Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 5×12 Sneak Peek “The Real Deal” (HD) Season 5 Episode 12 – 100th Episode

Simmons give you the all clear? You got banged up pretty good. Yeah, no, I’m fine. I just… I feel foolish. I was so intent on
turning the beacon off, I didn’t even consider that it might be wired
to overheat and explode. You can’t blame yourself, Fitz. General Hales declared war on us. I’m afraid she’s done something
a whole lot worse than that. Basement’s sealed off. But I sent the D.W.A.R.F.s down to
analyze the area after the explosion. This one was on its way down when the elevator
stopped and opened on level 27. It looks like your drone took a wrong turn
and went outside. Wouldn’t that be nice. Unfortunately, this immense forest now exists
approximately 150 feet below us. But… there are clouds and sky? Which is why its underground existence
should be very alarming. I’d say that’s impossible, but after our
round trip to Tomorrowland, my threshold for preposterous
is way out of whack. Theories? This is the only transmission we’ve received
back from the basement so far. I think we’re looking at what happens when
three monoliths are blown up together. They somehow blew a hole in space-time. And that thing… That thing right there, is another dimension bleeding
back into our world. So, the good news is, Daisy might not be the
one responsible for tearing the Earth apart? Bad news is… End of the world
might have already begun.

82 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 5×12 Sneak Peek “The Real Deal” (HD) Season 5 Episode 12 – 100th Episode

  1. Wow the Dimensions converging creating an Armageddon. This is going to be exciting.

  2. Why do I feel like S.H.I.E.L.D. is gonna get caught in a time loop?

  3. I’ve seen all of these episodes. This really isn’t my favorite, why? Because it’s an all-new season where the Agents appear to be the bad guys.

  4. Well at least this time we know which explosion caused the crack in the universe

  5. Either give this episode or just put the last episode on I tunes and DVD as way the fan are thinker keep with the show after Brett's end

  6. So, it might not have been Daisy who caused the end of the world, it might have just been a combination of all of them coming back instead. So … at least less individual guilt as it's divided up then … ?

  7. For crying out they just got back from the future, now we have to worry about a hole in the universe??

  8. OMG the hype is real!!!!! I seriously CAN'T WAIT!!!! My favorite show on television (maybe possibly my favorite show EVER), NEEDS to be renewed!!!!! #RenewAgentsOfShield

  9. Coulson: "Let's look at the positive here."May: "What is the positive part about space time breaking down?"Coulson: "At least we were not the ones responsible."

  10. petition to get ABC to renew for season 6. please sign

  11. All I'm waiting for is Ghost Rider!!

  12. Worlds not allowed to end until FitzSimmona get married and Philinda kiss for real

  13. If this is the last season, then I kind of want to see Coulson return to the movies.
    I want to see him and Stark together again.

  14. All they need now is a man with a blue box to start big bang 2.0

  15. oh fuck did i just spoil myself….this is about new dimensions and alternate realities where hive and lash and other villains probably still alive…wtf AoS is foooking lit

  16. It think that Jemma will be fangirling so hard when she sees the "crack" (remember that in a video simmons watched when she was on another planet we saw the tardis cake) 😀😀

  17. Time to call in The Avengers. Or Doctor Strange. You know, the dimensions guy?

  18. I liked the other seasons, but this season has been the best so far.

  19. Is anybody else thinking Doctor Who their. Looks like the crack in Amy Ponds wall

  20. If breaches exist, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call, CALL CISCO!!!

  21. Oh, they tweaked the General's "Project Backslide". Gives us 100th episode already!

  22. Yup. Can't wait. 100+ episodes aren't enough. The show must continue. #RenewAgentsOfSHIELD

  23. Maybe this version of dimension hopping will wash our hands of that pitiful excuse for an addition to a beloved video game franchise…..Those who play it know of what I speak.

  24. Well, the explosion was in the same room a Kree Monolith that can transport through space and another that can transport through time so… the explosion created a portal to another place and time.

  25. Is this where they introduce the multiverse/reality theory like arrowvers, supernatural? Is that why Hive and Lash coming back? Maybe we'll have a giganic crazy cross-over from doctor who, cw and dc

  26. Well if the world gets destroyed there is still a dimension where they weren’t sent to the future . 😂 no worries

  27. I’m pretty sure that either something fell on fitz or daisy and fitz fought lash,hive and the kree

  28. Does anyone else get a Darkforce rift vibe from Agent Carter? Probably won't be connected but the rift here in AoS reminded me of that.

  29. This episode brought me close to tears for the first time in a year.

  30. Kinda of a let down. This episode was so hyped up. But it was ok. I had higher expectations.
    The wedding was great though and deathlok too.

  31. I love how coulson on and may got into the roll of parents just to confront fitz😍😭

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