100 thoughts on “Martin Freeman Can Tell ‘Office’ Fans from ‘Hobbit’ Fans

  1. But what if we’re a fan of all his works? What happens then, huh?🥺

  2. Happened to have subtitles on and when Martin is talking about his audition there is a very unfortunate typo 😂

  3. https://youtu.be/Aw0V2VYqhsY
    باختصار اكتشفت اثار غريبه في اليمن
    In short, I discovered strange effects in Yemen

  4. Going from office uk to us I wanted to gag, the American version would sound normal with a laughing track

  5. Speaking of great Martin performances, how was Hitchhiker's Guide not mentioned?

  6. I remember him going on Buzzcocks years ago and doing an “exasperated look” off with Matthew Horne…


  7. 😆😆😆 Pete is hilarious
    I like how Martin makes different facial expressions when they talk about the Office or Hobbit

  8. i've been a fan of sherlock since I was 14 and the hobbit since i was like 10 hahaha

  9. When Martin Freeman did that turn it was just like watching David Jason in Only fools and Horses.

  10. If you haven't watched Badman here on YT go watch it now, Its the funniest thing Pete has ever done. Its amazing.

  11. Martin Freeman was in Ali G Indahouse, that was a shock for me to see him rapping!

  12. This is a pretty good example of an American and a Brit if you needed to show a humanities class

  13. I thought a line of his fans were gonna come out and he had to say who liked what

  14. Pete Holmes be like y/n with the "Imagine, you're in a coffeeshop and you see Martin Freeman just sitting there with tea wyd"

  15. Pete Holmes looks like Val Kilmer and Arnold had a baby with a slight birth defect

  16. Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy and Sherlock are tied for first for my Favs of his

  17. While Tim and Jim were pretty much the same type of character, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant originally envisaged Gareth to be much more like how Dwight turned out. When Mackenzie Crook came in, they knew they had to have him in the show and so changed Gareth to be more like him.

  18. I’m a fan of (almost) everything Martin is in. So, can he tell what I became a fan of first?

  19. I wonder if he knows Nativity! fans, since very few people know about it.

  20. And i can tell that i just don't like him…tiene una pinta de antipático terrible

  21. "You looked like you were having a stroke" Exactly the kind of comedy I don't like, when you are over the board with facial expression and gesticulation. The art of subtlety is not for everybody, I guess.

  22. This interview really made me realise how much James shouts literally everything he says, it was quite aggressive compared to how chill Martin is

  23. To me Martin Freeman and Bob Mortimer are the same person and no one can convince me otherwise

  24. Is Pete promoting something? Cause if so that's great I'm happy he's still doing stuff.

  25. You created the krasinski! That was hilarious and not one person laughed? This audience is half there mentally it seems like

  26. As soon as he said 'touchy', I was convinced the answer was going to be Bruiser

  27. I admire Freeman's acting, but he doesn't seem to be so friendly in reality.

  28. And then Pete talked for an hour and a half as the audience slowly trickled out.

  29. Why do I have the feeling James Corden just watches Graham Norton and then copys his Show?

  30. Martin freeman always come across as one of the most arrogant celebrities out there

  31. I have a Sherlock necklace, Hobbit earrings, and a Martin Freeman quote shirt…good luck guessing me, love. Haha

  32. So if I were to come up to him, would he say "The Hobbit, Sherlock, and Marvel?"

  33. I am literally wearing my LOTR shirt he would definately guess I'm a fan of the hobbit

  34. Pete Holmes was thinking ‘How can I kill a Tiger Armed only with a biro’.

  35. I'm so glad Graham Norton's format worked out for you, when you bringing in the big chair?

  36. I love his work as the narrator of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Audiobook series…

  37. Lol Pete Holmes should’ve said he was a fan of Norton instead of Kimmel but of a British joke

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