My lifestyle business journey

I am so shocked to see that millions of people are consumed by the internet and not being
aware of the tool they have to create their best life. I believe everyone who is willing
to invest in their personal growth and education must learn how to build their own online business. Hey, I’m Norbert, and I started my career as a contractual massage therapist working
on cruise ships with one aim: to travel the entire world. Because that’s what I’ve been
told, to learn some sort of skill set and work my entire life by exchanging my time
for money. Sounds familiar to you? Yet, I still didn’t pay attention to the world of internet. I was a consumer just like you.
Long story short, after ships, I became a flight attendant to pursue my dreams to travel
the entire world. I felt so accomplished and fulfilled, but deep inside, I just had this
deep feeling of being trapped and not being myself. I always knew there’s more to life
than to be a slave for someone else. You might be experiencing the same, working in corporate, commuting long hours, comply
with useless corporate rules and crap every day. I don’t know about you, but for me it
feels a waste of time, of not being productive, working sometimes 15 to 20 hours per day and
get paid by the hour. Imagine yourself spending your next 30 to 40 years chained to a prison like this. Just
the idea itself makes me feel sick, to have a lifestyle around my work, not to create
the work around my lifestyle. I remember missing out on my dad’s 60th birthday earlier this
year. It made me think for a moment, what if I cannot be there for my parents when they
really need me? I understand building an online business and the invest in your self-education is not for
everyone. It requires time, effort, and resources, but automation is already here. Just look
at the world around you, it’s not the 1950s anymore. So it’s not about questioning if
it’s real, the question is what are you going to do about it? This was the moment when I realized I had to take it seriously and get out of my comfort
zone and face my biggest fears, fear of technology and the fear of judgment. What people are
going to think when they see me online? Growing up as a kid, I was stuttering and constantly
being bullied at school, so the idea itself sounded just terrifying to me to put my voice
on the internet. All of this right now wouldn’t be possible without the help of an online education platform,
which has been teaching people how to build online businesses starting from scratch for
over a decade now. Being a part of this community for nearly two years now, my life has completely
changed, not only the world class education and skill what I have learned, but the connections
I have made just made me feel my staff again, and it feels pretty damn good. Today, I want to give you the same opportunity that I was given, to have help like-minded,
driven people who are willing to learn new skills and do what it takes to create the
life of freedom and spend more time with people they love the most. I’m going to share with
you a free workshop video series created by my personal mentor and the co-founder, who
will help you understand about different online business models and path you can take, whether
you have your own product or starting from scratch just like I did. All you have to do
is to click the link below this video, enter your name and email address, and I’m going
to email you the videos myself. Besides the video series, I’m going to share with you insights of my own personal journey,
books, videos, contents, and to just be frankly real with you. You might be skeptical right
now, thinking it just sound like another online course. There are tons of free information
on YouTube. I believe the cost of figuring out everything by yourself is much higher
than learning from people who are already been there and done it. All I can say just trust your intuition and give yourself a chance to watch the free
videos and make your own decision. Click the link below, enter your details, and I look
forward to seeing you and work with you on the insights.

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