One Touch And Done Real Estate CRM RealtyBizConnect Powered By Small Business Dream

Hey everybody Dennis Wilson with RealtyBizConnect. We just wanted to share with you our one touch and done RealtyBizConnect. Just imagine every one you bump into, from here going forward, as you strike up that conversation and you ask for their contact details, whether
they’re ready to buy or sell now or not, rather than a scrap of paper, or a
notebook, or whatever you’re using now, you pop out the handy dandy button app,
you go ahead you put in their name, their phone number, you have a little chat with
them you learn a little bit about them and then once you’ve got all the
information in, you can simply turn your phone back to them and tell them to push
the button! Your information will be transmitted into Small Business Dtream
so you now have this contact, and you’re able to send them an immediate text
message creating an immediate connection. Here’s the key to one touch and done… so
now you’ve had a conversation, you’ve learned a bit about them, we’ve now got
the walk-and-talk data capture page where you would say what email series
you want to put them into, you talk to them they own a home, you want to put them in the home maintenance tips, they’re an owner, when are they looking to buy and
sell. Hey they’re willing to buy or sell ASAP! From there do they need a realtor?
Hey they have a realtor but they’re open to a new one. This is where you just
being respectful because if they have one and they’re not open, the system will
follow up with them automatically with different email content so as to not
offend. So the final question we like to ask is is are you okay to get stuff by
SMS message they say yes and we go ahead and we click continue. So what’s just
happened now is the whole system is going to work for you all you did was meet
this person, for whatever reason you’re at a barbecue, you’re out for a coffee,
you’re at a friend’s place you’re in a dinner party, you’ve swapped information
in a cool way that they remember, that button, instead of saying small business
dream can actually be your face in your logo so it’s a very very personal
branding situation, it’s your vCard it’s sending all of your information
so now we’re going to take you into the actual system Small Business Dream
RealtyBizConnect system and show you all of the actions that have been
set by this very simple onboarding with the button So here we are in the RealtyBizConnect
powered by Small Business Dream back-office and you can see Dennis
Wilson on boarded by the button, just now, so we’re gonna open that record up and
actually show you what all’s gone on. Now the interesting part about this one
touch and done system is even if you did nothing but onboard them with the button,
all the other stuff that you need to warm them up and drip on them until
they’re ready to buy or sell happens. So just simply onboarding them with the
button could literally lead you to a sale a year OR more even if you never use
the CRM beyond onboarding them. So once we’re in we can actually see that we’ve
categorized them, we’ve got that they own their own home, they’re a
walk-and-talk, has a realtor but open to a new, we know
that they’re ready to buy or sell ASAP, they are in our home maintenance reminders series and they came to us from the button app. So if we
scroll down a little further we can actually see the path they took through
to get to where they are. So we can see all the details of what happened We’ve
actually had their priority change to zero because we triggered if they say
they’re open for a realtor, and they’re ready to go, to make them the top of your
list. So everything has actually been done with full details and tracking. Now let us take a look at all the actual email series that they were put into of
course these are spaced out so as to not drive people crazy
and we can actually see that they’ve been put into an SMS follow-up series, so
that’s because they said SMS is okay, so you’ll be able to easily send them an
SMS right from your phone being controlled by the Small Business Dream
app on your phone, and you can rapid-fire these things out, they’ll think they’re
all personal, but they’re all part of a series with the ability for you to
modify on the fly. Then you can also see that they’re in the has a realtor open
to a new realtor and the walk-and-talk series as well as the home maintenance
they didn’t purchase from you series. If they’re in the home maintenance
reminders and they purchased from you of course that would take them down a
different path. If they had a Real Estate Agent and they were not open that would also put
them into different follow ups. So basically because you took that extra 10
seconds to put all the most important things about your lead, even if they
weren’t ready to buy or sell right now, one touch and done this is RealtyBizCconnect

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