My Business Allows Me To Help People And Communities In Need

My name is Malikah Woody and I’m originally
from Columbus, Ohio, but I now live in Tallahassee, Florida. I had been involved in real estate for some
time, just as a person who was a property owner who didn’t live on the property and
wanting to rent it out. But then over time became more and more interested
in the concept of making money that way, making passive income. And so over the years I would go out onto
the internet and search for information about how to acquire more properties and build more
passive income that way. By doing that, eventually I came across Joe
Crump’s website and I just really, I really liked the way that he spoke, the information
that he shared. He seemed really trustworthy, genuine, honest
with the information that he presented. And so I just looked further into his information
program. In order to make my first deal it really took
only a couple days. I started by using the Automarketer and calling
people who had responded to what was sent out. I ended up speaking with a person whose sister
owned the property, but the sister was not capable of being involved in its management
or care. So, I just talked with her, the person who
didn’t own the property, and her husband and tried to help them figure out what I could
do to assist them with what to do with the owner’s home. The home was in severe disrepair, the yard
was overgrown, they did not live in the same city and they were all up in age. So it was a burden for them to try and figure
what to do hours away with a property. And so I really just researched things that
Joe had suggested, different options, and found something that worked for them and was
able to kind of help solve their issue and help take that off their hands through finding
a buyer for them, getting it at a really reduced rate and getting it over to a buyer that way. What I consider to be the best deal so far,
actually it’s probably the one I just described to you. It was my first, but it was also the one I
feel most, I have the most sentimental attachment to. I made a smaller profit on that one, but I
felt like I made the biggest impact for everybody involved. So, on that deal I made $5,000, which is about
average still. In the coming year I plan on really ramping
up my business and I think that I’ll be able to hit six figures with real estate investing
in this way. Also, my person goals moving forward as a
real estate investor outside of my own financial security and stability, I really want to use
these methods to help other people and other communities. Really, that’s the best part of it for me. I would like to help regenerate communities
that are falling into disrepair, help people be able to learn how to take better care of
their finances, but also grow and establish legacies for their families. So, that’s really my long term goal. In terms of personally, I plan on leaving
my full time employment and being able to spend more time with family as well as travel. I know people who live in lots of different
countries around the world and I’m getting older and getting close to retirement age. And so I want to start moving into that phase
of my life where I can spend time traveling and volunteering. So, the impact that real estate investing
has had on my life, it has been freeing. It has allowed me to not have fear of financial
instability or fear of markets. It has allowed me to be independent. I used to be a stay-at-home mom. And having financial independence, even though
that wasn’t something I really sought, it is nice to have that and to know that I can
do things on my own and be really well financially off. Financially well off. It’s not currently being automated. I’ve used the Automarketer in the past. I have not used it the last probably two years. I see myself doing that, automating, again
though in the future. So, the event this weekend. I really hope to get some new information. I also hope to meet people. I’ve already been networking with other
attendees which is really easy to do here because everyone is so kind and down to earth
and easy to talk to. And we’re all here for similar reasons. But gaining knowledge, information and inspiration
from the other event attendees is the best take away for me. I would say jump in and do it. Don’t wait, don’t over analyze. Don’t allow yourself to not take action
out of fear. Go ahead, pick up the phone. Go ahead, figure out what you’re going to
say and say it. But also listen to your potential clients. Listen to your sellers, because they will
tell you even without you asking, they will tell you what areas they need helps with and
that allows you to then propose solutions. This is a family affair for me. I brought my little brother here today. I am significantly older than he is. I’m eighteen years older than he is. So, we did not really grow up together as
siblings in a traditional way. But he’s all grown up now, and graduated
form college and entering the work force and things like that. It is so exciting to me, the idea of being
able to share this opportunity with him. And we’re sitting at a table with a father
and daughter. The young lady’s in her early twenties. So I’m really excited to see other people
making this opportunity a family affair and recognizing how extraordinary it is to change
not only our lives but the generations that come after us.

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  1. Joe, I'm 64 years old I'm not tech savvy. I'm concerned about the automation process and overseeing it. Also you mentioned infrastructure. Do you help me set that up in the beginning?

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