“Office Hours” with Annalisa Barrett, MBA

I am conversational in Japanese and I
have a long history of traveling to Japan starting when I was age 12 I went
to exchange program with my middle school and just fell in love with the
country now I have the opportunity to take my MBA students to Japan every year
in a course on corporate governance My name is Annalisa Barrett and I teach
corporate governance and Finance corporate governance is I think a
commonly misunderstood phrase it doesn’t relate to government many people
think there was a relationship between the company and the government no
its corporate governance it talks about and studies how companies are governed
so the management team how they interact with the Board of Directors and the
board of directors responsibilities in the corporate structure and then how
both of those groups interact with their investors my area of research is focused
on looking at who is in the boardroom and how they how they function I look a
lot at you know the diversity of the members of the boardroom specifically
right now focused on gender diversity traditionally boards have been
predominantly male and in there have been many studies that have found that
having a more gender diverse board leads to better operations at the company better financial performance

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