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– Hey guys, happy Wellness Wednesday. It’s good to be back. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. It’s beautiful here in
the Catskills right now. It’s just that magic hour. It’s just so outstanding you know with this daylight
savings, oh my goodness. It’s gonna get dark soon
but it’s so beautiful before the darkness. Anyway, I’m happy to be back with you and I’m really excited
about our topic today. Today I’m sharing a
practice that I created and that I use every day and this practice has totally
transformed how I feel and how connected and
grounded and happy I am quite honestly just to
cut right to the chase. It’s called the success mindset practice and it’s designed to
help you start your day in a powerful, positive,
and productive way and like I said, it’s
something that I do every day. I do it in the morning. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes, 20 minutes if I’m giving myself
a luxurious amount of time. So basically it doesn’t take long but like most things
when you commit to them it will take you far. So I’m gonna walk you through it but first I want to continue to tell you why I think it’s so, so
transformative and hello everybody. I’m starting to see you come
on, hi, good to see you. So the more grounded you are,
the more connected you feel, the more joyful, you know
the more open your heart is, the more you’re connected to your joy the more that energy
comes back to you, right? But if you start your day
in chaos, as I like to say, you grab your phone, you turn on the news, you watch the morning talk shows, you drink way too many cups of
coffee, you get on Instagram, you start feeling bad
about yourself or outraged or whatever you’re feeling, you’re already off of your center, you’re off of your power source right? And from that place,
which I find is chaotic, what happens is I create more chaos. I’m already swept out to sea
and I’m already in deficit mode and then I’m working
for the rest of the day to try to come home to myself. I’m not making good choices, I’m not being a good leader, a good wife, a good friend, a good
patient, a good teacher right? But when I just take a few
minutes to connect with myself and start to align my energy
with how I wanna feel, who I wanna be in the
world, how I wanna show up for myself and others, everything changes. It creates this massive cascade
of positivity in my life and oftentimes when I’m
in that positive place I’m far more productive. So let’s say at work a task
that might take me an hour, maybe even two hours to take care of when I’m in a place that’s
off my game and off my center, it might take me 30 minutes right? So you can see the
domino effect that it has when you start your day
in your power place right? So I’m already seeing lots
of thumbs up and hearts. If you understand, if
you’ve had that experience where you’ve started your day strong and you’ve seen the ripple
effect, give me a shout out, let me know in the comments,
give me some thumbs up ’cause I know that I’m not the
only one that feels this way. Especially now when the
times are so chaotic, it’s important for us to start our day grounded and connected and that’s ultimately why
I created this practice. So I wanna tell you,
I’m gonna share the URL multiple times throughout the course of our Wellness Wednesday live, you’re gonna go to,,
the link is also in this post so you can get the entire practice. You don’t have to take notes,
I wrote it all down for you and all the reasons why it’s so important. So make sure you go and you check it out. And like I said, the better
you feel on a consistent basis the more abundance, the
more joy you are magnetizing and creating in your life. It comes back to you. It emanates from you, which changes the energy
of everybody around you and it comes back to you tenfold. And so something as simple
as this journaling exercise can be the key to success and oftentimes what we’re looking for, we’re
looking on the outside, right? We come here on Wellness Wednesday to talk about all the
various lifestyle practices that I recommend that I’ve
taught you about my five pillars; being mindful of what you’re
eating, drinking, thinking, and how you’re resting and renewing as a way to optimize your health and these are conversations
that I love having and they just light me
up and fill me with joy. But we often overlook the
basics and the fundamentals. It all starts here. All the kale in the world doesn’t matter if you’re struggling here. And so four questions,
four short little questions have the power to change
everything for you. So I hope that you take
this practice for a spin. I’m gonna get into it in a second. I hope you take it for a spin and that you do it consistently
for 30 days because to me it is the medicine, it really is. This practice has become
what I call my joy compass. Okay, you ready to dive into it? You all set? Let’s do it. Once again, you’re gonna go
to to get all the details. You don’t have to take
notes but if you are we’re gonna go through
the exercises right now. So the first question, and there’s four, the first question you’re
gonna ask yourself is how are you feeling today? It’s that simple. How are you feeling today? If you’re like me you probably ask other
people how they’re feeling and you’re very focused
on how they’re feeling because you’re just a great soul. But, if you’re like me, you
may forget to ask yourself how you are feeling and this success mindset practice is, it’s like a stair stepped practice. We meet you where you
are in this honest, real, sometimes raw place, allow
yourself to let it out and connect with yourself,
be honest with yourself because that’s how you truly build a solid friendship with yourself. So you can find refuge in
your own company right? You’re gonna be honest about
that so you can let it out because from that place you
can turn your energy around and you can start to
bring it to a higher place but if you try to bring your
energy to a higher place and you’re not being honest
about how you’re doing and you’re not connecting with yourself it feels like you’re glossing
over a very important step and for me it just doesn’t stick. So I like to start there and then shift my mindset accordingly, connecting with myself first
as opposed to other people or the outside world or the
news and so forth and so on, connect with the soul that
is me and tap into my heart because that’s the place
where all of the wisdom and the intuition ya know resides and then clear any air
that I may need to clear, any like barnacles, any
you know tender spots. Just give them some breathing room. And from that place again you start to feel so much
more grounded and connected. And I wonder if this is true for you, but oftentimes when my,
I’m tapping into my heart and my heart is open and
I’m writing the questions and then I’m answering them my wisdom starts to pour forth as well. So the inner teacher, which
each and every one of us have, the inner teacher starts to
give me very wise counsel. Or maybe the inner teacher
will start to soothe me in a way that I so need in that moment, to say things like oh sweetheart, you’re being so tough on yourself. Never forget your goodness. And all of a sudden you’re
like ah, I feel so much better just by talking to myself. (chuckles) So, we wanna talk to ourselves first, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s actually the key to
so much of our healing. How are you feeling today,
number one question. Are you ready for the
second question you guys? Are you ready? I’m ready to share it with you. Look at all these beautiful
comments coming in. Okay, so number two is very simple ’cause we’re gonna start
to shift the energy. We go from how are you
feeling and you may, let me just backtrack for a second, you may be feeling great. You may not be feeling
like you’re struggling. If you’re feeling great
wonderful, write about it. Really write about it, let it rip. I don’t know about you but when
I write how good I’m feeling I feel so much better after writing it. It takes me to an even
higher energetic place so that’s wonderful. I wanted to make sure
I didn’t forget that. So the next part of this exercise is still designed to take you even higher. So you’re gonna write what are the three things
you’re grateful for? This is the question, what are three things you’re grateful for and the reason we wanna start to shift into gratitude and appreciation is because let’s say you
are in a difficult spot, you cannot be anxious or even angry when you’re in the place of appreciation. Appreciation is the medicine. Appreciation also helps
us to have perspective because oftentimes we lose perspective when we’re swept out to sea with anxiety and
depression and overwhelmed. We lose perspective and
then all of a sudden everything feels bad like
nothing is good in our lives? But appreciation gives us
that medicine of perspective because each and every one of us, we have to get very honest. We are blessed. We are blessed to be alive. You may not be living the
exact life that you wanna live but you are a blessing in this time. And so that appreciation
practice reminds you of that. Everybody talks about do gratitudes and you know it’s very
trendy and I think it’s great ’cause when something is trendy that means more people are doing it, so I think that’s wonderful. It’s actually so powerful and again it’s the little things
that we often overlook. So I do this every morning but I also, my husband and I do it at night I’d say a couple times a week or maybe if we’re having a
cup of coffee in the morning I try to get this practice in first because I love talking to him and sometimes if I don’t
get my practice in first I will spend my time talking to him as opposed to talking to me. But when we do this we always
do small things and big things because you think that you
have to only be grateful for the big things, right? I’m grateful for my health,
I’m grateful for my marriage, I’m grateful for blah,
blah but the truth is, the appreciation practice
when done with small things is even more powerful ’cause again, it really helps you shift that perspective and perspective shifting
is your superpower. So something that I did
the other day was I said I’m so grateful for hot showers. I am so grateful because
when I’m in a hot shower it’s like I open to my inner wisdom and I open to my connection to the divine, it’s what hot water on my head does to me. It just like opens the channel and so I instantly feel better
and I get super creative. My best ideas come in the shower and I know many of you
have this experience too but for me it’s like that
daily shower is so, so key and I often will check my
email before I take a shower because I have a whole
practice in the morning like I’m the practice queen. I have more practices
to share with you all, not just this success mindset practice. I often will check my emails first and get everybody else’s
needs out of my way. Then I go take my shower
and I clear the channel and it’s like anything
I’m struggling with, let’s say I’m struggling with
something in my business, I’m struggling with a creative idea or I need to write an email and I’m not sure how to start it. It’s like all of the answers
just instantly line up for me. And so I share that with you ’cause I know many of you
have the same experience, but that was my gratitude
with my husband the other day. He was like that’s so
great and that reminds me that I’m grateful for,
maybe he said our lawnmower, I can’t remember. (chuckles) But it was something like that (chuckles) and then we went off
and had a beautiful day. So the small things, the little things, gratitude is your superpower. Okay so are you ready for number three? Number three in this beautiful
success mindset practice, and again you’re gonna go
to to get the full practice. You don’t have to write any of this down, I’ve written it all for you
and the way behind it all and again there is a link in the post. So number three is this. It is what is your intention for today? And this one is a big one you guys. What is your intention for today? So intentions are the conscious
and unconscious motivations behind every action you take and the energy that comes back to you. So they’re literally like
the cause and the effect and when you think about it that way you see that your intentions really impact the outcomes
in your life, good and bad, great and stinky. (chuckles) So rather than walking
around throughout your day with no connection to your soul, for no intention for how you
wanna show up in the world and the energy you wanna put out and what you want to magnetize back, ’cause to me that’s just
walking around kinda clueless, and believe me I do it plenty of times. Many times I walk around totally clueless so there’s no judgment when I say that. But when I remember the wisdom
and the toolkit that I have and I remember the power of intentions then I’m like oh my gosh, I have the ability to guide my energy, to guide my day in a way as opposed to getting tossed
around on the sea of life so to speak, and that’s what
I write about in the blog. And so what it means is your intentions shape your energy okay? So it’s very basic like I’ve been saying. Your intentions shape the
energy that flows from you and back to you. It’s a domino effect that
works in both directions. So let me give you a couple of examples of how you would think about intentions and many of you are
master intention setters. So if you have anything
that you wanna share about any of these questions
please do so in the comments because I wanna learn from you guys too. So let’s say for example you
have a difficult conversation that you have to have and
maybe somebody’s hurt you or you’ve hurt somebody
or there’s just some air that needs to be cleared. And whenever I have to have
conversations like that I feel very anxious because
I never want to hurt anybody and it’s just, it’s so uncomfortable to
have those conversations. But look, we’re human
beings and we screw up and that’s just part of
life and if we can own it and try to heal our relationships, keep our side of the street clean, then we are just doing our very best and that’s what life is
asking you to do, that’s it, your very best. And so if we go into a
conversation like that with a strong intention that my intention is to heal this relationship, my intention is to show up in a way that makes healing this
relationship more likely ’cause you don’t know what the
other person’s intention is but you know what yours is
and at the end of the day keeping your side of the street
clean is all that matters ’cause you can’t control other people. So you’re gonna show up with a heart open and then you’re gonna be less defensive and you’re probably gonna
choose your words more wisely and with more love behind them and your energy is gonna be different. Like your face is gonna be softer, your body language is gonna be different, and we pick up on body
language, we’re animals right? We look at body language in a way because it helps us with
our survival, right? From little babies,
looking at body language because you are the key to their survival. So when you’re angry or you’re
sad they’re scared right? And we’re still little
babies on the inside I think many of us, all of us. We still have our little
kids on the inside. So maybe showing up,
like setting an intention is gonna change your whole physical being and you don’t even have to say a word but your energy walks into
the room before you, mm-hmm. How many of you have seen that happen when somebody’s in a bad space and maybe they haven’t
connected with their intention or they’re intention is to destroy, right? Their energy walks into
the room before they do and what do we do? We all shut down. But when somebody walks into the room with the energy of an open
heart and a loving soul and the energy of someone
who’s committed to healing, we all open up right? And so that’s the power of intention and you can use it for big things, you can use it for little things, you can use it before a difficult meeting, you could use it before a job interview. Before a job interview my intention is to shine my full light. My intention is to shine my
full presence, my full being, my intention is to not hold back. My intention isn’t to hide. You know, I really want
this person to see who I am because who I am is great and I know that if I share who I am there’s more of a chance
I’m gonna get this job. That’s my intention. And so you’re gonna show
up in a place of power as opposed to a place of being
nervous or ya know fearful or feeling not worthy. And if you’re in a job interview sometimes that energy walks
in the door before you and that energy alone is the
key to you getting that job or not getting that job. So that’s how powerful
again intentions can be and that’s why it’s the third question. And once again you’re gonna go
to to get the full exercises and all the information that supports it. So the fourth one in our
success mindset practice is very simple and many
of you do this already. It is what is your affirmation for today? What is your affirmation for today? So my mentor, Louise Hay, taught us all and had said to me many times, Kris everything, everything
you say to yourself is an affirmation. You’re either affirming the good or you’re affirming the negative. What are you gonna choose? And she was so clever because she could see you
coming from a mile away if you were being down on yourself and you said something
negative about yourself that you didn’t even realize that you were saying negative
things about yourself, and she would say that’s an affirmation and it would just stop me and
other people in their tracks. And so many people think that affirmations are kind of like woo-woo
or what do they call that? New age (chuckles) but the truth is, is that
affirmations are seeds that you plant in the soul of life not just the soil, the soul. So there’s nothing light or
woo-woo or new age-y about them. And there’s a couple of
important things to affirmations that I believe and the first is that you say
them in the present tense. So I am healthy, I am prosperous, I’m healthy, I’m prosperous, I love and accept myself, it’s safe to stand out. So you say it in the present tense as if it’s already happened and that you sculpt
affirmations that you believe. So when they fall apart
is often when let’s say you don’t believe them. Maybe you don’t love your body right now. There’s a lot of things about your body that you wish you could change,
you’re very unhappy with it or you don’t accept yourself. Maybe you’ve read all of my blogs, and there’s countless ones,
about the power of acceptance and you’re like yeah
whatever well I don’t. Can I just be honest Kris, I don’t. That’s okay ’cause there’s a lot of times where you know I’ve written
affirmations for myself where I’ve said affirmations
where I say that’s fooey, like that’s just a load of crap KC, you don’t believe that for a second and then that’s just my clue
that I need to rewrite it and say it in a way that I can believe. So let’s say if your
affirmation was I love my body and you don’t love your body, then your affirmation would be
I am open to loving my body. I’m willing to love my body. I’m willing to love my body one day. I’m open to loving my body one day. I’m willing to thaw my
beliefs around my body so that one day I can love it. That’s amazing, that is so
much better than I hate my body because when you say I hate
my body that’s an affirmation and that message that
you send to your body, especially when it’s struggling, you think that that helps your body? You think that that’s medicine? No, it’s not, it’s poison, it is poison. So we want to start using
these words so wisely and so carefully and
just sculpt them in a way that works for you. And I find that that really
does make the difference. These statements that
you’re gonna say every day, that you’re going to write and you’re gonna say
these personal statements that you handcraft are
statements about who you wanna be and what you wanna create in your life. That’s what they are. So that’s my practice you guys. It’s called the success mindset practice. You know I love journaling and
sharing my prompts with you. These are the four questions
that I ask myself every morning and they don’t take long
but they will take you far. So just do a little recap,
how are you feeling? Connecting with yourself
first and then being willing to guide your energy where it needs to go, either higher or higher. (chuckles) The next one is what are the three things
you’re grateful for? Because appreciation is
the perspective shifter that so many of us need. What is your intention for today? Aligning my energy with
what I want to put out and what I want to receive. And what is your affirmation? That personal statement about who you are and what you wanna create. That seed that you’re planting
in the soil and soul of life. You do this for 30 days,
and I hope many of you will, and give me a thumbs up
if you’re willing to try or say I’m in or say I’m going to or say whatever you wanna
say, I’m up for the challenge. Give yourself 30 days and just
answer those four questions. Maybe it takes you 10 minutes, maybe it takes you 20 minutes
if you have extra time but like I said, it will take you far and if I’m to be honest with you I believe that this practice
has been the key to my success and when I think about
success I think about joy. ‘Cause ultimately all the money
in the world doesn’t matter if you are not joyful. When joy is your compass
you create joy in the world and you get more of it back and I do think your bank
account will change. (chuckles) but first you want to change
your mind, change your mind and align it with your joy. Joy is also the medicine
and when I say that I mean like you know if you follow me and I teach an anti-inflammatory
diet and lifestyle, joy is literally the antidote to stress and when we talk about stress in the body we’re talking about inflammation. So the more joy you feel
the less inflamed you are and from that place you’re gonna be able to
move mountains my friends. So I’m going to stay on and check out what you guys
are saying in the comments and I’ll be responding to
as many of you as I can. I see so many people here and I’m so happy that
you’re all here with me. And everyone’s saying I am in, I am in. Please keep saying it. Let me know that you’re in. Let’s do this together, let’s
elevate our energy together. Again, and the link is also in this post. Have a wonderful week and I’m sending you all
of my love, okay bye.

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