16 thoughts on “Man arrested for making threats on Facebook Live at Delmar Loop business

  1. Society loves to jump the gun, throw people into the fire, and cast them away all because the majority live in fear, its pathetic, but to each their own.

  2. Nobody gets it. It’s just meant to create fear, drive fear, & scare the general population. Believe in the USA, make good choices America.

  3. Those kids were shook. I was Pinhead from hellraiser for Halloween,i think it's the terrorist threats that scared them

  4. i'm getting off youtube for a bit, but u can still hmu on snapchat if u want. my snap is itzadalina

  5. He was trying to make people aware of the opioid crisis! The man in the video is good people. People can be so judgmental! Geez!

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