New U.S.-Taliban deal stays silent on private mercenaries in Afghanistan

They have made these claims that they’re
going to withdraw American troops over time. And you really need to look at what the United States has done when faced with troop limits in this war and in other wars, is that they’ve often resorted to contractors to take up some of those roles that would otherwise be carried out by the U.S. military. One of the things that I’ve been looking
at in recent years is the outsourcing of contracting, the outsourcing of airstrikes when it comes to contracting, the outsourcing of intelligence, things that allow the United States to continue the war while reducing its overt troop levels and sustaining that war with a sort of invisible army. And so, while there are about 12,000 U.S.
troops in Afghanistan right now, there are also 26,000 contractors. So there’s a really big gap here that people need to watch. So, what happens to those contractors? It’s unclear. This deal doesn’t address that. It just addresses — So, say the number of troops again. There are 12,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. And contractors? Twenty-six thousand. More than double. Yes. Yes, there are more than that. And not only that, there are — 10,000 of
those are Americans. Some are third-country nationals. Some are Afghan locals. But those are just the ones that are in country, that 26,000. There are many other contractors sitting in U.S. bases here, as well as in other bases across the world, who are involved in this
war from abroad. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but could
this mean simply a 100% mercenary army left in Afghanistan? It’s unclear if they’ll necessarily be
on the ground in the ways that they were, that these sort of mercenaries, these contractors functioned in the past. What I think is more likely is that you’re
likely to see the continued use of air power and contractors facilitating that. They’re already doing that right now. There are screeners on U.S. bases. And these are contractors who are doing this work, who are watching drone footage to basically give the calls for airstrikes. So, this is happening right now. And as troop levels decrease, you’re going
to see a shift towards expanding that. So, in many ways, there are probably defense contractors who are salivating at the prospects for this right now.

20 thoughts on “New U.S.-Taliban deal stays silent on private mercenaries in Afghanistan

  1. in other words, herr drumpfh's buddy eric prince, with his hired killers stands to make a pile of money and be able to call in military support when he needs or wants it. I wonder how many of our soldiers are going to die protecting princes profits.
    always follow the money.

  2. What deal? You mean where Trump gets to claim another "historic" peace deal for his campaign bid, while the Taliban gets to operate as usual under the guise of his constant lies? Trump NEVER owns up to his mistakes, so he's essentially giving the Taliban free reign. That's the deal!

  3. The Trump administration is paying lip service to the American public, they would never withdraw their troops from Afghanistan unless there is a revolution. They claim to withdraw but their is a lot of grey areas within these deal. Bunch of hypocrites indeed!

  4. Not surprisd the Trump adminisration need to out source intelligence. How come their peace deals never include both parties, Palestine leaders and Afganistan leaders not involved in the "deals of the century".

  5. You know, for a bunch of dependent consumers NATO nations sure talk a lot of smack. Ever wonder what happens when all these resource slaves simply dig in and refuse to trade with you?

  6. Troops are accountable to the government that their uniform bears the name of. Mercenaries are accountable to whoever pays them. And they get paid better than soldiers do.

  7. Both sides are violent thugs….. While innocent aghanis are butchered by both every other day … What a cock drama !!

  8. They are only going to change their uniform, get paid tons more $$$$ as private contractors, which literally mean "mercenary" and cost the US taxpayer hundred times more, with higher rates of "collateral damage", esp in and around the areas they are building that new pipeline to carry more fossil fuel to cook this planet. We are getting royally screwed and Trump will claim he has ended a costly war by bringing home the troops.

  9. End all mercenary contractors now. This is a threat to our democracy.

  10. These contractors would lose out in a big way if US leaves Afghanistan and will do everything to spoil the deal between USA and Taliban. Current Afghan government is the biggest contractor.

  11. contractors who are building the bases, charging for laundry and bleeding the troops dry of money they were NOT supposed to be spending in combat zones.

  12. These contractors are paid a lot more money than regular soldiers. While I don't blame anyone who served on active duty for taking these jobs, I also believe that we need to go back to the DRAFT. A Draft that applies to ALL SOCIOECONOMIC LEVELS of our Nation. I served in both the DRAFT ARMY, AND THE ALL VOLUNTEER ARMY and I liked the Draft Army better. It actually produced MORE good volunteers than today as well.

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