Master of International Business (MIB)

what comes to mind when you hear MIB okay what else yup that’s what we are talking about in
this video to the untrained eye the master of international business or MIB
in short is nothing but an MBA dressed in a foreign suit but MIB is much more
than that students of MIB are taught to deal with business in the context of the
global economy when corporations need specialized people in international
marketing strategic decisions financial management operations or even hiring on
an international scale MIB graduates can be called in to sort
things out similar to MBA students MIB grads take
on responsibilities on a multinational scale so what do MIB students learn that
make them business experts spanning continents why should anyone consider an
MIB degree instead of the more popular and well-established MBA and what kind
of future can you expect with an MIB degree if you are curious about any or
all of these questions stick around with us till the end MIB is a specialized master’s program
that trains students to conduct business in a global context more specifically it
directs them to find solutions to questions such as how do foreign markets
behave what happens to business interests faced with international
politics and economy what do companies have to do to conduct business on
foreign soil what happens to international business in the face of
the global dynamics let’s look at the eligibility for an MIB degree in order
to become a part of the fraternity of international business experts most
schools offering the specialized master’s degree recommend that students
have some prior knowledge of business or business related courses so it is often
essential to possess knowledge of accounting finance management or the
humanities field dealing with political or social matters however there are MIB programs that offer admissions to students from any background a GRE or
GMAT score helps business schools assess the competence level of its incoming
students try to go as high as you can with this since it can matter a lot for
an admit and also scholarships language plays a big role in proving one’s
readiness to handle global situations a proof of English proficiency is required
to demonstrate the capacity to understand the curriculum of MIB and a
foreign language can be an advantage in getting admissions other standard
application requirements are the essays or statements of purpose transcripts
resume and reference letters this is where most applicants stumble so make
sure you get them reviewed before submission finally work experience is
not a compulsory requirement as it is with an MBA the MIB degree is more
academic in nature than the professional MBA degree let’s talk about the MIB subjects MIB courses are aligned along global
business content unlike the MBA the job experience which
brings about a peer engagement is not as crucial in MIB the level of courses in
MIB is less advanced as compared to the MBA this has to do with the higher age
and work experience of MBA students however quantitative training is a core
part of the MIB curriculum given its affinity to academic research here’s a
list of some MIB courses based on a typical MIB syllabus what are the job prospects for MIB
graduates MIB prepares its students to enter the job market in the business
world through its training in sustaining businesses in foreign markets through
research and strategic management according to reports nearly 60% of
employers prefer advanced graduate degrees in international relations roles
multinational organizations with overseas offices have a preference for
individuals who have the necessary education to work across borders in a
range of markets they serve in roles such as business analysts country
managers product managers trading specialists buyers economists and policy
analysts among others the jobs after MIB can also be very lucrative with salaries
ranging from the healthy side of $80,000 to some that can go over 120 thousand
dollars with a lot of promise of growth within the organizations overall the
job growth in these sectors is estimated in the neighborhood of 10% in the next
decade common employers include banks management consultancies financial
manufacturing technology companies and other multinational corporations here is
a list of the top employers for MIB grads in addition to a promising career MIB
also offers its graduates the opportunity to explore advanced research
into international business the academic nature of the degree opens up the
possibility of higher education a PhD is a natural progression for many MIB
grads what are the best universities for a master’s in international business
most of the top MIB programs are offered at European B schools since master’s in
management and its variations are essentially a European phenomenon here
are some of the best master of international business programs along
with the tuition costs and duration what’s the difference between an MBA and
master of international business besides the namesake difference of being
internationally prolific the MIB does have some basic differences in its
eligibility criteria unlike an MBA MIB can be pursued by younger applicants
including fresh graduates recent undergraduates are eligible for most MIB programs as is true for many specialized business masters programs in
contrast international GMAT MBA programs expect several years of work experience
if you have business education on the cards after your undergrad degree you
can either choose to gain work experience with a future prospect of an
MBA or you can head to school for MIB with the possibility of international
placement in business management if you are thinking about which one would be a
better choice it is best to evaluate your career intentions and your current
situation with respect to each option most MIB programs are aimed at students
with some form of business or humanities field exposure with an emphasis on
political or social education to help kick-start their graduate program on a
confident footing having said that there are quite a few MIB programs that grant
admission to students from any background the MIB degree is more
academic in nature than the professional MBA degree though a lot of business schools
have designed a curriculum that incorporates practical training as a
part of the MIB education but it’s not as integral as in an MBA program it also
means that MIB class profiles comprise younger students compared to the MBA
classes where students are typically inching closer to 30 or above younger
class profiles mean less worldly experience fresh out of school less
connected yet vibrant young students in an MBA classroom you get students from
various backgrounds with an already existing professional network and many
years polishing their skills in the world outside the academic environment
you’ll find most MIB programs in Europe tuition fees and other ancillary costs
of getting an MIB tend to be lower than MBA for instance ESADE’s MIB and MBA
programs differ by over $40,000 as far as the career scope is concerned we’ve
already talked about how MIB falls in the good eyes of a majority of global
recruiters seeking specialized expertise to handle international management
decisions salaries are competitive and job growth is promising as well but it
also depends on the job role and whether it requires global expertise and also if
the company you joined is doing international business with an MBA you
can work in a variety of areas including technology finance marketing strategy
operations or human resources in virtually any industry from big to small
plus there’s a healthy room to explore startup options as well MBA salaries are
usually more than 90 thousand dollars the degree helps its students either
rapidly accelerate their existing careers or achieve a complete career
change compared to what they’ve been doing earlier so weigh your resources
and future plans and see if a master in international business or its other
variations like the MiM match your expectations send us an email if you’d
like professional help to get into the best masters in international business
programs in the world good luck

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