Office Warfare – Nerf Gun

Hey Jimmy, here’s that report you asked for. Thanks. Ahhh, sweet nerve gun collection dude! wahoo, no no no !! Hey what’s up I’m Zach King and this is Aaron the VFX BRO. Check out his channel because he did some of the effects in this video. and we are going to be responding to the first 1,000 questions so go ahead and leave them right down there. And don’t forget to subscribe. …to my channel. No, you should subscribe to me! Bring it on bro!!

100 thoughts on “Office Warfare – Nerf Gun

  1. I saw teddy from vghs for ted: I'm subbed to ur brother Freddy from RocketJumo

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  3. 0:46 who saw 2 guys and 1 girl laughing because the guy bring out a nerf gun

  4. I know the guy that say oh no no no no no! He is in a YouTube video called I don't know but it calls how to make a minecraft cake

  5. this would be awesome if this was a community like official gun play. like if a building would be used for nothing but nerve gun warfare

  6. You should o a nerf gun game like other you tubers that would be really cool!:) 🙂

  7. nice nerf war and please see my brother video and search abtahi blogs

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