Making Over YouTube Creator Melissa Maker’s Home Office

Hey guys, I’m Alexandra,
a decor expert. Welcome to Make My Space Work,
a series where I make over the diverse workspaces
of entrepreneurs. These are people who are busy
hustling, and the last thing on their to-do list is making
over their office spaces. Today I’m helping my good
friend Melissa Maker. She’s the owner of Clean My Space,
I’ve known her for a few years. She’s always been there for me,
so it is time for me to repay the favor and I have $1,000
to make it happen. We have tons more makeovers coming
your way, so make sure you hit that subscribe button so you
never miss an episode. Hi, my name is Melissa Maker
and I have three businesses. The first one is a cleaning service
company called Clean My Space. The second one is a digital media
company that’s home to my YouTube channel and website. And the third one is called Makers
Clean, where I sell my premium line of cleaning tools. I’ve never really paid attention to
the workspace that I have because I feel like as long as I have a
laptop and a cell phone and a drink of some sort, I can pretty much
work anywhere, which we all know is terrible for your back. You know, I have an office, I
have a desk, but it’s always been deprioritized. I’ve never really spent time making
that room look beautiful or feel like a space that I
actually want to work in. My dream office would have
beautiful built-ins, inspiring, somewhere that I can go and work
and feel motivated and excited and an area where I can potentially
do some filming as well. Alexandra, we are friends, so I
know if you are coming into my house, you are going to do a
great job making over my office. I know I can trust you. It always amazes me how
entrepreneurs like Melissa build these massive empires from their
dining room tables, their kitchens, coffee shops. I’ve kind of done the same. I have this tiny round table
that I do all my work at. But Melissa has a space for an
office, she’s just not utilizing it. This is the first makeover within
the Make My Space Work series that I’ve done for a friend,
and so the pressure’s on. I need to make sure that
she actually likes this. Or else it might be kind
of awkward if she doesn’t. So we are at Melissa’s
house for prep day. So Melissa has always wanted
built-in cabinets back here. When we were talking about doing
this makeover together, she was like: “You know what? I’m going to invest
in those cabinets.” So today we’re going to be
painting the walls white. It’s neutral, warm, fresh. And then I’m going to be putting
up wallpaper on this wall. So the first thing we’re going to
do is clear the space, move all that furniture to the side. Okay – so these are the
walls we’re tackling. When you’re hanging wallpaper, if
you are also painting the wall, you always want to cut in first
before you hang the wallpaper. If the walls or the ceiling aren’t
even you have a little bit of a buffer zone. This wallpaper is going to bring
in some fun pattern, but it’s also going to serve as a backdrop for
Melissa’s outfit of the day photos, maybe some of her videos. I will admit it: I had a really
hard time finding a good wallpaper. I knew that Melissa wanted a rug
with tons of color, bright pops of pattern, and so I knew that the
wallpaper couldn’t compete with that. One thing that I really love to do,
that I know will help you guys at home, is to try different
combos on your computer. So try different colors
together, different patterns. You really get a visualization
of what it’s going to look like. You guys, this wallpaper is up. It looks so good. I love how we carried
it over the door. The built-ins are going to have
open shelving, so we’re going to start painting the rest of
these blue walls, white. I think it’s going to be a good
neutral backdrop because Melissa wants tons of color in here, so I
really want those decor pieces to be the things that pop. Our prep day is coming to an end. We’ve covered up all the wallpaper
because Melissa is going to have to come into this room. I want this room to be as much
of a surprise as possible. You always match the walls! Whenever we paint a pink
wall you’re in pink. Today, you’re in…gray/white. He does it on purpose. Okay. We’re officially out of here! Melissa, I cannot wait
to see those built-ins. Hey Alexandra. So the installers got here, they’re
setting up, but I know they had to take down some of that brown
paper because they started doing measurements. So I’m actually not
going down there. In the meantime, I’ll just be up
here folding laundry and being nervous. It’s day two and I kind of
get a mini reveal myself. I am going to walk into this room,
take a look at the built-ins. I’m so excited, I never
get to do a reveal. Okay. I’m feeling a little bit nervous
because we have to pull this off today. I have to work with the built-ins
and I hope everything looks good all together. They look incredible. I can’t wait to see how the
wallpaper looks with it. Wow. Oooh, except there’s
a missing baseboard. Okay. Gotta solve that. Seeing it with the built-in
shelves, the gold knobs, it’s so, Melissa. There’s no doubt in my mind
that she’s going to love this. Okay, so I somehow have to like,
climb under this built-in and paint this blue strip of paint. It’s going to be an
awkward shot, guys. Also just want to note that Melissa
is changing all the baseboards in this room eventually. This is just a quick fix. It’s the moment of truth: will
this rug look good against this wallpaper? It kinda has to. I’m a little bit nervous about this
because it’s so much color, but Melissa really wanted it
to be happy and inspiring. Wow. That is nice. Now I did order another size, just
so I had some options, but I’m going to return whichever one
we don’t use in this space. And while this is the perfect size
for this room, just like out of curiosity, I want to open the
bigger one to see how it looks. At first glance, I feel like this
rug is going to be way too big, but this carpet is being pulled up
eventually – Melissa doesn’t like it – so what I’m thinking is the
bigger one might do a better job at concealing. I’m actually thinking that maybe
the bigger one is the best one after all. The small one would’ve gotten lost
with her desk on top of it, but the big one is really going to frame
her desk, frame the back walls. I’m going to go big. The next piece I’m bringing
in is on the pricier side. It was really important for Melissa
to have an ergonomically friendly desk. It moves up into a standing desk
really seamlessly, she can also sit at it, and it is very good quality. Yeah, I’m, I really am
missing Xico right now. I’m just not good with diagrams
or like, multiple steps. You know what? I’m smart. I’m capable. I think I can do it. So guys, here’s the deal: we have
a few hours to pull this makeover off. There’s a lot of steps
involved in building this desk. It’s very heavy. So I’m going to call in Amanda,
my producer, to help me build this desk. Hey Amanda! These makeovers are all about doing
things on a budget, but I always encourage you guys to splurge on
those things that you know you’re really going to use and that are
going to help you in the long run. Tag your furniture building buddy. Not going to lie, I think…I don’t
know…I was going to say I like Xico better, but actually. Melissa better appreciate all the
blood, sweat, and tears I’ve put into building this desk. Melissa, you owe me a
pool party in the summer. Press up and down
buttons at the same time. That’s so fun! Melissa can stand to work, she
can sit to work, and this was so important for her. She’s working so much that
investing in a really hi-tech special desk like this was
an absolute must for her. So I decided on a white desk
because I wanted it to match the built-ins. She can use it as a
surface to work, to film. She can move it around against
this backdrop if she wants. And I just want to point out one
more thing: this is going to be Melissa’s makeup station. She has this awesome chair, so
that’s here for now, but then she can just move it over here if
she wants to sit at her desk. Now it is time to start
styling the open shelves. This is one of my most favorite
things to do, and it really finishes off a room and
brings tons of personality. Melissa is a huge plant lover, so
I’m bringing in lots of plants. This room gets so much light,
so they will thrive in here. If you guys are overwhelmed at the
thought of decorating your open shelving, your bookshelf, or maybe
a console table in your living room, just start. Just put a few things down, step
back, move things around, and suddenly you’ll find that you
have this beautiful display. And then finally I’m adding
this mirror right in the middle. This is the mirror that
was on her old desk. The space looks so incredible. Like I said, I was so nervous about
this makeover because Melissa is a good friend of mine. I know she would tell
me if she hated it. But before we see what she thinks,
it’s time to check in with the final budget counter. What did I spend? So I saved $200? Yeah. That’s incredible. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited. I even managed to get the desk
that she wanted in this space. Super happy with that. Let’s bring her in. Wait, so should I cover? Yeah. Keep them closed,
keep your eyes closed. And I’m not one of those horrible
people that’s peaking – my eyes are actually closed because I genuinely
appreciate a good surprise. Hey, first of all, can we just
acknowledge your hair before you open your eyes? Guys, viewers, I missed
the memo apparently. Well, no we were doing a photo
shoot today and it looked so pretty and I have lashes and flowers in my
hair, and I’m like, you know what? When in Rome. Okay, Melissa, I am
terrified all of a sudden. Just let me see it already. Picture what your room
looked like before. I can, it was like a, it was, it
wasn’t even Tiffany blue, it was like a weird blue-green. The furniture was not suitable. One, two, three. Wow. Oh my gosh. Wow. Aren’t the built-ins stunning? Oh the desk! You can move it up really high. I want to do, like, an interpretive
dance of excitement right now. I’m so excited! Do you like the rug? You said color. No, this is perfect because the
room had the wrong kind of colour before, it was not inspiring. And just looking at this,
seeing all the props cause like, you are Mrs. Props. I cannot prop. Okay? And you just, you picked
out a bunch of cute stuff. Do you think you’re going
to use this room now? I do. I actually can’t wait because if
you see the dining room upstairs, it’s like a pseudo
office for me now. And there are papers. Yeah. Like this is so great for doing
what I have to do to my face when we’re filming. And then this is, you know, I
have all my proper storage, like everything that I need is
here and it’s beautiful. Thank you so much. You’re welcome! I feel like I could only trust
someone like you ,or just you to do this, really. You owe me like 8,000
pool parties this summer. We’ll have like an
indoor/outdoor office party. I love it. Thank you guys so much for
watching this makeover. If your office needs a refresh,
our contact details are in the description box below and you
should totally apply because… See you next time!

46 thoughts on “Making Over YouTube Creator Melissa Maker’s Home Office

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