“Office Hours” with Karen Henken

the very first night that I taught my
MBA course here I didn’t even realize how much I loved it and that I thought I
was okay good at it too hi my name is Karen Hanken and I have newly joined the
Kroc School as professor of practice in social innovation and social
entrepreneurship in our new masters of art and social innovation and I’m really
excited to be here so I spent many years in business doing
business development partnerships channels international markets but
always with a passion for nonprofits in working on nonprofit boards and programs
those who didn’t know me appears ago I spent 20 years as a competitive
horseback rider very seriously and had many horses san diego’s a great place to
be a rider because of our beautiful weather I remember coming to USD years
ago before I had any dream of getting to work here and walking on this campus and
thinking what an amazing place and I would come to the croc school to the
beautiful theater here and listen to women peacemakers and other inspiring
people and the fact I’ve gone from being a visitor to this campus to now being a
faculty here is an honor beyond belief

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