Online Shopping Digital Fit – Does It Work?

Hi everybody,
I’m Zarah I’m 5ft and I’m a size 12 Hello everybody,
I’m Mandy, I am 5’10 and also a size 12.
There’s a major fashion site and on their
website they’re using this new technology
where you can try a variety of dresses on
different sized, shapes everything models So, we decided to put
this technology to the test to see if it
would fit a munchkin and
a pelican So, right off the bat
I am seeing that there is no model that is the
same size and height as what I am So they also don’t
have 5’10 either I’ll have to go 5’11 Right okay,
let’s try and pick a dress that we
both kinda like Yeah…
sophisticated Okay, yeah
On both yeah I like that.
Shall we? Let’s go for that one Okay, lets go for that How can it go wrong?
Let’s see! Ooh!! There’s not even
a way to make that more like…
Even if we adjust That’s even, that’s too far though.
Anyway You could wear a wee,
you could wear a wee umm, like a wee vest top,
just to get a line You know? How people
do that? That’s a shame I hate that I hate that Actually, it’s so 2007
like I hate it So, I’ve actually worn
a vest top with mine because I feel like it
would offend some viewers if they seen
so much of me Basically she took my
fashion tip but moving on What do we think about
the dresses? So it’s very short on me
and not too booby and I quite like it but it’s
a wee bit short Yeah, I think that for me
I’m not comfortable I’m not happy, I don’t feel
like I could be like yaaaaas, like hwaaaat Did the model showcase
what it really looks like? No I don’t think so But again, that model
is 5’3 apparently and I’m 5’ If she exists I think that I’ve came to
realise like, short models need to be hired.
It’s not fair You can’t just say you’ve
got diversity in your technology but your models
aren’t diversified ‘cause that takes away
the point completely These are moves in the
right direction I do think it’s a move in the right
direction but I just think it needs loads more work Yeah, and I am actually
very thankful that we bought this dress, this is
like an adjustable dress it could’ve only been
worse from here Yep Now that we’ve seen
the technology that’s just our thoughts
on how it works and what the dresses look
like but what do you think? Is it a
step forward for inclusivity in the
fashion industry? My phone number is
down below phone me and tell
me what you think Stop putting your
phone number on the internet Right okay,
yeah. Bye

2 thoughts on “Online Shopping Digital Fit – Does It Work?

  1. I'm 5'0 tall as well. I have trouble sometimes and have to send back.😞

  2. it's been my contention for some years when trying to buy anything in clothing for my wife that sizes are totally inaccurate. "i'm a size 12" could be a size 8 in one dress and a 14 in another that all say they're the same size. They might as well just use random tree names for sizes "i'm usually an arbor or maybe an oak". It's about as accurate as the current process.

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