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Goutham, where are you? -At marathahalli bridge.. Lead came to your desk, he was asking about you.. -Too much traffic dude..
Tell him i will be there in 30 minutes. He is very angry.. Anyway, come fast. Bye. Balu… BALU!!!…Where is he? It’s 11’o clock! -Sir, he’s on the way.. Let me call him again.. Ask him to set up a meeting once he is in …
-Sure sir..
irresponsible fellow.. Shit!! -Hello..
Dude, where are you? -Just reached office.. Lead is on rage.. He’s very furious on you.
He asked you to meet him once you are in. -Ask everyone to vacate the cafeteria now How can I get the cafeteria vacated now?! -This meeting is very important to me Balu! Send those people who came for breakfast to barbecue nation
Drop those people at CCD who came for chit chatting Give your credit cards if possible..
Threaten them if not.. But please vacate them! Bye! Goutham! What’s the time now?!
What are you thinking about yourself?! No one can reduce the gap between cubicle and cabin in office! You should take responsibility if you want to reduce that! Office starts at 9:30! It’s 11:30 now! – Hah, Look who’s talking about office timings! Look how he’s talking sir! How dare you to question me?!
I came at 7:30! And you are questioning me!
I will terminate you if you talk to me like this! – Hmm, If a software engineer comes late by an hour, he’s irresponsible And you can terminate me for that! But you make all excuses like, I have to drop my kid at school.. I have to attend his school function.. My pet is not feeling well.. and take work from home! You come weekly once to office, that too, in a big car.. But we have to come by crowded bus everyday You can come anytime and leave anytime.. But we have to come on time and leave late.. You called me irresponsible for coming late once.. What should I call you for making excuses and
taking work from home everyday Every software engineer has two ways to get work done 1) Coming to office by boarding BMTC bus
2) Working from home You chose second..
we chose first as we don’t have other option Just travel in BMTC bus for once and see it for yourself sir We don’t know why it takes 30 minutes at Silk board signal.. We don’t know why the vehicles move so slow at Sarjapur road.. We don’t know why the water clogs at Eco space when it rains.. Sometimes, 10 buses come at a time..
Sometimes, we won’t even get one for 30 minutes.. We get frustrated after waiting for so long.. Sometimes, i used to battle for change with conductor within myself.. Coming to office doesn’t mean just coming to office.. Bus should come in time..
Traffic should be less.. But we love coming to office sir.. We used to stay in office itself and sleep at times
after solving production issues and giving maintenance support.. I can’t take it anymore, sir! Provide cab if possible
or give work from home option.. But please understand our suffering.. – Ravi, mail HR manager.. I feel bad thinking about the traffic.. Ask them to provide cabs..
Give work from home option twice a week.. – A guy is great when he knows how to talk not where to talk.. Goutam.. come here.. -We don’t need this bus pass anymore.. Goutam, once a software engineer, now senior software engineer!

24 thoughts on “Office ki Daredi [Atharintiki daaredi spoof] | Powestar Pawan Kalyan movies | Telugu Short Films |

  1. Swamy raja… Adhirindi!! Nice short movie.. Good dialogues. Good luck for the next one.

  2. Next hero obi reddy, awesome scoof , well done entire crew and cast. All the best .

  3. Keko…… keka…….. superb effort by each and everyone. Keep up the work guys. Maya glad that you a are part of it….!

  4. Irritation ki Daaredhi ani pettindalsindhi
    Chetta la undi
    Urke background musics letterhead baauntadi ani na ra

  5. సూపర్ ఫోటోగ్రఫీ మరియు సంభాషణలు

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