Master Yoon_The most valuable creation in the universe is human beings [Hongik Academy]

All philosophies that I studied said this in common. “Humans are universal flowers.” “They are the most important beings in the universe.” “They are the crystal of all the energy in the universe and truth.” Then living like a human is the best life we can live. It is to live as a human. Being a human becomes the occupation. “What is your occupation?” “It’s being a human.” Boddhisattva, apostle and such are ‘human’ in other words. Humans that are like real humans. “I will do my best again today to live a life like a human.” This is the attitude we need. The precious time and chapter is given and you came as a human who can cultivate oneself, but we hold the standards of the others and society and believe that we should be in despair. “I’m a loser. I’m jobless.” “I should be in despair.” “The society says it doesn’t need me.” The society may have said that it doesn’t need you, but the universe needs you. The society would also later learn that they actually did need you. The people who decided to live righteously are people like the Boddhisattva, apostle, a man of virtue, sage, and Buddha. The right to decide is in your hands. “I came in the form of a human but I will live as a hairless monkey.” If you choose this, you can live and go as a high-class chimpanzee. You’d only wear the law of the jungle. It’s possible. You can live that way. Your life would strangely be tough but you can live like that. Why? You can betray others and steal from them and in another life, others would steal from you for what you did, and that cycle would repeat. If you still cannot get over that like gambling, then you’ll continue that path. Now, the choice is up to you. No one cannot stop you from doing so because that was permitted by the sky. Then what philosophy did the righteous people follow? They found out that there is a more high-dimensional truth within us. There are people who figured out that living with that truth is the best life of a human. With their help, we can study that truth together like this and join them in that path. That’s it. Humans are very important beings in the universe. What I mean about very important beings, I refer to the people among humans who choose to walk the path of truth and good. They’re the flowers of the universe. They are people who would grandly adorn the universe. If the humans do not bloom their flower of conscience, the sky and earth would mean nothing. Humans are beings who transcend the truth of the universe in the most high-leveled way and show it. Why? The sky can only show the four seasons. How about the earth? It can only show wuxing (the five elements) In yin and yang, the nature can only show hardness, softness, coldness, and darkness. What can humans show with yin and yang? They can show love and justice. Only humans can show them. The animals may imitate it but they lack the aptitude. Only humans can show the best love and justice. They’re the same yin and yang. Yang is love and yin is justice. They’re the same yin and yang but they’re entirely different. If the humans do not express that, no on could know that there is such a truth in the universe even if we have the sky and earth. So you would be certain that the universe would need you. If you do not express love, if you do not express justice, the universe would also be frustrated. Even if the universe was created, the flower of the universe, its essence won’t bloom then. That is why your occupation should be human. You can call that Boddhisattva or apostle, but it is fundamentally a human. All you do is to do your best to live the day like a human.

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    선비처럼 처사.거사처럼,수행자처럼

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