Live PD: Most Viewed Moments from Williamson County, Texas Sheriff’s Office | A&E

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Most Viewed Moments from Williamson County, Texas Sheriff’s Office | A&E

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  2. I already left a comment on this vid I know but no this officer is like ‘why are you sweating’
    Well he’s handcuffed & your holding a backpack with drugs in it. Who wouldn’t be sweating? I think if you were completely innocent & really didn’t know it was there (which I highly doubt) tha you’d be sweating even more

  3. People need to know how to deal with the police. If they ask you what criminal record you have, unless you are on bail you don't need to answer that. If you are suspected of a crime they can look up your criminal record in their police car.

  4. @3:18…shes drunk as f'k, driving with the baby in the car AND shes BREASTFEEDING!!! jeezuskryst wtaf >:(

  5. There is no way to extract the powder from a liquid – angry chemist noises

  6. At 2:12 and again at 2:20 that cop takes a really good look at her chest.

  7. She needs to be locked up, her child,taken away . For,the child’s safety. Her license taken away. Oh , your breast feeding. What’s the baby going to do, get drunk also.

  8. If you count the combined weight of the car this is about 4,500 pounds of coke you have here

  9. Jail isn't a deterrent for many this is definitive evidence to change the previous philosophy and make these institutions miserable….no recreation, 1 meal per day, etc

  10. 9:08

    3 cops around him on a traffic stop

    you can relax, you can relax

  11. I wonder if the guy in the parking lot got his case thrown out. He didn't do anything, he was just sitting in a parking lot and the cop detained him and got his dog for no reason.

  12. Those alerts are such a crock! These cops can say absolutely anything to gain access to search a car. There's no proof that the dog alerted it's just his word and now a citizens rights are violated.

  13. 3:48 …. batman/superman tattoo on the cops forearm is seriously the worst tattoo ive ever seen lol

  14. I use B vitamins and sleep to stay awake oh yeah and stop and walk around for a few to keep the blood flowing works great and no jail time keep er shiny side up

  15. She needs to have her baby taken away dui and she's breastfeeding her baby with whatever she's intoxicated with obviously she doesn't care about her baby's health and well being

  16. Dude why do people lie about drugs just tell the truths either way they will found somthing

  17. one (of so many) bad parts of addiction is the number of "Outsiders" it affects, family, kids, friends, neighbors, etc…..

  18. People are so stupid this day and age to drive drunk or high. there are a million and one different ways to get one of the many companies to get you home safely. As far as driving drunk with a child in the car you are the lowest POS on earth. I hope CPS gives custody to the father unless he is a drunk/druggie too. Child endangerment is as uncool as it gets!

  19. 20:35 no, it's NOT "real common" for truck drivers to use cocaine or meth, when we are subject to random drug tests, even though we are expected to work 14+ hours a day, 7 days a week.

  20. The law is that you could be charged with the entire weight of the can full of liquid. Could is the key word. They give law enforcement to much power with what they can charge people for. But I honestly don't think they could litigate it enough to make it fair to everyone. Like if you drink 3 beers and head up the Interstate vs 3 beers and drive half mile up the road. It's not the same. Officers need to learn to take in the situation not just what they can charge someone for.

  21. Hint: If you want to do coke in your car, make sure all your lights work.

  22. "Oh no it's a big truck better pull out a bigger gun." Also, Thanks for saying all truck drivers use Cocaine. If one person says it on camera it must be true, right?

  23. Breast feeding? So this woman is passing on what ever is in her system to her baby. I hope they take the child away before It's too late.

  24. Anyone that puts their kid in danger like that does not deserve a child these people should be disexed I hope this child gets like it deserves a good life not parents like that anything they say is an any reason they give is only excuse there is none that excuse what she has done

  25. The officer in this seems like a really good bloke he is good at his job and I think the perps should respect him and be honest as he might cut them a break

  26. Sad story: one time my dad was driving behind 4 black females 1 black male and one black female was holding a baby, and they swerved off of the road and hit a tree. All 5was ejected including the baby all 4 females were killed the male survived but sent to a hospital. Sadly the 1y/o baby was kilt. 😭😭😭😢😢

  27. Dumb son of a biscuit at 10. 35 seconds with a Laverne & Shirley jacket on

  28. How can you give a break to a person that is driving without insurance, I'm glad I don't live in that city. Their police are totally incompetent.

  29. That lady's breathalyzer read: "Embalmed".
    Put her away for a LONG time.

  30. Your problem is not drugs or firearms. The US society finds it no big deal for a human being to be homeless and eat food scraps. You have no mercy towards each other folks, so the evolution and future will have no mercy towards you and your Country, unless you change and stop measuring everything in dollars only. And it's a shame, the US could be a wonderful country and many people living there are good humans.

  31. 8:02 there is such a thing as testing concentration and determining the amount that in there.

  32. K9 – 28% of accuracy. Less reliable than a junkie with a gun in a school area. Still allowed to be used by police forces.

  33. at 6:02 the cop makes the guy sit in front of his vehicle which is not safe for the man being detained. What if someone rear ends his car during the stop and smashed the guy?

  34. The dumbass driving the car after being given a break is proof that certain individuals lack the mental capacity to function in modern society.

  35. I also don't know how to feel about the police choosing who gets to break some laws and get away with it based on honesty. I feel like if someone just broke the law then throw the book at them that's what you do to everyone anyways. Just because someone was honest with you they get less charges than someone who refused to incriminate themselves? Its just about their job being easier when you incriminate themselves.

  36. Druggies are dumbasses – bad enough they do the stuff, but then they drive around with it?

  37. people doing hard time for drugs, i.e getting felonies for it is ridiculous. Those laws need to be rewritten.

  38. Incredible drunk moron with a baby in the back, and now a moron on youtube forever…try living this stupidity down.

  39. Mom wants to breast feed the kid with dilulated milk and alcohol. CPS should be taking that kid away for good.

  40. I like when the cop and the suspect are down to earth with each other. The cop has a job he has to do, he doesn't take pleasure in taking people to jail. The guy was honest about the coke, the cop cut him a break.

  41. This officer is so hot. He reminds me of Scott on Teen Wolf. TYLER Pose.but tbh the dogs alert either way. Never fails

  42. Officer : do you find some dope man
    Dog : ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

  43. Officer thinks drugs might be in car. Has suspicion. Brings out dog, dog just takes walk
    around car. YUP my dog found drugs in that there car sir. So imma bust it on open.

  44. 5:46 “ I just bought this truck” it ain’t s truck mah dude

  45. 4:16 LMAO I Thought the paramedic was asking the baby Questions 😂😂😂

  46. That First Lady should never be behind the wheel ever again and banned from having kids

  47. Them officer's could have been killed she had two shanks under her shirt….lolol. them nipples was perky.

  48. That dog did not alert at all,being a police k9 trainer there was no alert that I could see AT ALL!!!

  49. Just watching that First Lady made me so uncomfortable I wouldn’t even thinking about driving with my baby girl in the car after one beer let alone whatever amount she drank

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