McDonald’s Employee Answer Your Questions

100 thoughts on “McDonald’s Employee Answer Your Questions

  1. Bruh my dad worked at McDonald's when the was 18 and he tells me that he saw one of his co-workers drop a burger and picked it back up a served it soooo idk about this ”We throw it away immediately”

  2. guy in the blue shirt yells everything and the girl in the tan hat whispers so you can barely hear her. let's get somewhere in the middle

  3. One time I went to mcdonalds and there was this old dude who threw his tray and stormed out of the McDonald’s

  4. Purple haired girl you’re so attractive idk if I’m the only one

    Go out with me tho

  5. Wait a minute I’ve worked at McD’s and you’re not supposed to have ‘unnatural hair’ at work. Unless she doesn’t work there anymore.

  6. Once I tried to order a McGriddle and was told “the egg machine is broken”
    Excuse me? An egg machine ?

  7. It’s different with whataburger they would tell you to charge people for sauce but if you were nice and sweet with I would give you anything but when you have an attitude nope u have to pay for the sauces

  8. They say the ice cream machine broken but when u ask them for a McFlurry that has ice cream they just give it to u

  9. Can we get advice from people who currently work or recently worked at McDonald’s instead of people who worked there during the Great Depression? that was a long ass time ago!!!

  10. freshest item in mcdonald’s i would say is the egg mcmuffin.. only item that they cook the egg, so it is made within 15 – 20 min.. Salads can be stored for days before serving

  11. mcdonald’s can afford so much sauce to put in every inch of the us… the extra cents for sauce is crazy honestly

  12. The ice cream machine at the McDonald's I worked at was always up and running. All day errrr day. (I worked every shift, morning and overnight)

  13. Sadly I can't say I enjoy Mcdonalds, but was still curious I've worked in the food industry for about 15 years and to be honest I can't trust anything these people have said because of my experience working in high class restaurants and low class ones. People get lazy and will mess up food to people they don't like or see as being rude. I've seen people touch chicken and frozen products with there bare hands saying the heat will kill the germs and in high class they have been a little too much. Just cause you cook the food doesn't mean you need to touch it with your bare hands mind you this has been in high and low class with chicken, steak and, burgers. Also some people you have to work with make you do double work and would rather be fired then actually work. I've also seen people half cook certain food and warm food up in microwaves to finish cooking after the oven to save time.

  14. Absolutely No One:
    everyone else: yah I was broke needed the job

  15. Scott I know you’re reading these comments so I just wanna say I’m sorry that everyone’s roasting you, you were just doing your thing

  16. I need a more thorough explanation about why the ice cream machine is always broken!

  17. 4:41 killed me😂😂😂 This man reminds me of my algebra teacher he must be from NY because they have the same tone in their voice and talk really fast

  18. Go to work there, you're gonna end up like Scott!!!! Facial spasms, loyal to the best job you'll ever have, and the next biggest serial killer the world has ever seen!!!! Either he snorted a half a gram in one go or the establishment really fuked him up real good…. RUN SCOTT RUUUUUUN!!!!

  19. I want to reach through my screen and knock that guy straight in the face. Don't even need to say who y'all know

  20. Alex and kaiiya are the only real ones cuz they actually worked recently😂 the guys haven’t worked since like 1991 and 2006 which obviously McDonald’s have changed

  21. everybody but scott: speaking at a level 4

    hes so damn loud, oML

  22. I had to turn my volume when the black girl speaks and had to turn in down when the white man speaks.

  23. I don't go to McDonalds a lot, but I've never once seen the ice cream machine out of order. Maybe that's not as much of a thing here in Canada.

  24. Uhhh hi, Alex here 💀 I know I was mumbling, I was nervous! It was my first time doing something like that 😂 leave me alone

  25. I never like to visit McDonald's, but their ice cream machine is broken half the time.

  26. In Indonesia McD employees are honest, they always say "The ice cream is not ready yet, it's still liquid"

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