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it’s Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and, weekly, I like to do a video like relates to a category I quote career angles it’s
about walk and in this case office politics I was listening to an interview
with a woman named Nina Jacobson a woman who’s been in entertainment for years
she’s the one who put out Crazy Rich Asians Pirates of the Caribbean and a
whole host of other successful movies and entertainment ventures. She’s had her failures but generally she’s had one huge hit after another and she was
talking about a time at Disney where you know, there were rumors about layoffs and she put together her own staff list and someone had come to her to say I’ve
heard you’re on the list and she was surprised. Her wife was due to
deliver the next day and she called her boss up and wanted a conversation and he
got back to her as they’re riding to the hospital to deliver the baby and he
didn’t want to come in well I can’t really come in. This is not a good time
for me to come in now. Why don’t you just tell me? Am I on the list?” And, he says, “yeah, you’re on the list.” It was very demoralizing although she didn’t act that way on the phone it’s
obviously a gut punch and on reflection she she said that someone did a better
job of lobbying to make a case for her job then she did to protect her job.” It’s
a great quote. And when you think about it there are situations where you’re so
busy in the doing you don’t really think about the shall we say politics of the
situation who notices you who’s influenced by you. Who’s whispering in those people’s ears about your performance I don’t want
to call it backstabbing it’s a difference of opinion sometimes and
they’re more influential you always have to look to preserve what
you have because you never know when circumstances may change and if you’re
looking for a sounding board of someone to talk with about some of this stuff
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