Mindy Kaling Reveals Television Academy Tried to Remove Her ‘Office’ Producing Credit | THR News

– Don’t worry, Kelly will
be training you first. – Kelly’s training us? – ♪ This day is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S ♪ ♪ This day is bananas, B-A-N ♪ (gentle music) – [Neha] Mindy Kaling is calling
out the Television Academy for trying to strip her
producing credit title for her work on The Office. Speaking with Elle Magazine for their “Women in Hollywood” issue, Kaling recalls her time as an actress, executive
producer, director, and writer during the NBC comedy’s nine season run, and claims that at one point she was almost dropped from the producers list by the Television Academy because they said there were too many producers
listed on the series. Kaling had played Kelly
Kapoor on The Office, and was recruited as one of the writers on the show early in her career, told the magazine that at the time she was the only woman of color on the team, and had to advocate for
herself to prove her value and have her name stay on the list. Kaling told Elle, But in a statement sent to the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, an Academy spokesperson
refuted Kaling’s comments. Kaling then took to Twitter to address the Academy statement writing, She also argued the
the Academy’s statement doesn’t make any sense, saying, The actress continued
on a long Twitter thread saying it was humiliating
to be questioned on her job because of how long and hard she worked, how many episodes she had written, and the time spent in the
editing room as a producer. But thankfully she had
great friends and colleagues that were willing to vouch for her. She concluded saying, For more on the story head to THR.com, and then till next time for
the Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Neha Joy.

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