McAfee Small Business Security (Official Dell Tech Support)

Most hacking threats these days
target small businesses. Learn how Dell and McAfee are working together to help keep your business safe and protect your
customers from online threats. Dell’s Vostro PCs come with 12 months of
McAfee Small Business Security, but this security can also be added to any
Dell Latitude, Precision or Optiplex model. You have the option to upgrade to the 36-month
plan, which is highly recommended, however, a 36-month subscription is
ONLY available with your Dell purchase. You can easily add additional licenses
as your business needs grow. What you get is protection for
5 to up to 25 PCs. It also includes coverage for as many smartphones
that you want to add… there’s no limit! McAfee Small Business Security ensures that
you and your employees stay protected by: Blocking dangerous emails as well as annoying spam. Warning about malicious websites before your
employees click on anything while they’re searching. Upgrading security software seamlessly the moment new features are added and
when the latest versions become available. Providing support 24/7 by phone, chat or
online for the life of your subscription at no extra cost; this includes the Virus Removal
Service for your company’s PCs. McAfee’s Small Business Security solution
offers a consolidated cloud-based account management tool
which is accessible from any device. From the My Account administrator page you
can manage, monitor, and add new devices. Get reports of scans and issues
that have been fixed. You can even locate and
remotely lock employee devices, and be aware when certain features on employee
devices are turned off or on. You can always contact DELL TECH SUPPORT through
social media on FACEBOOK or TWITTER. Chat with other Dell users
on the DELL COMMUNITY FORUM. There are many other helpful tips and tutorials
available on the TECH SUPPORT DELL channel, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE TODAY! THANKS for watching!

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