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You, idiot! You fared poorly in school
and in college and now even in office? Thank God for this Parent Employee meet,
else I wouldn’t have known how badly you fare at work. Dad, I promise, I’ll work better this quarter.
– You’ve been saying this every quarter! I’m done with your excuses.
No more office for you! Wonder how my idiot fares at work.
– God save me. Dad, how can someone man handle a grown up man?
– You call that man handling? If I get to know you too fare poorly at work,
I’ll show you what real man handling is. What is your roll number?
– What? – I mean your Employee ID. It is 10041.
– You got B- in reporting. You got C+ in scheduling
and Ab in client meeting. AB? Is that good or bad?
– Ab stands for absent. You everyday step out of home for work.
How come you are absent? Your son attends meets with girls than with clients.
Parents of those girls have complained too. ‘You need girl attention, is it?
I’ll skin you alive.’ Also, he got D in grammar?
– D? Does that mean he failed in grammar? No, dad, F stands for fail.
I got D, so I’ve passed. Sir, I’ve a doubt.
– Go ahead. Did anyone else get D grade in the office?
– Actually, our grading system ends wih C. But, C seemed too good
a grade for him. So.. I feel even the 26th letter is too good for him.
– That’s right, sir. I’ll take care of him.
I’ll see to it he starts performing well. You flirt son of a.. Why isn’t my son’s name on that list?
– Because it isn’t the list for the least performers. Sir, my Employee ID is..
– How can I forget ID numbers of idiots like you? ‘Oh, shit! I’m busted.’
– There is nothing in here. Neither does your son do anything.
– This looks sadder than my health card. I feel his health card would be sadder than yours
as he spends all day smoking. What? You smoke? I had no clue he smoked!
– No, dad, I don’t. I mention it in his diary everyday,
but you never acknowledge it. What? There is a diary system here? You know why there is a diary system in place?
So, that we can stay in touch with parents. But you know
what your son turned his diary into? ‘Ever since I saw you in cafeteria,
it became my area.’ ‘Ever since I saw you in parking zone,
my heart parked there.’ ‘Ever since I saw you in smoking zone,
I decided I was your king.’ ‘Like Peacocks cross our paths in KBR Park,
you crossed my heart’s path.’ ‘You are the national bird
of the country that is my heart.’ ‘Yours truly, Attapur Anthony.’
– How lame, you idiot! All girls are resigning after reading his poetry.
He doesn’t stop there. He is writing love letters to guys too.
– To guys too? You’re a fine singer.
Here, take his report card. What do I do with this?
Use it as a tissue paper? I expected this.
That’s why I handed him a photcopy. Wonder where he is.
– Where is your brother? – On the way, bro. Hello. I hired your son. Did he send you instead?
– What nonsense! I am the son. You dressed like an old man, but can talk like one too?
– Of course, I can. Now let’s hurry up. Here is my brother!
– What do you mean? He is my dad. No, he is my brother. – No, he is my dad.
– Guys, wait! You are Fiaz, right? Since both you guys hired me,
let’s choose between you two. I’ll play the dad for the winner
and brother for the loser. Let’s go, son.
– Sure, father. May I come in, sir?
– Come in. Hello. – Greetings! Shall I act like your father?
– Dad, no! No, dad, I’m sorry! Dad, please.. I’ve seen you somewhere.
– Busted! – Maybe you saw me in the last quarter. So, how does my son fare at work?
– How does he fare? He comes to work everyday but he focuses more on extra curricular works.
– Is it? That is nice. What sort of extra curricular works by the way?
– I’ll tell you. Let’s play bastekball with this. Bro, let me play too. Give me some papers.
– Alright. Bro, those are important papers!
Not those papers! Vamsi, bring the project papers.
– You mean those papers were.. Don’t you ever get doubts?
– Doubts? No. But, I’ve a doubt. You’ve been working here
only for a week but you’re already perfect. I’ve been working for a year, yet I’m imperfect.
So, maybe I should spend more time with you. Anyways, I’m Vamsi.
– I’m Srija! Flirting with girls and playing stupid games
is all that he does. That’s it?
– That’s it? Let me show you his report card. Cut it, I’ve many more appointments. I mean, I’ve got an appointment
with the doctor. So, I’ll see you later. Greetings and we’ll meet soon again.
– What? No, wait! I thought you’d chide him.. What nonsense was that? Who are you? I haven’t seen either of you before?
– Sir, I’m an employee of this office. An employee? Are you the office errand boy?
I owe you Rs. 10, right? No, sir. I’m an employee here.
– An employee? At Chill Mama Pvt Ltd? Maybe you’re mistaken. What is your name?
– Nakkala Naga Narendra. What! You are Nakkala Naga Narendra?
I’ve heard your name so many times, but never saw you. See, how popular I am.
– No wonder you are my son. Invisible Man, Hollow Man, Mr India
and then we have your son. You never attended a single pitching
or a meeting or a presentation still you managed A+ grades? How?
– That is my son! What do you do at work?
– Well, I.. ‘Guys, working on projects is beyond me.
I can pick up and drop you guys’ ‘and also go out and buy you all lunch.
Don’t expect anything more from me.’ ‘All that I ask in return is
mentioning my name in the project contributors.’ Alright, then. You are doing a fine job.
– How does my son behave at work? How will I know?
I never spot him at work. So, that’s that then.
We’ll leave. We’ll meet again.
– In the next Parent Employee meet? – Right! Security, can you spot two guys
just leaving my cabin? You can? Thank God. Hi, guys!
So, this was this week’s video. I think such meetings at office
would be fun. I hope you liked this video.
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