Meghan Markle’s E-X-P-L-O-S-I-V-E $500M Deal With The Queen: Palace Fell Into Spin!

Meghan Markle’s $500M deal with The Queen: Palace fell into spin! When the Duchess of Sussex in Her Majesty’s stepped out on their first ever Royal trip Together in Chester over the weekend It was clear they were showing the world the united front And their strong bond is ever As the power couple travel for an away-day to open the theater Unveil abridge and attend the lunch They sent a message out to the public That this was one of many trips The pair will undertake In a bid to show solidarity between them There was a huge amount of excitement and anticipation about the Queen’s first join Trip with Megan within the palace A source told new idea No one can believe Did the queen has taken this unprecedented Step of doing a night away with Megan without Harry so soon after the wedding This is definitely the Queensway of giving Megan her seal of approval It’s no secret That Prince Harry is one of the Queen’s favor And according to Insiders She has taken Megan under her wing They’ve got a pack They have each other’s back behind Palace doors Her Majesty has taken a special interest in her She knows that she’s coming into the royal family isn’t outside An American who has no roots in Britain And wants her to feel at home The queen feels sorry for Megan after all the drama with her father and family and wants her to I feel at home with her In fact So close as their relationship Megan calls her mama Something the Queen herself asked her to To do She’s encouraged Megan to call her mama all the members of the royal family have a nickname For the queen and that’s Megan’s one They have developed a very special bond Harry has always been the Queen’s favorite This is well According to Palace Insiders Leading up to the wedding The queen ask Meghan Design a 500 million dollar bring up The palace lawyers thought it was wise given that Harry and Meghan had known each other that long before their engagement and the Queen Queen readily agreed Megan was only too happy to sign the prenup she doesn’t want anyone thinking The cheese enter into the marriage with bad intentions Especially the queen The only clause But she asked Was that the queen not discuss it with any other senior Royals Such as Charles and William She wanted it confidential The Source pills The prenup basically states that Perry’s 500 million dollar is Fortune is protected Megan will of course Be compensated based on how long she stays in the marriage But she won’t be able to make a significant claim for his millions As well as Meghan and the Queen’s agreement The Duchess of Sussex and Duchess Kate have also agreed To protect each other Envy one another’s AIDS whenever Palace quality Text getting out of hand The pair made a pact To always show a face of unity together No matter what was going on behind the scenes They believe the queen would want them to How to put on a solid An unbreakable facade is the future of the monarchy It’s important to them Set the queen knows That they’re doing everything they can to be the type of Royal women she admires and respects Been keeping any Palace in fighting And squabbles out of their work Is what is important to her majesty So Meghan and Kate intend to do just that The Source added Prenup the tails that Queen Elizabeth Force Meghan Markle to sign before marriage Prince Harry It seems when the queen orders you to get a prenup You get a prenup Although it was reported before their wedding That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would not be signing a prenup agreement Tabloid publication Star Magazine says that according to a palace inside of her Royal Highness intervened at the last minute The word is when Harry and Meghan slipped into the antechamber before the St George’s Church Design the marriage registry They also signed the prenup they said Apparently Prince Harry wasn’t too keen on the deal But his grandmother had the last word And wanted to protect the Royal Family’s USD 500 million dollars for It’s also looking like what Megan is entitled do in the event of a divorce Is dependent on whether the couple have If they don’t have children Megan could get nothing at all they said Harry’s Hands were tied And he had no choice But the cave in and so did Markle When her majesty gives an order Harry has to obey The queen is making it crystal clear that Is Meghan and Harry split She won’t be walking away with the crown jewels Ensuring that the process would go ahead and smoothly The royal family Enlisted the help of Fiona Shack The highest paid divorce attorney in the UK with analyst resume to boot In 1996 she finalized the AUD 30 million-dollar Where is divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Text Diana As well as the separation between prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson She also represented Paul McCartney Liam Gallagher and Rick Stein and their high-profile divorces As well She may have been there to make sure the paperwork went through without a hitch So Megan doesn’t get it. If they do end up divorcing Set the Royal Insider Despite this According to gossip cop There were two glaring factual errors The threatened is credibility The first is Prince Harry and Meghan very evidently sign their marriage registry During the ceremony And not in the antechamber before the ceremony Gossip cop also states that Prince Harry so I’m Megan for the first time on their wedding day at when she walk down the aisle at 6 St. George’s Chapel Although they’re quite standard in the US Prenups are not common practice Does for UK wedding And well judges will consider them in a divorce trial They aren’t automatically legally binding As Royal researcher in the author of Harry Play Lost and love Katie Nicholl Told Town & Country Prenups are commonplace with Celebrity Marriage But this is not a celebrity Marriage It’s a royal marriage I don’t think members of the royal family sign prenuptial agreement She said Noting that Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge Didn’t sign one And neither did Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are Prince Charles and Princess Diana Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a 500 million dollar prenup on Queen Elizabeth What’s demand It is a known fact That Queen Elizabeth takes complete control of the British royal monarch And she has been doing it with these over the years While the queen and controversies go hand-in-glove The latest news doing rounds Is the prenup of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle A report on Hollywood Life The news was also published as a cover page Story on star mag Reveals that The 92 year-old Queen was keen on the prenuptial The $500 million And made the couple sign the papers just minutes before their wedding at the end Prince Harry 33 married Meghan Markle 36in a fairytale wedding ceremony at St George’s Chapel on May 19th Sources further revealed that the Harry was against signing the prenup He was forced to do it on Majesty’s orders Well does the queen think The Perry and Megan wouldn’t last long or is she making it clear if there is a split in the future Megan wouldn’t be claiming rights for the crown jewels The report even allege that Fiona Shackleton The highest Hey divorce lawyer who has handled many Royal cases in the past Was overlooking the paperwork’s for the prenup According to the agreement Megan’s entitlement in case of divorce in the future will completely depend on whether the couple has children or not Well that is one side of the colon whereas Gossip cop has completed Contrasted the news with another artic The report thrashed the allegations as baseless with two major evidence Meghan and Harry sign their marriage papers during the ceremony Hanna Indiana cameras the magazine States And during the wedding Harry saw Megan for the first time When she walk down the aisle Interesting Lee the members of the royal family have never signed a prenup agreement Till date Despite the divorce between Prince Charles and Lady Diana Kate and William never entered into a prenup It is also to be noted that No prenups are common practice It’s in the United States It is still a rare seen in the United Kingdom It was the wedding of the year With people all over the globe tuning in to watch Meghan Markle and Prince Harry title not at Windsor Castle in May However It turns out the groom’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth had more on her mind than wondering what the bride would wear According to Palace Insider The 92 year-old Monarch was Adam Set the 36-year old duchess Sub Sussex sign a prenuptial Before she married Prince Harry In order to protect his 500 million dollars Fortune Megan Who starred on Hollywood show Suits for years Before falling in love with 33 year old Prince Harry Is said to have been only too happy to sign on the dotted line She doesn’t want anyone thinking That she’s entered into the marriage with bad intentions Especially the queen The Insider told new idea The only clause Did she asked Was that the queen not discuss it with any other senior Royals Such as Charles and William She wanted it confidential According to another Royal source The queen intervene and actually ask Megan to sign it during the wedding ceremony which seems a little far for The word is when Harry and Meghan slipped into the anti-camera before the ceremony of Saint George’s Church To sign the marriage registry They also signs a prenup The Insider told Star Magazine If they don’t have children Megan could get nothing at all It comes after the pair were called the best of friends When they stepped out together at their first solo appearance What do you think Share your thoughts and In the comment box Low and don’t forget Subscribe to get instant news

32 thoughts on “Meghan Markle’s E-X-P-L-O-S-I-V-E $500M Deal With The Queen: Palace Fell Into Spin!

  1. Yet another CLICKBAIT video

    The video has nothing to do with $500m deal.

    And, Harry definitely DOES NOT have a $500m fortune.

  2. So very glad that Megan has signed the prenuptial agreement and that the Queen is getting along so well with Megan. She has demonstrated that she is a classy lady and not just wealth demonstratedone has class and class you’re born with. The way you’re brought up with respect and the etiquettes of string, eating, and the chats of a conversation all can be learned. The Queen has given a chance and she will do whatever is necessary as she loves Harry and wants to make things work and make him happy.
    We all know that Kate’s upbringing was more extravagant but must we continue to rub that in Meghan’s face. To be judge mental is unfair at least both William, Kate, Harry, and Harry went in the marriage in love and with out the deceit of Bering in love just because a virgin wife was needed to produce an heir and disappointed that the second born was undesired because of not being a female. With all the upbringing Prince Charles showed to be a callous , fridges, uncaring , deceitful liar, and it was not of improper etiquettes, it’s simply that he was born that way.

  3. She the Queen have Megan in will of $598, billion out of her own money.

  4. You mean Megan Markle only signed it because SHE HAD NO CHOICE❗️

  5. There is no 500 million dollar deal. What person would get that kind of money from the Queen. Certainly not Meghan and Harry. Meghan, did you pay for this video???

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  7. My thoughts are these: If for any reason the marriage doesn’t work out and a divorce it’s on its way, Meghan can tell them to shove it in a more cordial way. The Hollywood directors and producers are waiting to hire her with back a bigger salarary than the one she had before of $1 Million . Honestly there’s nothing to worry about. A divorce settlement as low as $3 Million is enough to get a fresh start and then resume working however then be prepare to what she’s offered because if somewhere in that contract it says she can’t reveal any secrets, Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of Cambridge better pray that the same employees she defended during the childish hormonal crying aren’t offered money and spill gossip of everything . Please stop the stupid threats because she will bounce back father than ever with better pay it won’t be the same as Fergie. The ex Duchess.

  8. This is hilarious there is no way on this earth Megan Markle would get paid so much money from the Royal family after all she is a two bed bit nothing compared to them yes I am sure she will get a settlement if divorced like all have in the past. But not to worry Megan can continue doing soft porn acting for the television or blowjobs in the car park for the cameras which I am sure will earn her plenty of money

  9. Princess Diana only got $15 million… And no way in Hell would the Queen pay out that outlandish amount to Meghan plus, they did NOT sign prenuptial agreement!!!

  10. It’s not true. This news comes right after hiring their new PR person who’s main mission is to repackage MM’s horrid image. Who believes this? The queen would not resort to demanding that MM sign the document on the wedding day. Does anyone believe MM would insist that nobody knows? If that’s the case, she didn’t leak the story, and I doubt the Queen did. MM has wanted to play lovely loving “Diana 2.0” from day 1. She never would have kept this a secret. It would have given her a much better image

  11. What a load of codswallop!!! As IF! You yanks definitely have imagination!

  12. Very smart from the Queen. Very understandable from Megan; it is a reality that Life is like that regulations and rules to follow. Happy Life….CH

  13. Will folks start blocking these channels and stop feeding into their BULLSHIT!!! they don't care about the truth is about the YouTube cheques!! BLOCK THEM. I cannot believe people are so freaking DUMB to give this story a glance, no wonder these channels keep feeding the Bullshit some people will believe anything.

  14. Wonder is MM still has the Queen's seal of approval? Lol. MM calls her mama upon the Queen's request? So frigging funny. I wonder if her own children call her mama? Lol Where do they get this stuff?? What's the name of this channel? Oh, BET YOU CAN NOT NOT LAUGH!!! LOL

  15. yeah coming in to the UK like a wart on her nose about the same size as the fake baby bump
    oops sorry I cant see …somethings in the way



  18. Home birth natural birth my royal arse. The second Meghan feels the first five REAL contractions, all the yoga and meditation in the world won't stop her from SCREAMING for the epidural and the gas! Then she'll make up excuses about what an extremely difficult labor it was and how if she had not had gas, epidural, finally a Caesarean, Little Jesus2's LIFE was in danger!

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