My Beard Is Patchy! How To Deal With Patchy Beard Growth

– Hey, it’s Anil from Twisted Moustache, and today we’re gonna be talking about patchy beards. Pa-at-chy (whistles) beards. (relaxing music) Now, Beardrins, I’m with you, it’s frustrating as hell when your beard is patchy and you just don’t
know what to do about it. I was there, I was there right with you, when I first started growing
my beard it was patchy, I mean, oh, my days. Now, my beard, I’m
quite happy with it now. I still get a bit patchy,
but when I was starting out, it was patchy as hell. I mean, I was always able
to grow a good moustache, and on my chin, no problems, but the side, here, was
always a little bit thin, and always patchy on my cheeks. But, I powered through. There’s always the
temptation to shave it off. If you’re just starting
out growing your beard, you’re getting some hairs
here, your moustache, but you’re getting a
bit light around here, or a little bit, hairs are not coming out, then you might be tempted to shave it, and I’m telling you, don’t. Don’t do it, put the razor down. If you give up and you
shave, then you a pussy. I said it, you’re a pussy. If you pick up that razor, if
you reach for that Gillette, pick it up, shave off your
beard, you’re a pussy. I’ll tell you why you’re a pussy, because you gotta be patient,
you gotta let it grow, trust me, if you’re in the early stages of growing your beard
and you shave it off, you are going to regret it. You’ve got to push through those phases and just let it grow. ♪ Let it grow ♪ ♪ Let it grow ♪ You just gotta let it grow
because, most of the time, for a lot of people, the
patchy areas do fill out. But it’s also about genetics, okay? So if your genetics doesn’t
allow you to grow a beard, that’s it, you can’t grow it. But, you can still grow the
best beard that you can grow. If you don’t grow it,
you’re never gonna know, you’re never gonna know
if it’s your genetics or you just weren’t patient enough. So give it two, three, four
months, six months if you can, let it grow, it’ll get patchy, people might start taking
the mick out of ya, you’ve got to be patient, let it grow. I know, people are gonna take the mick, people were taking the mick out of me, but you’ve just got to tell
them that you have a plan. That’s right, like The A-Team, you have a plan, and it’s coming together. You’re gonna let it grow,
it’s gonna look a bit messy, it might get patchy,
but it’s gonna fill out, that’s what you gotta think to yourself, you’ve got to think, “I’m growing a beard, “I’ve never grown it before, “I dunno how my hair’s gonna react”, you’ve just gotta grow
it, give it six months, eight months, maybe, as long as you can, let it grow and see what happens. So, as I’ve mentioned, the
two most common reasons why your beard is patchy is A, you’re just not patient enough,
you’re not letting it grow, you’re not seeing if your
beard’s gonna fill out. The second reason why you
might be getting a patchy beard is purely down to DNA and your genetics. Your genetics might be saying to you, “You know what, I’m not gonna
grow any hair on your cheek, “I’m not gonna grow
any hair on your chin”, which are the most common places where, if you’re gonna get any patchiness, it’s gonna be either
around this area here, or this area here. So those are the two most common reasons why you have a patchy beard. Now, I know you’re asking yourself, “What can I do about it?”. Well, I’m gonna give you some tips, some information about how you can deal with your patchy beard. Now, the first one, I
mentioned it earlier, you’ve got to have patience
because you could be just not seeing what your beard can do. You don’t know about your DNA, you don’t know about your genetics yet, you gotta grow it any see. Give it six, eight, ten, a year. (laughing) I keep going up, look,
give it three, four, three- (tutting) Give it three to six months, okay, three to six months, right, and
just see how your hair goes, and just be patient, have a goal, be clear with your goal to everybody, just ignore all the negativity
that’s coming towards you because there will be people that say, “Ah, man, it looks dirty,
what you doing, shave it off.” And you’ve just gotta
say, “Yo, I’ve got a goal. “I wanna see where it goes.” And set realistic expectations, okay? So the next thing you can do, if you’re starting to grow
it out, two, three months, you want to get a really
good beard routine going. Get some good quality products,
Twisted Moustache products, and get a routine going. Use your beard oil, but most
important, use your brush. I can’t stress this enough that when you’re in the early stages
of growing your beard, you wanna get a really good
high quality boar bristle brush, you want to train your
hair to grow downwards, it’s gonna help with the patchy look, because if you don’t brush it, your hair could be going outwards and that’s gonna leave gaps, so if you’ve got some
hair that’s going down, some hair going out, it’s
gonna leave gaps in your beard, it’s gonna make it look even more patchy. So get your brush, and
start brushing, daily. If you’re reaching six months
and you’re still thinking, “You know what, it’s patchy,
it’s not improving.”, you’ve tried to do your brushing, you’ve been patient with
it, maybe it’s your DNA, maybe you’re genetics saying,
“You know what, I can’t grow”, then my advice is to really look at making the most of what you can grow. Maybe you can’t go for the full beard, there’s nothing wrong with that, there are hundreds of
different styles out there. If you’re patchy here,
and you’re not feeling it, maybe you could shave this part off. Maybe you could go for a
goatee, any other style. Maybe you could just rock a
twisted moustache on its own. A lot of people can pull that off. So choose the right style, I know there’s a lot of
celebrities out there that put a lot of pressure on you, they’ve got some awesome beards, people like Roy Keane, or Billy Gibbons, but don’t watch that, okay, there are plenty of celebrities out there rocking beards that are patchy. I mean, you take a look at Keanu Reeves, now that guy’s got some patchy beard, but he pulls it off, and you
know why he pulls it off, because he’s confident with it. He makes the most of what he has. The way he dresses, and
the way he styles his hair, his clothes, compliments his style, compliments his beard and what he’s got, that’s what you need to do. If you’ve got a patchy beard,
and it’s not filling out, make the most of it, look at your style, have a look at what you wanna do, what can you do, what can
you change, maybe go shorter. Like I said, maybe you got for a goatee, or something different, find your style. Now, you’re probably
researching on the internet, and you start coming
across posts of people with the quick-fix pill, my advice, stay away from those pills, man. You can blow a whole wad of cash on pills and they might not even
do anything for you. I’m not saying that it
doesn’t help a little, different people, I’ve heard, they’ve taking some of those pills, and it’s worked for them,
but I wouldn’t do it. My advice, don’t do it, keep it natural, just work with what you’ve got. Now I’ve heard things
about the Derma Roller, I’ve known a few people that have said that it has helped them, so that may be something
you could look at, if you wanna get one of those rollers and start rolling on your chin, or your cheeks, or something like that, you gonna try that out. I’ve not personally tried
it, maybe I’ll try it, but I’ve not personally tried that. (dramatic inhale) Who knows, could work for it. Finally, if you’re gonna power
through your patchy beard, you’re gonna need the
support from your friends, from your family, you’ve got
to get them to buy in, man. Get them to buy in, get
them to see your vision, that’s what I said earlier,
be clear with your beard goal. What you’re trying to do. And be clear with people, if your girlfriend comes
up to you, or your wife, and says, “What’s going on there, mate? “Oh, nah, that ain’t working.” You’ve just gotta say, “Hold on. “Just give it six months,
I’ve got a plan.”, and that’s it, try and
get people on board, because that peer pressure, you know, it’s a one way ticket
to Gillette, I’m afraid. You wanna get people on your side. Let me talk to you about my beard, and my experience with patchiness. When I was starting out, I was patchy, my cheeks in particular
is very bad, very patchy, and I persisted through it, I grew my beard for about eight months, and what I found was, after good grooming, it was filling out a little bit, if you get patchy around here, a big moustache can help fill it out. You see, it covers up a
lot of the patchiness, and you can kind of spread it. You’ll come up with little tricks, you’ll will see different parts of your hair start spreading
and filling it out, even if it’s thin hair there, other parts of your beard
will start filling it out. That’s why I said to you,
you’ve got to be patient, you’ve got to be patient. All right, you see here, look how patchy that is, can you see? Now, I get a bit of patchy here, but, you know this, this
hair here, see this hair, fills it out a little bit. And the moustache, if I lift it up, this bit of patchy, moustache comes in, fills it up nicely and,
here as well, bit of patchy. But, excuse me, excuse me, I’m looking at the monitor, so, yeah. Yeah, and, yeah, looks good. So, Beardrins, patchy beard,
those are my tips for you, stick around, watch the next video, and I’ll see you later.

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