New Features in Office 2013

We’d like to show you some of the exciting
new features introduced in Office 2013. If you’re thinking of upgrading, you now have
a choice between buying the software or buying a subscription with Office 365 Home Premium.
No matter which one you choose, there are many changes that are designed around the
ways that people use computers today. Many of the new features make Office easier to
use on a tablet, while other features help you save and share files online (also known
as the cloud). For example, if you use a tablet, you’ll want
to use the new Touch Mode, which spreads everything out and makes the buttons easier to tap on
a touchscreen. You may be interested in storing your files
online, and Office 2013 is designed to make this as easy as possible. With a free Microsoft
account, you can save files to your SkyDrive, and you can share a file with one or more
friends or coworkers. Best of all, several people can edit a file at the same time, as
long as they are using Office 2013 or the free Office Web Apps. One of the best new features in Word is that
you can now edit PDF files just like regular documents. In the past, if you needed to fill
out a form like a job application, it was sometimes difficult because PDF files are
designed more for reading, and not editing. But now, you can simply open it, make changes,
and then save it as either a PDF file or a Word document. If you’re reading or editing a long document,
you may sometimes want to come back to it later. Word can now keep track of where you
are in a document, so you can simply pick up where you left off. In Excel, you’ll find that there are a lot
of great new shortcuts. The Quick Analysis button lets you easily visualize your data
in different ways by just hovering over different options…. You can also view the Recommended Charts and
PivotTables, based on the type of data that you have. So you won’t have to try all of
the chart options before you find one that works. A really neat feature in Excel is Flash Fill,
which looks for patterns and tries to complete what you’re typing. In this example, it’s
pulling the last names from a list of email addresses. PowerPoint has an improved Presenter View,
which lets you see your slide notes, as well as the next slide in your presentation, while
still showing your audience just the current slide. There are also buttons to zoom in to
a slide….. add highlighting.. and more. If you want to add videos to your PowerPoint
and Word projects, it’s now easier than ever. You can search for videos from YouTube and
other sites, and then add them to your projects with just a couple of clicks. If you’ve used Office 2010 or 2007, it won’t
take you long to learn how to use the new version, and with all of these new features,
you’ll probably find that it’s even quicker and easier to use.

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  1. used Office 2000 in the 3rd grade. basically skipped '03 version but I used 2000 for 7-9 years. Changes since '03 are ridiculous in UI

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  6. Please I need to print a 'Read Only worksheet in my 2013 Microsoft Word and my computer say I can only print from apps. What  can I do? 

  7. i want to know how the templates are saved in microsoft word because i am a chemist i want to save templates of the journals i want to publish so everytime i find it difficult to have the templates. please help

  8. I went through the Office 2013 course and received the electronic credits and certificates in the areas in Office 2013. Does GCF still offer this? When I logged in for a friend the format has completely changed.

  9. PDF Editing is one of the cool feature of Office 2013. Earlier versions didn't allowed editing of PDF file. 🙂

  10. Love it! Awesome channel! Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with.

  11. It's very amazing channel !
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    God bless you!

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