Office of Alumni Relations Holiday Greeting 2013

[Bells Ringing ] [ Music ]>>For what is a college but
a transitory way station, an ephemeral experience that
can only be had once. The beauty of this time in our lives
is that it is so fleeting and precious, but we don’t usually appreciate it that way. In carelessness is joy. In ignorance, bliss. I’d like to believe that these will not be the
greatest years of my life, and that the best is yet to come, but I don’t know how
I could possibly have more fun. I’ve watched meteors burn across
the universe on the golf course, shivering in a blanket with friends. I’ve basked in the waters of the
Connecticut at sunset and watched the remains of the day bleed out into the treetops. I’ve gotten lost on the trails along
the Connecticut River wandering deep into the stream beds beneath
the whispering pines. I’ve seen black moose gallop through the
snow up north and watched deer walk silent as ghosts across Rip Road late at night. I’ve started to notice things
about you, Dartmouth. How quiet you are in the early mornings before
dawn has painted you with the colors of the day. How eerie you are on weekdays
nights during the witching hour when mist [inaudible] your streets
and magic seems to walk abroad. How serene the campus seems in
the dark of a winter’s afternoon. Buildings and grounds all draped in
snow, wood smoke perfuming the sky. I love how cozy this place feels, all
tucked in safe and sound and warm, even though the wolf wind may
be wailing at the doorways, and the snow drifts deep along the road.

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