McDonald’s Employees Play Never Have I Ever

arguing with a crazy person accomplishes nothing hey guys I’m kaya and I am Scott I’m tayo I’m Alex and today we’re doing never have I ever the McDonald’s Edition started working McDonald’s the summer in 1996 best summer of my life I started work at McDonald’s when I was about 18 until I was about 20 years old I went to McDonald’s from 2005 to 2006 my junior year going my senior year at high school I worked there from February 2018 to July of 2018 back in Orlando Florida so while working there is not a lot of things that I have not done there we’re gonna find out never have I ever suggested my friends or family not to be an item at McDonald’s I have the breakfast sandwiches I thought it was really gross that they heated the excitement in my voice I have it was a salad if you’re not ordering french fries what’s the point of going to McDonough my mom was going to try the McRib and I suggested she didn’t eat it I got a bite of something not amazing when I tried to eat it sound like well maybe like maybe don’t know a food even tasted good never have I ever thought about quitting midship I have yes I have thought about quitting mid-shift multiple times those days and I’d be like it’s not even a customer that pissed me off it was the manager if you’re staring too long so giving your ass it was the most annoying thing in the world never have I ever spit or words in someone’s food I’ve not that’s disgusting that’s tripping Spain in somebody’s food that’s that’s next level I’m who’s too lazy to actually do that I have not but I know someone at my job did worse and yeah that’s all I’m gonna say about that never have I ever made a ridiculous burger or anything when you were bored I actually have not and I wish I did my friends would like tell the cooks feel like apple slices in their burger or what not and of course it really never turns out good but it was still fun to see what they created I have not we’ve got the perfect food at McDonald’s why would you want to change it not a burger but fries we put like the sauce from one of the burgers we mix it with fries it would be the greatest thing ever but they should put on the menu what was it the chicken sandwich I used to just be like a double chicken sandwich so instead of having like a small lady like double a Big Mac big things my god triple big man I call a triple mac you’re trying to kill people true never have I ever been threatened by a customer late nights when you work drive-through you never know what to expect I’ve definitely gotten cursed out once it wasn’t even like the client the customer was upset at me I just remember that was so scared to get cursed out by people I was like my worst fear I have not when the crazy customers start talking crazy you go okay to whatever they say because arguing with a crazy person accomplishes nothing yeah I’ve been threatened someone threatened to shoot me in the parking lot one time I had pulled up I was walking like walking to the entrance start my shift and someone just came up and was like what are you doing like I’m gonna shoot you if I ever see you again I’m gonna shoot you and like sure yeah I never saw them again never knew who that was but yeah there’s the time customer threatened to shoot me never have I ever bartered McDonald’s food for something else oh yeah yeah you’re darn right I did we had all different kind of restaurants in the plaza you went to the bagel place and you’re like I’ll give you a Big Mac you give me a pizza bagel that’s a wholesome trade yes I have this is gonna sound weird but it was between other McDonald’s disses of ours a lot of times who would run out of things like say apple slices are like even burger patties and we called them up and say hey do you need anything we have because we need something that you probably have and everyday we’d be like jogging back and forth trying to like trade and barter for supplies okay I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this on camera but I have bartered McDonald’s food for blunts never have I ever cussed at a customer I have not have not I think it’s kind of custom now but I was like you need to wait basically and never have I ever even / ordered at a competitor store with my uniform okay I have not bought I still got my uniform okay from 1996 I have I go to the mall after my shift sometimes and one day I went to Panda Express to order something and they’re like oh you work in McDonald’s I said X I was in my uniform and I said yeah I do like I haven’t seen you around but the employees who work at the McDonald’s like are the food restaurants in the mall they get a discount I was like I didn’t work at the one in the mall but I just took the discount any time it was offered I don’t know Burger King was right across the street was it the Hershey Pie Hershey Park that was good never have I ever seen a co-worker do something they would get fired for I have not and the reason I have not is because this is on record I ain’t no rat I don’t work there anymore so yes I have I have seen managers steal money from the drawers from the registers from the safe on camera minds you I have I saw someone sneak into the managers little room and eat a whole big night I’m used to play basketball with the bonds never have I ever dropped food on the ground and still served I have not people come on no that’s low that’s like span of somebody’s food unprotected food and I toss it out if it went to the floor I hope you guys enjoy these never have I ever questions and I hope you guys get some more insights and all you do do it McDonald’s Oh mommy don’t do McDonald’s employees you’re gonna have some good some bad some ugly but ultimately we’re all in the business of serving the greatest food in the history of the world McDonald’s french fries I didn’t realize how many things I have done and might not be so proud but yeah overall it was fun to like look back at all like the memories I had there and through this game it kind of helped me remember some stuff 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100 thoughts on “McDonald’s Employees Play Never Have I Ever

  1. When she said she traded McDonald’s for blunts I felt that on a whole other level😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Alright, the reason I got hired was because they recently had to fire someone for pulling a gun on a customer

    So I go in to sign (the lack of) contracts, and we get to “we reserve the right to search your person if we suspect that you have weapons or drugs”

    And I was like “cool ok that’s fine”

    Until they said “we didn’t have that rule until recently when we had to fire someone because they pulled a gun on a customer while on the clock”

    And I just… I wanted to walk out I was scared I was 18 and scared

  3. I don’t like the rainbow hair girl idk there’s just something I don’t like about her no offense

  4. I used to work at a really cheap/bad wing place that was a mini chain in my area. One time I was working I was working and someone from Dunkin donuts called and asked if we would do a trade for wings so we each got an iced coffee (the biggest size they have) and we got a couple dozen donuts when they got 2 dozen tiny wings. I think they got the short end of the stick. That was probably my favorite day of work.

  5. my coworker made pizza using bfast wraps, chopped burger, bbq sauce, mozzarella slices every midnight shift. it was good

  6. this Japanese resto near the mcdo I used to work at always give me spring rolls (my fave) for free, I give them drinks/shakes in exchange when they visit

  7. This is completely off topic, but she did that inner corner highlight like PERFECTLY

  8. do this for Cold Stone workers cuz i work there and im kinda curious what other cold stone workers would say to these questions 😂

  9. 3:19 someone threatened to shoot me once too he asked for a screwdriver myself and another worker said we dont have 1 he kept asking i just kept working he started insulting me and threatened to shoot me i told him to do idk why but it was after 4am i was working even tho i was supposed to clock out at 4am i left i by my self definitely scared tho

  10. Worked at Burger King from being 16-20.. dude came in and ordered an 8 patty whopper. To this day my exboss doesn't believe me. I made the damn thing! Haha

  11. Nobody:
    Me: Going to McDonald's at evening and asking if they still serving breakfast.

  12. Scott mcbrainwashed… The real mctrooper… That's the toll a career there will claim on you kids… You'll love it!!!!

  13. She said she tossed it out if it went to the floor but her sign said she had??? 🤔🤔🤔

  14. Would’ve enjoyed the video more if the people in the videos were recent employees or even current ones.

  15. A guy who went to my school took a girls order whom he thought was hot and jizzed in her chicken sandwich before serving it to her and got fired (obviously)

  16. I used to have that shrek bracelet
    Does anybody remember when Mc Donald's used to give those shrek glass cups?

  17. When I went to McDonald's the server couldn't see the customer so he shouted 56 like so loud twenty times 😂😂

  18. Does anyone remember when McDonalds had the Big N Tasty burger on their menus?? …o m g …that ish was bomb 🥴

  19. I work there currently and they do not heat the eggs up in the microwave, tf
    There’s an egg cooker for that.

  20. You know when you work in food there's always that one worker that feels like they've been successfully brainwashed by the company's weird team advertising and training. That's the dude with the glasses lmao I keep all my uniforms too but it's as a reminder TO NEVER GO BACK. dude has his uniform for reminiscing 😂

  21. No body’s gonna talk about how the girl with the rainbow hair said she knows somebody who did worse to some body’s food 😬😬😬

  22. “and the reason i have not is because this is on record… i ain’t no rat” 😂😂

  23. I told people not to get milkshakes my friends and family, because my manager on my shift when I told her that the milkshake mix smelt, was lumpy and super expired after being broken for so long: and she tried to force me and the other girl doing orders to serve them so we agreed to say that the machine was still broken so we wouldn't get anyone seriously sick.

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