Marketing business tips for success even through the coronavirus crisis (Prepare Like You Mean It)

so everyone has heard about the
coronavirus in the stock market is going down and basically we’re going into a
period of what one would call a recession so how do we deal with this as
business owners and how do we continue to market our business during these type
of times well today we’re going to discuss that we’re gonna talk about
marketing business tips for success even through the coronavirus crisis and
frankly through all of these other economic crises that might eventually
come so if that sounds good then let’s have a chat
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week without further ado enjoy the show hey guys so I know you’ve been following
the news probably like me and staying on top of things trying to make for sure
that you are prepared at home for any type of virus including the corona virus
you’ve probably stocked up on supplies and things like that
well you also need to be preparing for basically in the same sense preparing
your business for crisis as well and so today I really want to touch on a few
things marketing wise that you can be doing whether we continue to head on
into a period of recession or any type of slow period that may lead to slower
customers in your business so kind of like some of the business owners in
China towns all over the US they’ve seen a large retraction of customers and
without having a certain preparation it can really lead to a lot worse situation
so we’re gonna talk about a few things and so number one is being prepared
financially and it’s probably the most obvious thing having a savings ahead
that money put back from the times that you were profitable it’s gonna really
help you and it’s gonna help your if you have employees is gonna help area
employees it’s gonna put you at ease especially when there are slow periods
of times like recessions so make for sure that you have that savings put up
also you’re gonna want to consider if you are an employer that hires employees
instead of letting employees go think about retracting hours you’re gonna go
want to get really lean about some of the tests that you assigned to your
employees and making for sure that things are as lean as possible so rather
than maybe having an employee be there for eight hours without having to fire
or let someone go you can probably reduce that to what four hours maybe so
just try to be as lean as possible after you have that savings going on and then
finally just making for sure that you are prepared as far as having the right
supplies and really cutting back on unnecessary things that you don’t
necessarily need so don’t order excess inventory that just sits around and don’t
order excess supplies around the office make for sure that you’re ordering and
keeping a stock of things that are going to be essential especially during this
time period and that you have them on hand right now before there’s a crash or
there’s a crisis that you’re already prepared for it to come so when it comes
you don’t necessarily have to keep making unnecessary purchases so that’s
gonna be the main start to kind of getting the business going in the right
direction during this type of time and the next thing is which we always talk
about is that having that brand right so we talk a lot about this on the channel
and that brand is something that you provide or you show as your identity and
you communicate that to your specific audience right and so when we are going
through a time like this you really want to make for sure that you put your brand
in front of your customer and you are standing out in
front of your core customer you’re providing an excellent customer
experience and what’s an excellent customer experience well it depends on
what niche you are in but no matter what niche or what industry you’re in it’s
gonna be the same you’re helpful you’re asking you’re answering questions you’re
asking the right questions and you’re also there to really guide your
customers you’re available you’re doing the reports you’re going above and
beyond you’re spending their money in the right places and all of these are
going to help you better position yourself in front of your audience and
continue to grow your brand as a trusted reliable brand so I always remember even
during a time like this to really put your best foot forward and to really
show who you really are even in a crisis that you’re gonna be there for your core
customers and next you’re gonna really want to make for sure that you focus and
hone in on your core services so if you have a variety of things that you do in
a variety of services that you offer make for sure that during this time that
you are really focusing on the one or two options that really make you stand
out the one or two options that people can remember you by and during this time
you won’t have a problem because people will definitely see you as the go-to
you’ve already been positioning yourself this way you already have the social
proof and it’s going to be very important especially when people start
cutting back on their budget that they remember that this person does this
extremely well so even with the small budget that I have if I put it towards
this person or this type of service that I know I’m going to get the help that I
need even during this time so make for sure that you are really niching down
all the way into your core services and you’re really providing that help to
your core audience so one of the most powerful forms of marketing still
today is word of mouth word of mouth is free and it’s very fast
moving so it all boils down to number one that we talked about
which was that excellent customer experience providing that excellent
customer experience is basically the seed that plants a huge fruitful tree of
referrals people who are gonna sing your praises people who are gonna send people
to you and people are gonna help you continue to thrive if you have helped
them get from point A to point Z and you have provided them with the resources
that they need to continue to be successful even through a recession so
make for sure that you definitely are being the number one and that you are
being unique that you are showing who you are your brand and what you provide
is actually helping people that way when you do ask for their referral it can
continue to grow if people will continue to send people to you because they know
they will be taken care of so word-of-mouth keeping in the front
forefront of your your mind always continue to ask for those referrals and
you should be totally fine during this time and finally show up so it’s so easy
to want to cut back on things and really want to get lean within your business I
mean that’s just common sense right when we don’t have all the resources or the
freedom to do things we really want to make for sure that the resources that we
do have it goes as long as it can so continue to show up in front of your
audience don’t cut back on your marketing cut back on unnecessary things
that are not quite making a difference so if you know that the core of your
business is service make for sure that your showing up to your specific
audience and so that they know that you are still going that you’re still gonna
help them and you’re still there for them make for sure that you are still
continuing to brand even if you need to rebrand this is actually a good time to
test and see does my brand stand the test of time do people remember me for
what I have and who I am and so what your brand should be able to do for you
is to not only help you through this crisis but it should be able
to stand up and say I always provide quality no matter what I’m always here
and I do a good job so continue to do that continue to show up and continue to
just be who you are don’t have to discount you don’t have to do BOGO you
don’t have to get cut things and be super cheap you want to really show that
you always provide quality and if they do invest in you thing that money goes
where it needs to go and it will make them successful or that product will
help them so be there and continue to market your business during this time
now I hope these tips were helpful for you I always want you guys to feel that
you have learned something so if you do like this episode hit the thumbs up and
feel free to subscribe and I hope to see you guys in the next episode until then
keep up the momentum

15 thoughts on “Marketing business tips for success even through the coronavirus crisis (Prepare Like You Mean It)

  1. Thanks for this topical video Adora. I used to be a qualified practitioner with the Business Continuity Institute and I wonder what my former colleagues are doing about that right now.

  2. Hey my friend!! These are some great tips! It's crazy what's going on with the virus.

  3. Recessions are the worst, having been in business now through 2 of them it's definitely a time to tighten up and stay focused. Hopefully families will stay home when they feel sick so that this can pass quickly. As a parent, there is nothing worse than when people send their kids to school sick because they have to go to work.

  4. Great video! Marketing can be so tricky specially through this current state, loved your tips!

  5. Thanks for the tips as the world loses their minds!

  6. Very timely advice — also great, evergreen practices! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Glad you are talking about this. It's so important that we prep as business owners!

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