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Alrighty. Time to clean out our – ahh! Hahaha. Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn. Today we’re gonna be showing you how we renovated
our office closet. Sorry, you know I’m bad with lines! We also wanna thank HostGator for sponsoring
this video. Now lets get into the very exciting first
step. Step one of renovating our closet. Is to clean it out. Oh sorry oh please you go ahead. Oh gosh. Oh shoot! Everything’s fine! Lets take you on a very short tour. The previous owner had done layered shelves
on top of one another, which isn’t good. What the heck. Like a nail that went through this board. Why? They didn’t – that was ok? Oh my gosh. Man look how saggy this one is. Ohhh, ooooo. Also all the shelves, they’re covered in this
really crappy contact paper that’s peeling off and wearing off. And then we have these brackets that they’re
sitting on that are all nailed in. We might try to work with these but just add
more support and hopefully kinda hide them because there’s a lot of ugly going on in
this closet. Ok tour done. This is terrible. This is sad. Let’s uh let’s measure. Yeah. What 55 and a half. Wow. It’s even. We measured the total length of boards we
need but weren’t sure how deep to make the shelves. 16 inches. 12 inches. 12 12 12 6 5 16… We decided 12 inches but needed to fit one
extra deep shelf for our printer and a little packing station for products and stuff. Oh here’s an idea – the deep shelf could come
from the back. Hahaha with my left hand! I was also thinking because we’re so compacted
in, it’s like the uh 3 inch punch. Let’s do a 3 inch high five. Hahaha that was really good! Oh that was awesome. Getting supplies, we made an interesting discovery. Whats up? Is this cheaper than the 1x material? 2x12x10 13 bucks. Should we do like beefy shelves? It’d be better. I think it would look cooler. It’d look cool. Let’s do it. It was cheaper to get 12 foot boards and have
them cut in half than to get 6 foot boards. That is a lot of wood for our closet! Ooo, dust collection? I need to write dust collection right here. Yeah. When we got em home we cut them down to their
exact length. Also don’t assume your walls are even all
the way up. Our top shelves needed to be shorter than
our bottom shelves. This is optional but we ripped the sides where
our shelf pieces would come together to make a U that way it’s a smooth transition between
boards. We also ripped down a 1×6 so we could attach
it to a 1×12 for our extra deep printer shelf. And we used a biscuit joiner for the first
time to join these two pieces. Ahh! That was really easy! Biscuit! nom nom nom nom nom biscuit. It’s biscuit. It’s biscuit time. Girl you know it’s biscuit time. Here you go. While this big thing was drying, we turned
our attention to the supports that would hold up these shelves. Should I come in? Sure. I got that. In this corner right here, we showed this
earlier. This board is resting on top of this board. What if we just cut a spacer to go here. We could do that. Would that be easier? Let’s just take everything out and figure
it out later. So easy. Doing the hard part of just watching the camera. Here let me help. I can do it! It’d be funny if we were just like barely
out so it’s just like our butts. Oh you totally bumped it Oh gosh be careful
oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s stuck to your butt it’s stuck on your butt. Goodbye and good riddance. Hey! We found these in the garage, I think they
might be the right size. for the spacers. for the spacers! We predrilled so we wouldn’t split the wood
and countersunk so the screws would sit flush. Then we attached them to the existing supports. We got primed 1×4’s to use as support pieces. Now that we have all of the measurements for
all the supports. And it’s a good thing we measured because
none of them are the same. Thank you for the assistance. Some existing supports were cut at an angle
which is weird so we cut the new supports at an angle to match them. Let me know when you’re filming so I can stop
this. I’m filming. One down, 13 to go. It wasn’t the prettiest but it’s much stronger
and most of it will be covered anyway. Our big shelf glue up had dried so we turned
our attention towards sanding this and the rest of our shelves. We actually used to do a lot of home projects
like this before starting our channel. We documented it all in blog form on evan
and katelyn dot com if you’re ever in the mood for some bonus tutorials and baby faced
versions of us. For 8 years we’ve been hosting all of our
websites with HostGator, so we actually reached out to them to see if they would sponsor us. We’d highly recommend them whether you’re
starting a home blog, selling furniture plans, or needing a website of any kind. Go to host gator dot come slash evan and katelyn
to get 60% off hosting. We’ll put a link below. Thanks! Go ahead and lift it up and above. Oooo. Alright, big beefy? Big beefy. Big beefy. hup hup hup hup. Man it’s looking good. It’s looking really good. This is so nice. I know! Now let’s measure these- these… this width. Probably the tallest thing that we have drilled
pocket holes into. Does the inspector approve/ Do you need to
inspect? What do you think? Since the weight is held by the supports we
added earlier, the pocket holes really just keep everything from shifting around. You look really comfortable. It’s really cool. We’ll bring you in later, we’re just having
a moment. Katelyn’s having a moment. Every night in my dreams. I see shelves. I feel shelves. Thank you guys for watching hope you like
this project and get some ideas for your own office closet that is super strong and can
hold up your husband. Yeah! Bye! We forgot to mention our aftershow, which
is where we cover all of the behind the scenes stuff that didn’t make it into this video! So if you want to check that out head over
to evanand… I mean…! Bye, bye!! Huuuu hi guys Katelyn… Hi guys Evan Katelyn here, closet reno is
the thing… step one of cleaning out our closet… rennovating our closet. Man… I’m so excited for Indian food. Oh my gosh I’m so hungry! SHORTY GET LOW. You bumped it! No I didn’t! Yeah you did! Think we’re good! I think so. Unless… unless you can see me

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