Nestlé employees: Christian – Fulfilling working environment

At Nestlé, I have a lot of flexibility between my
personal and professional life I have full
responsibility and autonomy in my daily work so I’m able to organize myself the the way I want and I really feel in that way the company trusts me and also trusts my ideas What I like a lot is as well when I have good ideas I get to to present them directly myself to key stakeholders for example in meetings with business
partners and I would have an idea and then I would see that they’ve
implemented it in one of the machines in the shops afterwards and that would make me smile. I’m very fond of jogging and at Nestlé I have been able to make sure that my personal interest was still met within Nestlé so I enjoy jogging a lot and I was able to do it – I am able to actually do it during my lunch breaks. What is very interesting is that I get quite a lot of creative ideas when going jogging and I’m also able to find a lot of creative solutions to the
different problems that I can have during the day. And this is why I think I have a good work balance at Nestlé

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  1. Nestlé help and support Tasha Bucci since some of your employers are on utube claiming how Great Nestlé is to work for . Let her spend time with her dying husband and let her keep her job !!

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