What did you revenger crew in a minute we are the yes and my revenge Now I’m in two major reserve I would plant arrested season I mean I could laughs out of here out of the work style obvious I’m a man boy. Find me on instagram at merrill productions I am also on Twitter at Mara product one you can find this lovely woman act Instagram Instagram only a MW triple easy to the Y and Today we are reacting to another Melanie Martinez Little movie yeah, so this is part of the movie K to 12 and this is nurses office her latest single. I Read two others. Yes. We have we reviewed Classified and then we reviewed the principal last week and man. She’s huge and I’ve never heard her in the radio. I Know it’s great. I’m just so fascinated at how big she is for not Mainstream being mainstream exactly and her influence is crazy So I’m I’m really excited shouts to all the mother Martinez fans that have been hitting us up about her music Thanks for putting us on game and let’s check out nurse’s office Did you go all that as a kid? Yeah, I can see you in there like one time I ate chocolate, I got a really bad hives head-to-toe and she’s like and there’s Not a tonal Clary Mazdas he could take down enough who’s getting too nervous nobody Martinez That’s pretty Okay, so Ruby what is your sound because you’ve been a real good at breaking down her theme And she said take me it almost sounded like she was like ask him to die like take me home take me out – she’s faking her illness and that’s you know, like there’s nothing that they don’t like her so they’re not gonna Fake a lot of people, you know, when a large pharmaceutical eyes like they have a lot of issues with them well, I was gonna say to a lot of people when they’re like thinking suicidal people don’t maybe uh, Whatever you said this before liability, seriously, maybe it’s for something like that But the redheaded nurses it’s interesting. I wonder why she doesn’t want to start based on similar I Don’t leave force-fed stuff makes me so uncomfortable What’s going on here so what are the girls Lashes on drugs and now see up with the pharmaceuticals, you know Crazy Okay, who’s lady she’s saving Okay, it is oh so I gotta watch the movie now cuz now I’m like what Yeah, that was okay, so I don’t know what to make it out I’m Aneta are Melanie Martinez friends to help us out because I don’t I Think you hit on some with the pharmaceuticals, but there had to be something symbolic about the red hair like You know that meant something I was like a start a middle of the floor that they were dancing on. Oh Yeah, I want to watch the rest of em, so I know what’s going on But we’ll save our videos because we appreciate you and you want you to know that we hear you Yeah, we should watch the K to 12. Let’s figure out of time to do that one day Yeah, but I’m not quite sure so I’m gonna look up the lyrics and for this I’m sure All right. Well, I’m Melanie Martinez fans, please Let us know what’s going on below if you’ve been rocking with us watching the video for this long Please go ahead and give us a like comment on your favorite million Martinez joint from K to 12 or previously crybaby That’s also fantastic. I’m I’ve heard I’d love to know your favorite cuts off that joint and Subscribe to paint who’s seen this video we have the ESM. Ah


  1. The song is about bullying. How she's faking being sick to get out of class. Also, the other person is her best friend Angelita

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