skills that are assessed, thanks to the artificial intelligence the tests uses it is now very simple for us to evaluate, not only reading and listening, but also speaking and writing without the intervention of an examiner. We will not hesitate to evaluate the skills on a case by case basis if the need arises.

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