MLA Format Open Office for OpenOffice 3.3

Hi this is Rob Frank and I want to show you my Open Office tutorial on how to format a paper using openoffice 3.3 and set it up in Open Office MLA format So first thing you’re going to do is create a document and save it i do suggest that you use rich text format This way it’s more compatible with different programs The date goes in this format And now the title is going to be centered At this point we have to double space
and we have times new roman twelve point font but we have to do “format paragraph” the zero and one half samples zero sc good double space okay so it looks good only to take care of ph
numbers along with margins so go to format page so had a ron species going to go down to zero and you can just typed these into so for height five turn off the auto
height now to go over to page the left the roof right and the bottom are all going to be set at one top however is going to be set point
five this way the hatter page itself we’re going to blend right
into each other’s you go up to the header you hit tab twice and then you write your last name add a space and then the page number naps you don’t
just type in the page number is if you type in the page number that it’s going
to have the same number on every page so what you want to do use lead that cl to cancer fields page number sort cert fields page number and now we go down in the next page it’s going
to have to so that is how to format in mla in open office for more please see my
website at rob john frank dot com for openoffice 3.4

100 thoughts on “MLA Format Open Office for OpenOffice 3.3

  1. Thank you very much! I suggest also to put how to save as a new template the MLA format in open office, so none will need to do this setting anymore after put it as a default style.

  2. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. Thank you man I really needed to know how to do this for a paper. your a life saver!

  4. Perfect video easy to follow along with and definatly saved me lots of time and frustration.

  5. GOD BLESS YOU!!My college only would tell me how to format on Microsoft Word, they are totally in the stone age when it comes to anything Apple. I'm having to teach myself everything.

  6. That was SO helpful! I couldn't find one that walked you through it step by step until I found yours!

  7. You sir are a life savior I need this for i just started community college and this really helped me again thanks ^_^

  8. Teachers at my school always just comlain they never explain it. Thank you.

  9. thumbs up if you are using this in 2014!!
    Thank's Rob. AP English 12 sucks!!!!

  10. I personally would like to THANK YOU!!!!! I had a hard time trying to get the header 0.5" from the top of the page. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 

  11. Thank you so much I could not figure out the damn page number! 
    I'm used to Microsoft Word but my computer that has it installed stopped working.

  12. Finally!! Couldn't figure out how to paginate for the life of me. THANK YOU!

  13. Its funny how professors just assume everyone has Microsoft Office especially in Community College

  14. thank you this is very helpful and I got a A on my essay thanks !!

  15. Thanks Professor Frank. I've written a least a fifty papers in MLA format but always have trouble setting up the formatting (specifically the margins) so this was just what I needed for tonight's paper for my Meteorology class

  16. this did not work for me. it kept popping up as literally PAGE NUMBERS and its really getting annoying

  17. Sooooo helpful, have never used this program before and first time using it, I'm having to type up a huge essay in MLA format, thank you so much!

  18. Does it open files created by MS? And if I create and save a file here would MS open it?Thanks

  19. Sir, you saved my life! I was trying to figure this out myself and I had no success.

  20. Thank you so much I couldn't figure out how to change the numbers in the header, but now I do.

  21. Super easy to understand. Thank you for the step by step instructions

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