Lucious And Snoop Talk Business | Season 3 Ep. 15 | EMPIRE

But Inferno’s going
to change all of that. I’ve already laid the
groundwork with the Nevada Gaming Commission, Snoop. We’re good. Look, you know, be
100 with a brother, man. What’s up, dude? All right, let me keep
it real with you, dawg. Now, you said Inferno is going
to be for Empire what “Chronic” was for Death Row, right? A to the man, man. I hear you,
Lucious, but where’s Jamal at in this equation? I don’t think it makes
sense without him. Yeah, you know Dre? That was my dawg. And my dawg gonna stay my dawg. But “The Chronic” wouldn’t
have been “The Chronic” if I wasn’t on it. Now, you put it out there
that Inferno was going to have Empire’s biggest
artists, so to me Jamal has to be a part of it. All due respect, baby, you
were crucial to “The Chronic.” That’s how crucial
I am to Inferno. I don’t need no other artists. I don’t need my son, or anybody
else to make this a hot album, because it is what it is. You know what I’m saying, man? This is good business, Snoop. I respect your business hand. You know that. It’s not even about that. But I just want you to
hear me out on this. Jamal brings that
other audience. A different demographic. So with him on the team, it
ain’t nothing we can’t do.

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