65 thoughts on “Naked Office Pics

  1. She has a point about gender equality when playing as shirts and skins. 😊

  2. Does patty hear all of these things for the first time on camera?

  3. You do a monthly 'Is this ok' please!! This properly makes me chuckle :') Are Glenn or Patty in any other videos cause I'd watch the shit outta them

  4. No offense but wtf who would ask for a shirts and s kins shit u dont wanna see a bigg ass nigga flopin his man boobs every where thats unnatural

  5. Patty looks like she's going to lose it, but trying so hard not to burst into laughter

  6. Patty from HR is wonderful. The perfect straight man counterpoint reaction to Glenn's naughty questions.

  7. If Glenn chooses to go with SNL, it damn sure won't be as an 'extra'…She is a brilliant, prolific genius.

  8. Patty from HR is hot. I'd be getting into trouble everyday just to get reprimanded-dock my pay..Worth it!

  9. Oh my God they're so cute it's hilarious! Why can't HR and other companies be so funny and just laugh stuff off? I think it's great! I think this country is so damn uptight I think something like this would actually probably make people in their sexual advancements and all that bullshit that is so overtly politically correct go away because before we weren't so uptight and now we're so damn uptight that everything is offencive but it's all for political gain but this was really refreshing because it's so damn cute you could laugh stuff off and then there's no threat but when you are told not to do something I know way too many people are so rebellious that they will take it upon themselves to break the rules and they don't care how far they go but that can corrupt people or offend people and in either case it's not worth it. God this was so refreshing and hilarious! I gave these two girls props big time!

  10. I have a question for Patty. Will you marry me? You are breathtakingly stunning. I love how you laugh, it makes me laugh. We'd have beautiful babies, just saying.

  11. Why did glenn seem to dissapear off the face of the earth after leaving this youtube channel, she is funny as hell but has no other content since then

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